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Asked: 1 year ago

Why can't my Xbox play GTA V?

I have an original Xbox, it plays every other game fine, but on startup of GTA, it gives me an "unrecognizable disk" error

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You have to install the game first with the other disc, if you have then I don't know sorry.

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So here's the deal same thing happened to me, what it was is the factory sent out some faulty disks... luckily i bought the replacement plan ( i always do as i have a lab that loves to steal and chew cases from my shelving) and the guy at gamestop told me i was the 8th person that day to bring it back for the same reason. i hate to break it to you, but if you didn't get the protection plan on it your screwed and have to buy another copy. =\

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I heard it takes a lot of space up. my 360 was fine with it. plus, you have to download disc 2 first or disc one wont work. and whenever, I get the unrecoganizable disc error, its usually because I left the disc in the xbox by accident .

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