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Where IS the helm for the Gray Warden Armor?

Can someone help me find the helm for the gray warden armor if there is one.


SonArno answered:

Once you meet Janeka and the other Grey Wardens, you have to choose to follow her or Larius, the guy you met first.

Choose Larius, because I haven't found a way to obtain the helmet when going with Janeka.

At some point, you come into this room with this puzzle. The one with the orange lights, where you have to turn the pillars to carry on.

When you continue on, all on this floor, there are 3 of these activatable light mechanism which hang on the wall. They will glow green, red, and blue respectativly.

The first light is in the small room at the right of this hall, where to the north are two door.

The left one leads you to the room where you encounter Janeka as she summons some enemies, and when you continue, you come to the stairs to the next floor.

The right door leads to a small room, where the next door is blocked by blue light.
Remember this spot, because this will be where you'll be heading back to in a bit.

The second light is at the end of the dead end, when you go past the right door and follow the path all the way down. It's on the south wall in the room with the balcony.

The third and last one is when you continue through the left door, but before you encounter Janeka. Where the path makes a left, heading west, there is a room to your right, right at the corner.

After you've activated all three of these lights, return to the puzzle with the pillars and orange light.
Now there are green, red and blue lights as well.

Because this puzzle is fairly simple, I believe you'll be able to do it yourself.

Once all the lights turn white, return to the with blue light blocked door, which is now open.
At the end you'll find a chest, which contains the helmet.
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