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    las3r3ras3rBlack Moonraker skin (MP only)
    f11ypr3load3edTag and Invisiblity (MP only)
    pa1ntth3townr3dUnlock classic conflict and every character(Multiplayer).
    QuimbecileUnlocks all MI6 Ops and gives 4 star rating to all
    fu11yst0ck3dUnlocks all single player missions and gives 3 Janus emblems in all levels.
    wr1t1ng1s0nth3wa11Unlocks Paintball mode (MP only)

    Contributed By: r3zid3ntx and kkcryant.


  • Achievements

    *There are 5 secret achievements. show

    007Complete all objectives for every mission on 007 difficulty.25
    AgentComplete all objectives for every mission on Agent difficulty.15
    Arkhangelsk DossierComplete all objectives in Arkhangelsk on 007 difficulty or higher.40
    Au-nedPublic Match: Achieve 79 kills with the Golden Gun in Golden Gun mode.30
    Barcelona DossierComplete all objectives in Barcelona on 007 difficulty or higher.15
    Boxing CleverPublic Match: Earn all accolades specific to Black Box.30
    Boys with ToysPublic Match: Kill 50 enemies with Proximity Mines.50
    Braced for ImpactPublic Match: As Jaws, survive a shot to the head which would otherwise have killed you.15
    Bullet DanceGet 40 kills with the Wolfe .44 in 'Nightclub'.20
    Butter HookPublic Match: As Tee Hee, get the most kills with a melee strike (min 3 melee kills).15
    Cheated (secret)Public Match: Get killed the most times by Oddjob's hat (min 3 deaths).3
    Choppers DownShoot down 15 helicopters in 'Tank'.15
    ClassicComplete all objectives for every mission on 007 Classic difficulty.40
    ClobberingPublic Match: Achieve 64 melee kills with the KL-033 Mk2.30
    Console CompliancyPublic Match: Capture and defend the most consoles in one match of GoldenEye mode.30
    Dance Commander (secret)Surrender to the music in 'Nightclub'.5
    Dressed to KillSingle Player: Complete any mission without collecting any body armor on 007 Classic difficulty.20
    Dubai DossierComplete all objectives in Dubai on 007 difficulty or higher.15
    Emblem EliteSingle Player: Find and destroy 50 Janus emblems.15
    Emblem HunterSingle Player: Find and destroy a Janus emblem.5
    Emblem MarksmanSingle Player: Find and destroy 20 Janus emblems.10
    For England, AlecPublic Match: As Bond, kill 006 with an explosive device.20
    Full DeckPublic Match: Play at least one complete match of Classic Conflict with every character.15
    Get to the ChopperComplete 'Carrier' in under 11:00 (007 difficulty or higher).15
    Going DarkGet to master engineering in 'Facility' without reinforcements getting called in.15
    Had Your SixPublic Match: Kill six enemies with the Wolfe .44 or Gold Plated Revolver without reloading.30
    Hat TrickPublic Match: In one life, make three kills with Oddjob's hat.20
    Haven't Got Nine MinutesComplete 'Airfield' in under 4:35 (007 Classic difficulty).15
    I am INVINCIBLE!Single Player: Complete any mission without taking any damage.25
    Invisible DescentGet to the server room in 'Bunker' without reinforcements getting called in.15
    Lucky SevenPublic Match: Defuse a planted bomb which has exactly 0:07 seconds remaining on its fuse.40
    Made you feel it, did he?Single Player: Silently subdue 30 enemies.10
    Master at ArmsSingle Player: Make a kill with every weapon.10
    MI6 Ops EliteEarn 44 stars in MI6 Ops.45
    MI6 Ops RecruitEarn 10 stars in MI6 Ops.10
    MI6 Ops SpecialistEarn 25 stars in MI6 Ops.25
    Nigeria DossierComplete all objectives in Nigeria on 007 difficulty or higher.40
    OperativeComplete all objectives for every mission on Operative difficulty.10
    Orbis Non SufficitPublic Match: Complete a match on every map.15
    Phone a FriendGet 20 kills with hacked drone guns in 'Jungle'.15
    Rocket Man (secret)Kill an enemy with the RPG in 'Dam'.15
    Royal Flush (secret)In 'Facility', successfully kill the enemy in the toilet cubicle without any shots being fired.2
    Russian EscapeComplete 'Archives' in under 15:10 (Agent difficulty or higher).15
    Secret ServersDestroy all the servers in 'Archives' within 40 secs of the first being damaged.10
    Severnaya DossierComplete all objectives in Severnaya on 007 difficulty or higher.30
    Solar AgitatedComplete 'Solar' in under 13:00 (007 Classic difficulty).15
    St. Petersburg DossierComplete all objectives in St. Petersburg on 007 difficulty or higher.40
    The Man Who Cannot DiePublic Match: As Baron Samedi, survive a bullet which would otherwise have killed you.15
    The Other CheekPublic Match: As Bond, kill Zukovsky with a melee strike.20
    Welcome to Russia (secret)Make the initial rendezvous with 006 in 'Dam'.5

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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