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Where is the instruction manual?

Where is the instruction manual for this game? I do not consider that two page leafet an instruction manual either. I couldn't find one on the disc, so was Suda51 too cheap to include one?

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PoliceGirl_Tifa answered:

Lack of a manual is becoming really common nowadays. I would sort of understand if they wanted to save paper, but I think they should at least include somewhere online to look at one and download it. I agree that this game could use a manual.
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Hedde answered:

KillaBilly ate em
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FruiPunSamuraiG answered:

Suda51 and Grasshopper are too poor to afford them.
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cmg666 answered:

Dang no love for Suda 51 or Grass hopper huh the instruction manual is located in the game under the how to cook a zombie portion of the pause menu it keeps getting updated every time you get a new wepon accessory excluding the ones that inolve nick and or nick tickets.
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