Question from gfar2

Asked: 2 years ago

How do i answer the phone?

I cant work out how to answer the phone.

Additional details - 2 years ago

Thanks, thats annoying. Good way to destroy the immersion of the game by pausing and having to tab 4 times. Slight design fault me thinks.

Accepted Answer

From: Hedde 2 years ago

Ingame press start -> go on juliets stuff -> change the tab 4 times and there u are @ the phone section

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You don't have to use the pause menu your phone only rings to let you know that you have messages and you automatically answer your phone during some parts of the game.

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It's no so much answering the phone as they messed up; you're supposed to figure out they're missed calls from Juliet saying she doesn't have time to answer the first time you get one, but they don't make that clear. Should really have used a missed call icon rather than just a phone icon appear.

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