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Asked: 2 years ago

How do i get Watch Out For The Balls achievement?

Exactly what the question says, you've gotta dodge & counter Zed's Electric Balls 15 times for this achievement. I can dodge them easily enough, but what the hell is this counter crap and how do u do it?

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So i guess that means you use the same tactics when you fight Lewis for the Elephant tamer achievement. Tho, i can't remember what he shoots at ya? Lightning? Bullets?

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Thanks a lot, guys. Helped heaps, got the achievement on me next playthru.
As for the lewis fight achievement, i actually found out about it shortly after posting the question by doing some searching online and watching a clip on youtube about it, and also the other ones as well, haven't attempted it yet, tho. Thank you anyway, MestizoFreak

Accepted Answer

From: MestizoFreak 2 years ago

It's the third stage of the fight (after the speakers). Just dodge the red things he throws at you, both when he throws them and when they come back to hit him. It has to be 15 times this happens total, not all in the same fight. It might take a few fights with him to get this achievement.

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You dodge the balls when he throws hem then get closer to him and hit B when it comes up on the screen to dodge and have them hit him. You can do his in one fight if you want. Them hitting him doesn't do any damage so just dodge his other attacks and such in between him throwing the balls. he tends to throw them more if you start out a bit away from him..

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For the achievement in the Lewis fight, there's a bit of a trick for that. In the first phase, after you knock him off his bike, don't attack and just wait a bit. His bike will reassemble and he'll charge at you. Dodge that.

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