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Asked: 2 years ago

How do I get past first blue zombie with nicks head?

i have just put the nicks head on the first blue zombie, and i die right after. wtf do i do to survive? Is there a move to make, something to glitter or with????? help me please

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Once you put nicks head on the zombie you should get a mini game where you have to press the same button on the controller that appears on screen before a timer runs out. When successful the zombie will either blow up a section of the wall or lift you over allowing you to progress further. Oh, early warning, every level has one of these nick/blue zombie mini games in it, so better get good at 'em

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How exactly did you die there? There's nothing there that can hurt you. If you're referring to the mini-game that you have to use Nick for, just press the buttons as they appear until Nick does something other than walk.

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First you got to cut down the collumn that a cut scene shows you after one of the school's school buses breaks through the wall and starts coming after you then go to the headless blue zombie to activate a minigame where you have to press the buttons that show up on your screen to get nick to take a gas can to a pile of rubble to blow him and the rubble up to clear a path for you.

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