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Asked: 2 years ago

Need help ?

I have taken over port royale but i need to talk to the viceroy to take over cayman wot do i do now plz help me?

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you need to make sure that the popularity in the town is high, also you need to make sure that the Spanish ar happy with you and that you have a controlling stake on the towns work force, and finally you need to make sure that the town is prosperous which means increasing the amount of people in the town and making sure its got plenty of goods, hope this helps

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The Viceroy should now be located in a different town so just look around at the towns till you see his symbol above the town name.

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I can't attack towns or pirate hideouts. I get a message saying that there is already a town under attack. I traveled to every town and none are under attack. I also waited extended periods of time but I always get this message. Please help me.

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