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Claptrap's Mohawk is it permanent?

In the quest, "Bad Hair Day," if you turn the Bullymong fur in to Claptrap, he makes it into a Mohawk. Does anyone know if he will continue to wear that Mohawk for the rest of the game? I'm thinking of turning it in to Hammerlock for the sniper rifle, but seeing Claptrap in a Mohawk for the rest of the game MIGHT just be a better reward.

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SkaterUB answered:

No, sadly he takes it off when he gets to Sanctuary.

Give it to Hammerlock, I heard the Sniper is much better anyway.
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flechetteXXX answered:

No Claptrap will not have the mohawk when you arrive in Sanctuary but if your only incentive to give it to Hammerlock is for the sniper rifle you will quickly outgrow that gun anyway. Basically it really doesnt matter what you do neither outcome has a long term effect.
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