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Has anyone else encountered a glitch where the Golden Box will open every time you go near it?

It didnt happen to me, but someone else in my party, every time he moved near the Golden Box, it opened up and spawned new weapons/shields/grenades. We spent about 2 hours collecting awesome loot because of this glitch.
Before anyone asks, no one in the party had any mod/cheat and no one hacked the game in any way
We have yet to try it a second time, but when we do I will post again. Id just like to know if this was a one time ultimate glitch, or if the chest sometimes opens continuously after one key is used (I am unsure if he used one, but he certainly didnt have hundreds)

MrBoots007 asked for clarification:

Has yet to happen to me then again i haven't really opened my golden chest yet even though i have 2 golden keys. Anybody know the exact details for this glitch to occur?


SynthRage answered:

I've never heard of that. I'd test it again with the same party, and again with other members. My honest conclusion would be that there was a modded inventory somewhere in there, or you're really lucky.
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pyrox39 answered:

Chests only open by activation, your friend must have had infinite keys.
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AzureLivesOn answered:

I used the key at an early level (9ish), unknowing that the chest in question was the Golden Chest. I was kind of bummed, as Gearbox clearly stated "The higher the level, the greater the loot" (ie. The weapons inside scale to your level). Granted, what was inside has been obscenely ridiculous regardless (10 levels later, and it's still the best weapon I've received so far). But still, principle.

I save, quit, come back the next day, banner message pops up noting that I've received a Golden Key due to my pre-order. I tempt fate, use the key, new awesome guns, save, quit, reload, another message, another key.

So yeah, expect a patch update soon. Because I'm sitting on enough advanced weaponry and money to build the Death Star and I'm not even halfway through the game.
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sabrewolfturret answered:

I had that happen to me.but I could open it as many times as I wanted but after I quit it stopped working. but me and 3 of my friends got rich and got alot of amazing guns for level 13s
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RhapsodosXIII answered:

It happened to me, I had one key and opened the chest, looted the items and wasnt sure if I had one more key or not, so I tried to open it again and saw on the right of the screen I had 0 keys so I opened the inventory to look at the items I just got. Then my friend comes by and says I forgot to loot my RPG so I exited the inventory and there it was, I was sure I only had one key so I tried to open it again and it worked :D opened it for about 20 times untill I looted an item to fast and the chest wouldent close again, after that I never got to open it again :) No idea what triggers the bug though, just knows it has to be done in multiplayer mode.
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Undying_Will answered:

The glitch occurs when you have at least one other person in your game and you open the chest and they either loot it or look at it in the pop up description before you loot it.
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Hokkie answered:

There is a video out there that shows how to do this. It isn't a hack, but it also isn't something most people are happy about.
From what I understood in a video, if YOU host a game, and someone ELSE opens the chest with a key, that person can infinitely open the chest as long as you don't trigger any other events in sanctuary or leave the zone. If YOU join ANOTHER person's game and YOU have a key, YOU can infinitely open up the chest. At the time of the making of the video (which was a few days ago 10/02/12) this has not been patched out.
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L8NEYET answered:

The trick is you use a key and open the chest. When you open the chest the chest goes from being a special (re-lootable) chest to a regular chest, so when a friend come behind you and opens the chest the second time, the chest is permanently unlocked. You grab the loot and repeat. I am pretty sure that this bug has been patched though.
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