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True Vault Hunter Mode question?

I just beat the game (i'm not going to spoil anything, I just need to ask a question), and when I returned to the main menu and hit continue (I was going to attempt to grind the final boss) it asked me if I wanted to go into True Vault Hunter Mode. Obviously this wasn't in my best interest right now, so I just went ahead and continued in normal mode, but when I exited the game again and hit continue, it didn't give me the option for True Vault Hunter Mode. Is there another way I can activate TVHM mode besides choosing the one-time option?

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Thanks a bunch elmangos, I didn't know about that. Happily playing in TVHM now.

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elmangos answered:

Just hit the select character button, Which is Y on the Xbox, and pick the character you've already beaten the game with. It will load, and ask you which mode you want to play in. You can do this as often as you want to switch modes.
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