Question from majiin_kirby

Hidden bosses hidden loot?

Where are the hidden bosses located and what are their secret rare drops?


JinjiNoDie answered:

There are no "hidden" bosses. You can fight all bosses (warrior, dukinos mom, terramorphous, etc.) repeatedly for loot. Loots are random but some people have gotten conference calls from the warrior, bees from hutner hellquist...check forums for more.
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kfree06 answered:

terramorphous will net you class mods a shield called hide of terramorphous a grenade of terramorphous asniper called the pitchfork a relic called blood of terramorphous. Warrior can also drop a flakker shotgun. its not as good as conference call. ive heard u can get a varkid to morph 5 times into a secret boss but as of yet ive only been able to get them to ultimate level. no clue what this boss will drop.
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