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Mighty Morphin' quest glitch?

I started the quest "Mighty Morphin'" and had beaten a Mutated Badass Varkin but didn't pick up the sample because I was intending to XP farm. But now it won't let me continue. Is there any way to reset the quest??

GabePuratekuta provided additional details:

I've done that several times and there was no change

GabePuratekuta provided additional details:

That's what I was doing before asking and it didn't work. But I got through it by helping someone else with it


gOwCoD4 answered:

I think that you may be able to leave the area and come back, but i'm not entirely sure if that would fix this bug.
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HybridThiesus answered:

If you haven't figured it out yet, which I'm sure you have, it is best to save and quit. I had the exact same problem and that's how I fixed it.
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EliteDragonNite answered:

I had this problem also, but from what i can tell you have to pick up the first sample, and the guy will talk about get more then you can do it to your hearts content just dont get the other 3 samples he wants.
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