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To pay the bills?

I'm trying to unlock the heads from "to pay the bills", I'm at rank four with sal, but I still have 400 to go, what is the best place to do it at?

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Okay, sorry about the wait, had to wait until the weekend to try this out, and am now the proud owner of the pistola head!
I tried Lynchwood first, and while you were right about the multitude of enemies, I'm going to have to give it to Caustic Caverns because there was a point where I had 3 different swarms of like 20 guys a piece on me, it was beautiful. Thanks so much for your answers!

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Zetsu1 answered:

Try going to a place where lots of enemies congregate like the caustic caverns
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pyromite answered:

I'd suggest Lynchwood. Every time I go through that place I'm in a firefight with at least 5 raiders every 20 feet.
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