Question from lostgilgamesh

Asked: 2 years ago

Gamebreaking Freeze Problem?

My game freezes if i fast travel to eridium blight, highlands outwash, thousand cuts, the dust and opportunity if i attenpt to farm mad dog, blue, sherrif of lynchwood, henry or foreman and i hit any sort of autosave i,e respawn, transition or save and quit my game freezes and 50% of the time that i even start up the game it freezes, this only seems to happen on my level 50 commando and no other character so would appreciate any insight because as far as i know im the only person with this issue and is making the game unplayable.

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This is a known problem, your save file is corrupted. I have no solution.

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They have the patch out for this problem on PC, should be a couple weeks on console. It appears to be a problem with the auto-save feature creating larger and larger save files.

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