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Asked: 2 years ago

Where can I find Golden Keys?

I've gotten the "preorder" key, and one for signing up for the "shift", but is there any other way to get a Golden Key? Thanks.

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Follow Gearbox on Twitter. They release Shift Codes every so often that give you Golden Keys. However they are usually limited to a certain number of people or for a certain amount of time. So its kinda like first come first serve. As for in game, there is no way that I am aware of for getting Golden Keys.

Side note. To enter a Shift Code go to the main menu and select Extras and press X to enter the code.

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to add to THIRDxSINxSLOTH's answer, the Shift Codes will work for anyone and everyone but only for about 2 hours after being posted. Also, they post codes for each platform, so take care to check which code goes for which platform. I lost out on a gold key becasue I accidentally tried a PS3 code on my 360 and before I could find the right code, the 2 hours was up.

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Most of the codes given out so far seem to have been via Twitter. Follow @GearboxSoftware (main Gearbox Twitter account) and @DuvalMagic (Randy Pitchford's Twitter account).

DuvalMagic has done most of the testing of codes for the last month, but it looks like it will now be mostly done via the official Gearbox Twitter account.

The last few batches of codes have been 1 redemption per user for 1 golden key, but an unlimited number of people can use the code in a 2-3 hour window. Previous tests have been done with a limited number of redemptions, but these tended to run out in minutes.

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I tried the codes for PC that haven't expired and they all work.

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