Question from mcr_182

How do I beat Bunker ?

It is hard by myself please help

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Tredain answered:

I hung out near the top, right behind where he starts out, it gives pretty decent cover except against the XP loaders he chucks out once in a while. Maya can also use her phaselock ability to directly damage it since it can't be held, it doesn't do much but every bit helps because bunker has a LOT of health. When it hovers to the side you can take out the turrets it spawns to do a lot of damage to it.

Rocket launchers are good for dealing with it just for the sheer amount of health it has.
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Rickettes answered:

Another good spot to camp out at is right at the beginning of the map, by the vending machines. You need to wait for the Bunker to move around a bit to be able to get a shot, but you're almost completely protected from it's attacks & the turrets/loaders up top won't bother you.
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