Question from LKDFB

Need to get infinity pistol? Anyone can duplicate for me?

Been farming for 2 weeks still no luck would greatly appreciate help/

xTREYx44x asked for clarification:

Can anyone duplicate the infinity pistol on borderlands 2 my
GT/ xTREYx44x
Please message me i really could use the pistol

piplup0 asked for clarification:

can you also get me one? PSN:PIPLUP0


BulletReaper answered:

sure send me a inv when ur on, GT BulletReaper666
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MrDarkDis answered:

Hey Bullet, can you also dupe it for me? Pretty Please?
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lbsthepink answered:

Looking for Lv.50 Infinity pistol have legendary Lv.50 weapons and shields for trade ...
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CampingPolice21 answered:

Hey Guys dupe one for me pls

GT: CampingPolice21
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melony1218 answered:

Bullet, both my boyfriend and I have been trying to get this gun, for like ever it feels. By chance could you dupe it for him? He's willing to trade anything or dupe for you as well. He doesn't kno im asking you, but im hoping you could...its kinda like a late bday gift for him. Either way plz let me kno if you can. His gamertag is. Meriln Era and he's on atm. Tyvm for you time ~melony
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melony1218 answered:

Opps I misspelled his gt its Merlin Era lol sry
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GB0485 answered:

Sup y'all..was wondering if someone has infinity pistol they wouldn't mind duping or trading? I have a bunch of legendary shield, grenade mods, snipers, shot gun, smgs. My GT is creepingdeathXV any help would be much appreciated. Been trying for weeks now
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bobbos923 answered:

I have a lvl 50 infinity pistol and will trade. GT: XxEp1c5niperxX
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TBone21905 answered:

Bobbos923 what do u want to trade?
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brIreland answered:

I seem to be in the same boat as everyone else here. I've been trying unsuccessfully to get the infinity pistol for awhile now, and so hopefully someone out there would be willing to help me out. I have a few legendary grenades, shields, and weapons to trade if that helps at all.

GT: Brireland07
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McCupcake answered:

I have been farming Doc Mercy for 3 weeks now with no Infity. Plz will someone dupe it to me so i can stop pulling my hair out it would be most appreciated. i can give lvl 50 Bee shield, ON PS3?????????

PLZ PLZ PLZ Get back to me someone
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tparkourdude answered:

I've been trying to get this gun for a week and a half now and really want this pistol. I am willing to dupe the bee and the conference call. I can also dupe a sniper that does 20,000+ damage and 120% critical damage.
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igorkoracin answered:

Is there anyone that is willing to dupe me an infinity pistol. I would really appreciate it. My GT is Igorkoracin
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schubox answered:

Anyone willing to dupe me the lvl 50 infinity pistol? I have some legendaries I can dupe in return

Live Name: schubox
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xGAMBITx1444 answered:

Can anyone dupe a level 50 infinity pistol for me? I've been farming for like a month now and I'm getting really deprest aha. I would be really grateful! My gt/ xGAMBITx1444
Message me anytime.
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sitdownoobs answered:

Need a infinity pistol please. tired of farming
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Mikaelzzon answered:

Sup, Im getting pretty desperate over here. I have been farming for infinity for like 2 weeks now so if anyone could trade/ dupe it for me it would be very helpfull :) gamertag: Mikaelzzon
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CoxyUKUK answered:

I've been trying for ages now lol, I don't suppose someone could dupe for me generously? I can't seem to get any legendary items other than fire hawk shield which was quest lol

Gt: The Iconic HCJ

Thanks in advance
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joe666-420 answered:

I have a lvl 50 infinity pistol willing to dupe but want a lvl 36 conference call shoot gun
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joe666-420 answered:

Ow and my gt is deathbringerbop i am on Xbox message me if interested
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jbmac777 answered:

i'm looking for level 50 conference call and infinity, will dupe any and all legendaries i have!

GT - VolutedScorpion
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jbarto answered:

Anyone else able to dupe this gun? Got other Legendaries!
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Natedemteezy answered:

If anyone could dupe me one too that would be great. I'd really appreciate it.
GT: My 4 inch hard
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Learyc15 answered:

I can dupe may legendaries I have almost all but I am looking for the deliverance shotgun or any pistol beside the infinity because I have them already. I also have 3 different bee shields too so inbox me on Xbox if u want to

Gt: learyc15
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Learyc15 answered:

My gamertag is not leay15 it is leary001 for anyone who wants legendaries
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drgnome01 answered:

I am looking for delerivance gun and infnifty pistols with elemental effects if possible. a Tediroe one would be great but i dont know what make they are.

gamertag is Dr Gnome
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Smileupwned answered:

I need a infinity bad I'm tired of farming it I have a norfleet,pitchfork,veruc,and a conference call and a few relics and shields that I would be willing to trade gamertag smileupwned thks
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dadus14 answered:

I will dupe a lvl 61 critical conference call for a lvl 61 infinity pistol my xbox gt is stevop1991 message me
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Kramazz answered:

Can trade an lvl 50 infinity for a lvl 40 pyrophobia and lvl 35 volcano??
Xbox live :dragonicrage978
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Kevvy6969 answered:

Can someone please dupe me a infinity pistol? I'm only level 46 at the moment but tryna power level to 50 .. I don't really understand the game so I don't really know what to do .. I've tried farming doc mercy for about 2 weeks and nothing so can someone dupe me a infinity pistol??

GT StellarAxe131
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