Question from blackwaffle

A good assault rifle?

Im currently level 31 commando im on the last mission and i was just wandering if there's any strong assault rifle that i can find that suits my level


ZardoZsays answered:

If you have the DLC, the boss in the very first encounter drops a cool AR
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Al0ne72 answered:

There's no real way to answer this, the loot is random so just use whatever you got.
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dnite_mm answered:

Torgue/Torque (never sure on the spelling) Torpedo's AR are explosive and deal pretty good damage. Unfortunately the shots are very slow.
I used one with my Gunzerker for nearly 10 whole levels before I finally found an AR that was better..
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VladYvhv answered:

Your best bet is to just farm loot until you find one that's good for you. Some people like Midge-Mong's explosive AR drop, while others don't. The Borderlands Wiki has a comprehensive list of weapons and how to get them, so you can do your own comparisons.

If you've got the DLCs, farm in there. They have higher rates of more powerful weapons drops.
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