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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
"Do No Harm" quest? Answered 1
Accessing DLC's? Answered 2
Any optional missions missable? (Spoilers) Answered 1
Assassinate the Assassins quest? Answered 1
Bonus Objectives? Answered 1
Bricks Bank Quest? Open 1
Can someone please help me with the Torgue quest Commercial Appeal? Open 2
Can you get to the red chest behind the bars in Crimson Raiders HQ in Sanctuary? Answered 1
Code in the "Base"? Answered 2
Conference Call help? Open 3
Demon Hunter - Dukino's Mom? Answered 1
Every once in a while?... Answered 1
follow the glow(big game DLC) ? Open 1
For the Doing all Sidequests Achievement? Answered 3
Friendship Gulag challenge help?! Answered 1
Has anyone found Horrid's Hideaway in the Captain Scarlett DLC yet? Open 1
Headhunter Missions? Answered 1
How do I beat arms dealing? Answered 1
How do I complete the challenge " walk on a tightrope to blackreach cove" at Southern Shelf Bay? Answered 1
How do I find jimmy jenkins? Answered 1
How do I find mission Rising Action? Open 2
How do i get in this one house at manny's lighthouse? Answered 1
How do I get th 5th journal for get to know jack mission? Answered 1
How do I get the "What Does It Mean" Achievement? Answered 1
How do I get through? Answered 1
How do I get to last location in Cult Following: Enkindling? Answered 1
How do I get to Oasis...Pirate DLC..? Answered 1
How do I High Five The Clap Trap? Answered 4
How do I lure Flesh Stick to the tea party, he always runs away? Answered 7
How do I pass the Showdown mission in Lynchwood? Open 4
How do I solve "the god, the Answered 1
How do I solve dying of the light? Open 1
How do I solve get into Gee's Arena? Open 3
How do I solve message in a bottle in The Rustyards? Answered 1
How do I solve Message In A Bottle in Wurmwater? Answered 1
How do I solve the hidden quest "this all sounds so familiar.." in Hatred's Shadow? Open 1
How do I solve the highest points acheivement? Answered 1
How do I solve top o the world challenge? Open 1
How do I use the device I get from claptraps play after 2nd playthrough? Open 2
In TVHM which quests should I save for lvl50? Open 7
Is the Boom Bewmchallenge lost? Answered 1
Jeeeeeeenkinssssss!!!!!? Open 2
Knocking an enemy into the whirlpool? Answered 5
Lever outside of Midge-Mong's room, what's it for? Open 1
Lighthouse message in the bottle? Answered 3
Lost Treasure? Answered 1
Message in a bottle? Open 1
Mighty Morphin' help? Answered 1
Mighty Morphin' quest glitch? Open 3
Need help with the pipe dreaming challege? Answered 2
Note for self-person / Find cranks stash? Answered 1
Questions about the LOTR easter egg? Answered 1
Raid on Digistruct Peak? Open 1
Switches after splinter group quest...? Answered 2
The Darkness? Answered 1
Trapped rat? Answered 1
Volleyball net side quest?? Answered 2
What are the switches in Caustic Caverns for? Answered 1
What do the addition quest specifications do? Answered 2
When Nature Calls? Open 1
Where Angels Fear to Tread...glitch? Open 1
Where are all the Vault symbols? Answered 3
Where are the ECHOs for The Chosen One? Answered 1
Where are the pink mines for the "What's Yours is Mine" challenge? Answered 1
Where do I find this mission for the Fridge? Answered 2
Where is the Hyperion Circle of Slaughter located? Answered 1
Where is the natural selection annex? Answered 1
Where is the start of the track in "if youre not first you're last"? Open 3
Who is the killer of the 4 brothers in the sanctuary sidequest? Answered 2
Who stole the money in the side mission BFFs? Answered 1
Why is "Mine, all mine" blocked? Answered 1
Wild man question...? Open 4
Wondering about the Circle of slaughter? Answered 1
World Traveler achievement....whats wrong? Answered 3
Item Help status answers
*Urgent* are there any overpowred weapons or builds left after the updat? Open 2
94% Sham level 50 dupe/trade? Open 3
? In need of an electric conference call Open 1
?? Torgue Legendary Weapon Re-sell?? Open 1
A good assault rifle? Open 3
Alkaline Mistress/ All Seeing Eye dupe/trade? Open 2
Any have a plasma caster? Open 1
Any legendary roid sheilds? Open 2
Any one willing to dupe a high lvl sham? Open 1
Anybody have an extra Legendary Siren Class Mod? Open 1
Anyone drop me a Krieg head named HAHAHAHAHA? Open 3
Anyone Duping conference call? I've been farming him for about a week with nothing? Open 1
Anyone have a Legendary Siren Mod? Open 1
Anyone have a level 50 shredifier? Open 1
Anyone have a lvl. 50 Cobra? Open 1
Anyone have a XXX head (purple rarity) for Gaige to trade or duplicate? Answered 1
Anyone have infinity pistol lvl50? (Can trade) Open 6
Anyone interested in duping legendaries? Open 2
Anyone need legendary gear? Open 1
Anyone want to trade some dupe'd lvl 50 guns? Open 1
Anyone willing to dupe a lv61 Legendary Soldier Class Mod? Answered 1
Anyone willing to dupe a lv61 Shredifier? Open 2
Anyone willing to dupe level 61 Infinity Pistols of each element and also a level 61 Bee Shield if possible? Open 1
Anyone willing to dupe Lvl 55-50 items? Open 1
Anyone willing to dupe some lv72 Gear for Soldier? Open 1
Anyone willing to dupe/swap customisations for duped orange level 50 guns and shields? Unanswered 0
Anyone willing to dupe/trade infinity pistols?? Answered 1
Anyone willing to trade the legendary siren mod for legendary commando or assassin? Open 2
Availability of unique items? Answered 1
Baby maker and other legendary guns? Open 4
Bee Shield? Open 1
Bekah and Godfinger dupe? Unanswered 0
Best usage of an item? Answered 2
Bloodshot Stronghold Prison Cell? Answered 1
Bnk-3r head drops? Open 1
Can antone dupe or trade " I can't breathe in this" head for the Psycho for Rasta-Nefarious Gunzerker head? Open 1
Can any one dupe an Infinity pistol? Answered 2
Can anybody dupe me a conference calll Shotgun? Open 2
Can anyone dupe me a conference call please? Open 3
Can anyone dupe me a conference call? Open 21
Can anyone dupe me a Infinity pistol, The Bee Shield, or Conference call Lv 32-33? Open 1
Can anyone dupe me a lvl50 Conference Call and Bee? Open 1
Can anyone dupe me infinity? Open 2
Can anyone dupe or give me any op items? Open 1
can anyone dupe the boatmurderer head for the Gunzerker? Open 1
Can anyone dupe the Snowblind Head/Black Ops skin for Commando? Open 8
Can anyone duplicate the XXX head for the mechromancer? Unanswered 0
Can anyone give me an infinity pistol? Open 2
Can anyone help me get the infinity pistol? Open 3
Can anyone help me out by duplicating a space knight head for me? Unanswered 0
Can anyone help me out with the conference call shotgun? Open 5
Can anyone help me out with the maggie? I can trade Lengendaries Open 3
Can anyone help me with certain gear? Open 1
Can anyone help me with the confrence call? Open 1
Can anyone help or give me a Lvl 50 conferance call shotgun? Open 1
Can anyone please dupe an Infinity pistol for me? Open 4
Can anyone trade me a conference call? Open 3
Can come please dupe the conference call for me? Open 1
Can DLC weapons be traded to non DLC games? Open 1
Can I get another Bad Touch? Open 2
Can some one trade me a confrence call? Open 1
Can somebody dup/give me an infinity pistol and/or bee sheild? Unanswered 0
Can somebody please dupe me an Infinity Pistol in exchange for other Legendary Weapons? Open 6
Can someone dupe a lvl 50 infinity for me? Answered 1
Can someone dupe a OP 8 Legendary Siren Class Mod? Unanswered 0
Can someone dupe an infinity pistol? and whatever other legendaries you can. Open 1
Can someone dupe me a conference call? Open 2
Can someone dupe me a level 50 CC? Open 1
Can someone dupe me an infinity pistol? Open 2
Can someone dupe me any Conference Call or a Slagga? Open 1
Can someone dupe me some modded weapons plz? Open 3
Can someone duplicate a Flying Sand Hawke and The Twister shotgun for me ?? Answered 1
Can someone give me an infinity? Open 1
Can Someone Help Me Duplicate Legendary Weapons? Open 2
Can someone help me get lv50 legendary weapons, or give them to me? Unanswered 0
Can someone help me with the bee shield please? Open 2
Can someone help me with the Conference Call? Open 2
Can someone please dupe a level 50 sham and a norfleet? Unanswered 0
Can someone please dupe a shredifier for me please? Open 1
Can someone please dupe me a critical or social conference call please? Open 1
Can someone please dupe me a or several 61 conference calls please!? Open 3
Can someone please dupe me an infinity pistol? Open 1
Can someone please give me a conference call? Open 1
Can someone trade/dupe an infinity pistol for me? Open 1
Can someone trade/dupe Conference call or Lvl 50 bee sheild? Open 1
Can someone trade/dupe me an Infinity Pistol with no elemental damage? Open 2
Can you fly the buzzard? Open 3
Cannot find a Fire Bee. Help please? Open 1
Cobra Sniper Rifle!? Open 1
Com-con rare loot relic? Open 1
Conf call shotty? Open 1
Conference Call Dupe Please? Open 2
Conference call dupe? Answered 2
Conference Call Help!? Answered 2
Conference call shotgun? Open 1
Conference Call? Open 4
Conference calll dupee? Open 1
Could anyone dupe me a Critical Conference call or a regular conference call? i can trade for other legendaries Open 6
Could someone dup a cobra for me? Please help! Open 1
Critical Conference Call Help? Open 1
Damn Conference Call? Open 2
Dark Knight trade/dupe? Open 1
Did they nerf the insta kill combo? Open 1
Dlc weapons? Answered 1
Do Legendary weapons scale to your level? Answered 2
Do or Die challenge in Lynchwood? Answered 1
Do over used weapons show different weapon skins? Open 2
Do weapons or items have hidden stats? Open 2
Do you have to be level 61 to get Pearlescents? Open 1
Does anybody know where to find more heads for axton? Open 3
Does anyone have a snowblind head they are iwilling to dupe? Open 2
Does Anyone Have A Vladof Two'fer Anarchist Pistol Level 61 On Borderlands 2 For Xbox 360? Open 2
Does anyone have an extra Mechromancer XXX head? Open 2
Does anyone have any extra level 50 legendarys i can have? Unanswered 0
Does difficulty effect drop chance of space knight? Open 1
Does the Normal mode Evil Smasher give the same power up on the glitch? Open 1
Dup Conference call lvl 50 plz? Answered 1
Dupe an evil smasher? Unanswered 0
Dupe conference call? Open 1
Dupe Conference Call?? Answered 2
dupe for me dupe for you XBOX 360 style? Open 5
Dupe infinity pistol? Open 4
Dupe level 50 Infinity & Maggy? Open 1
Dupe me Conference call? Open 2
Dupe shredifier lv 50? Unanswered 0
Duping Bee shield and Infinity pistol? Open 1
Duping the Infinity? Open 2
Duplicate the Skullmasher or the Invader? Open 2
Electric Norfleet anyone? Open 3
Element Questions? Answered 3
Elemental Infinity Pistol and Unkempt Harlods? Open 1
Elemental or rapid lvl 50 infinity dupe? Open 1
Epic relics anyone? Open 1
Eridian Weapons? Answered 4
Etech Seraph and Legendary Xbox only? Open 1
Extra guy? Answered 1
Extra weapon slots? Answered 2
Fabled tortious dupe? Unanswered 0
Fire Bee Legendary grenade? Open 2
Geary drops for Gaige? Answered 1
Golden key box better loot? Answered 1
Golden Key? Answered 8
Gub & Hornet?? Open 2
Has anyone found the Twister shotgun in Hammerlock DLC? Answered 1
Head help? Unanswered 0
Heads or Skins? Open 1
Hellfire? Answered 2
Help me get a Lvl 50 Conference Call? Answered 1
Help with conference call please!!!? Open 5
Help With Conference Call? Open 1
Hey anyone want to help dupe? Unanswered 0
Hey could anybody dupe me the legendary commando class mod please? Open 1
How can i use iridium after selecting(buying) my first upgrade? Answered 1
How do gold keys work on second playthroughts)? Open 2
How do i get "the sherrifs" loot? Open 1
How do I get a lvl 20+ Sloth Sniper? Open 2
How do I mod/dupe an item? Answered 1
How do I re-access Sanctuary Hole? Answered 2
How many runs did it take you to get a character head? Open 1
How many times can you get a weapon in borderlands 2? Open 1
How rare are E-Tech Weapons? Answered 1
How to get to this red chest in Thousand Cuts? Open 1
Hunter Hellquist? Open 4
I desperatly need a volcano and conferace call and the legendary class mod ? Open 1
I need space knight head I'll dupe OP 8 legend?arys Unanswered 0
I need the infinity pistol? Open 1
I was wondering if anyone would be able to duplicate Krieg heads for me? Or just help me farm for them! Answered 1
I'm having serious trouble farming for the INFINITY PISTOL. help? Open 1
Ifinity? Open 1
Infinity dupe? Open 3
infinity pistol dupe or trade PLEASE? Open 2
Infinity pistol dupe plz? Open 4
Infinity Pistol Dupe? Open 4
Infinity pistol or legendary weapon/item trade? Open 1
Infinity Pistol Trade? Open 8
Infinity Pistol/Legendary class mods? Open 1
Infinity pistol? Open 3
Infinity... ideas? Open 2
Infinity? Open 3
Infinty Pistol?!? Open 1
Is it possible to raise inventory space beyond 27? Open 1
Is there any way to get the community day heads and skins currently? Open 1
Is there individual weapon levels like the first BL? Answered 2
Item Duplication? Open 1
Legendary assault rifle/mechromancer mod trade/dupe? Open 1
Legendary Dupe? Answered 1
Legendary Maliwan Sniper Rifle? Open 1
Level 30-32 bee sheild trade? Open 1
Level 37 infinity pistol dupe? Open 1
Level 50 Conference Call? Open 1
Level 72 Electric Norfleet / Level 72 Sham Shield? Unanswered 0
Level fifty deliverance? Open 2
LF 50 Conference Call Dupe? Answered 1
LF Infinity lv 50 whit all element? Open 1
LF Infinity Pistol for trade or dupe? PLEASE HELP FARMING IS HELL Open 2
LF legend siren & mechromancer class mods? Open 1
LF low level infinity around 30s perfect higher or lower will do? Open 2
LF lv 50 shock infinity? Open 2
Lf lvl 72 fire bee shield have lots to trade for it? Unanswered 0
LF slag rapier? Open 1
LF Tediore 70/30 relic? Open 1
LF Tediore 70?30 relic Open 1
LF The Emporer. Any body want to trade it to me? Answered 1
LF various lvl 50 legendaries, willing to trade/dupe? Open 1
Looking for a level 50 Bee Shield? Open 1
Looking for infinity pistol? Answered 1
Looking for Kawaii Killer? Unanswered 0
Looking for LvL 61 Conference Calls? Open 1
Looking to trade? Unanswered 0
LV. 50 Conference Call, dupe anyone? Open 1
lvl 50 Hawk Eye needed will trade orange and pearl. Help please? Unanswered 0
Lvl 50 Potential Conference Call and Bee for Babymaker? Open 2
Maliwan Shotgun? Open 1
Minecraft Head and Skin, Commando only? Answered 3
Need help beating invincibles? Answered 1
Need help duping infinity pistol? Open 4
Need help getting a Hive? Open 1
Need Help With Infinity Pistol? Open 4
Need help with orange shields? Open 1
Need infinity and baby maker. Can anyone dupe? Open 1
Need infinity pistol ASAP help plz:) ?? Open 2
Need legendary berserker mod ? Open 1
Need lvl 50 sandhawk? Open 1
Need lvl 61 slag or corrosive cc? Open 1
Need mechromancer xxx head? Open 1
Need the pitchfork sniper rifle ? Open 1
Need to get infinity pistol? Anyone can duplicate for me? Open 30
New dlc weapons? Answered 1
Non-cheater needs some yellow and above items PLEASE :-D ? Open 1
OP 8 Twister and Stormfront/ Quasar? Open 1
Pearlescent Items? Open 1
Please help me get the Conference Call Shotgun Lv 50? Answered 3
Purple or better cammando Mod? Open 2
Question on Character Heads drop? Answered 1
Questions on Maya's Binder class mod. Can it stack? Open 1
Rapid Infinity/ Bee shield Dupe? Open 4
Rare loot artifact and Moxxi's endowment artifact?(POSSIBLE SPOILERS) Open 3
Razor head? Open 1
Requires Pirate's Booty? Open 1
Same type of Weapon Help? Answered 2
Sawbar and Storm dupe? Unanswered 0
Shotgun damage multiplier? Answered 2
Slag Conference Call, Devastator Mod? Open 1
Tipping Miss Moxxi? Answered 9
Trade dupe inflammable bee for dupe rapid infinity? Open 2
Trade Level 50 Legendary Infinity Pistol for Level 50 Conference Call? Open 5
Trade?? Open 1
What are the personal items and what they do? Open 2
What is it with Varkid Ranch Observatory? Open 1
What is Riastrad wepon? Open 1
Whats so fantastic about seraph weapons? Answered 1
Whats the best way to find tedicore alligence relic? Answered 1
Where can I find (Better red) skin? Answered 2
Where can I find (conference call)? Open 1
Where can I find (Full Purps) skin? Answered 2
Where can I find (Lost Echoes)? Answered 2
Where can I find (or please dupe for me) a purple class mod? Open 2
Where can I find (Shredifier/Madhous)? Open 1
Where can I find a golden key)? Answered 2
Where can I find a high level infinity pistol? Answered 1
Where can I find a lv 50 bee shield? Open 1
Where can I find a sniper rifle? Answered 1
Where can I find a unbreakable sheld? Open 1
Where can I find alkaline bee shield? Open 2
Where can I find bee shield ? Answered 2
Where can I find better weapons? Answered 1
Where can I find blood of terramorhus? Open 3
Where can I find cc? Open 1
Where can I find conferenc?e call Open 2
Where can I find Conference Call? Open 2
Where can I find Golden Keys? Open 4
Where can I find helmets for characters like zero? Open 4
Where can I find metal blood head for trades? Unanswered 0
Where can I find purple items? Answered 2
Where can I find Rocket Launcher with reduce ammo per shot ability ? Open 1
Where can I find seraph crystals? Open 1
Where can I find the bee sheild? Open 1
Where can I find the Conference call in Borderlands 2? Open 1
Where can I find the conference call? Open 1
Where can I find the head "till death do us part" and the skin "all seeing eye"? Answered 2
Where can I find the sham shield lvl 61? Open 1
Where can I find the skins for zero that make him look like deadpool ? Open 1
Where can I find the vault symbol in the Natural Selection Annex? Open 1
Where can I get lvl61 Bee Shield or can someone dupe it for me? I have several Pearlescents to offer for duping. Open 1
Where can I get the bee level 31? Open 1
Where do I spend my Eridium besides Black market? Answered 1
Where to get Vladof Sickle skin? Answered 2
Which enemies drop the Infinity pistols? Answered 6
Which one has the highest The bee drop? Open 1
Who drops a Baby Maker? Answered 1
Who drops legendary jakobs pistol? Open 3
Who drops seraph crystals? Open 1
Who would be willing to trade me Orange Weapons? Answered 1
Why did i get the wrong weapon? Open 4
Will anyone be willing to dupe me a level 50 infinity? Answered 1
Will anyone dupe level 61 legendaries? Or slag rubi Open 1
Will anyone dupe me a bee for a level 40? Unanswered 0
Willing to trade cc? Open 1
Willing to trade or dup *metal fear* *cutthroat combatant* and alkaline mistress for the 3 heads below? Open 1
Would anyone be willing to dupe me a Conference Call? Open 5
Would anyone on xbox mind duping me some decent weapons? Unanswered 0
Would someone be willing to give me an Infinity pistol? Open 2
X Unkempt Harold? Open 1
Other Help status answers
(create your own question)how do I start a new character without saving over my first character? Open 2
(create your own question)Please assist a fellow gamer with any Level 47-50 Gunzerker Gear. Dupe request - Please? Unanswered 0
1xp Bug? Answered 1
9-29-13 Update? Open 1
About the Chubby enemy and its chances of appearing\evolutions? Answered 1
Anyone duplicating seraph guns? Open 1
Anyone feel like duping a level 50 infinity pistol? Unanswered 0
Anyone to dupe level 61 bee, infinity pistol/conference call? Open 1
Are Campeign of Carnage bosses repeatable? Open 1
Bug: Level 50 Enemies for Level 30ish character? Open 2
Can any one help me power level 3 characters? Open 1
Can anybody help me out getting the Conference call shotgun? Answered 1
Can anyone Plvl my gunzerker? Open 1
Can someone dupe a Shock Sand Hawk for Infinty or Bee Level 50? Unanswered 0
Can someone dupe me a confrence call? offering lvl 50 infinity. Xbox GT:Harbuscus Open 2
Can someone dupe me an Unforgiven level 50? I have alot of legendaries I can dupe. Unanswered 0
Can someone help me get to OP 8? Unanswered 0
Can someone please help me unlock the Creature Slaughter Dome on Xbox 360? Unanswered 0
Can you grenade jump? Answered 1
Can you re-enter Grendel's Lair? Open 1
Can't reach sidequest? Open 1
Cannot get health to recharge? Open 1
Claptrap's Mohawk is it permanent? Answered 2
Class Mods? Answered 1
Connecting to random dlc game host? Open 1
Could someone dupe me a Salvador Boatmurder head? Open 1
Could someone dupe me seraph stuff? Open 2
Crushing drunk dwarves? Open 2
Digistruct Peek Overpowered Levels? Open 1
DLC Disk in the UK? Open 1
Do bosses level up when you fight them again? Open 1
Do gold keys apear in your inventory? Answered 3
Do you need a online pass to play online? Answered 1
Does anyone wants to play co op on playthrough 2? Open 1
Does anything affect Axton's turret shield? Open 1
Does this game go off the previous save? Answered 1
Dose finding the 5 vault symbols? Open 1
Dupe shredifier lv 50 for me? Unanswered 0
Echo Devices? Open 1
Farming....UGH?? Open 1
FFYL mode time? Answered 1
Filled to the Brim is not adding to my ammo capacity? Open 1
Glitch Help? Open 1
Glitches and Exploits 2014? Open 1
Gold gearbox weapons? Answered 4
Gold Key from Vault Hunters problem...? Answered 1
Golden key Chest? Open 4
Golden key glitch? Answered 1
Handsome Jack Mask? Open 2
Has anyone else encountered a glitch where the Golden Box will open every time you go near it? Open 8
Has anyone else seen the humanoidish Bullymong? Open 2
Hidden bosses hidden loot? Open 2
How do I play on UVHM? Open 3
How do u access the Creature Slaughter Dome? Answered 7
how many levels does scarlet's pirate booty DLC add to the game? Answered 1
How to get fast xp without glitching or get thousands of money? Open 1
Hyperius loot differences in normal and TVHM (solo)? Answered 1
I can only store 1 weapon? Open 2
I have one undiscover challenge? Open 1
I lost all my heads/skins and all my BA rank on borderlands 2 (Xbox 360) what do I do? Unanswered 0
I need help with bandit slaughter round 5? Answered 2
I'm having problems with the save? Open 1
If i join my friends game will i loose missions or ranks? Answered 1
Infinity doesn't work?! Open 2
Infinity pistol duping please help xbox360? Open 2
Instant kill glitch? Open 1
IR code on pizza box at moxxi's bar? Answered 3
Is it always going to be snowy? Answered 3
Is it possible to have 2 diff characters from the same profile in the game at the same time? Answered 1
Is the Mechomancer one of the 4 peices DLC in the season pass? Answered 3
Is there a limit to the number of golden keys a person can gather and hold onto ? Open 4
Is there a play through 2.5? Open 1
Is there going to be anymore levels up besides 50? Answered 2
Is there something wrong with my Borderlands 2 game because i havent found any Orange Weapons , Shield. grenade mods? Answered 6
Krieg's shift code, can I have it? Open 1
Legend weapons help? Open 2
Level 50 reactive conference call and level 50 sledge's shotgun for a level 50 b*tch or shredifier? Open 5
Level 61 legendary siren class mod? Open 1
LF 3 Legendary Dupes? Open 1
Loot hunt bounties? Open 1
Missable achievements? Answered 5
Modding? Open 1
My story mission just skipped to the end?? Open 1
Need help pls? Unanswered 0
New Class DLC in the works? Open 1
Orange weapons are dropping everywhere? Literally! What's going on? Answered 1
Orange Weapons Duplication? Answered 1
Orange Weapons? Answered 2
Playing 2 characters under the same gamertag? Answered 2
Playthrough 2? Answered 1
Question about claptraps secret stash (spoiler?) Answered 3
Sanctuary Map has disappeared, please help? Open 2
Sawtooth Cauldron Challenge-Happy Camper(?) Answered 1
Sidequest progress and Normal\TVHM playthroughs? Answered 1
Skip main missions..? Answered 1
Sledges Helmet in Borderlands 2? Answered 3
Slot Machine Glitch info? Answered 2
Someone dupe me items please? Open 5
Splitscreen Q? Open 1
The thecno music in "slaughter house"?? Answered 1
The voices are switched??? Open 1
Title screen location? Answered 3
tried to farm him but it he wont drop it D: help? Answered 1
True Vault Hunter Mode question? Answered 1
What are the best weapon types for each character? Open 1
What do I do after reaching level 50? Open 1
What is the UPGRADE menu? Open 3
What level can you get up to without purchasing any DLC? Answered 1
What's up with Johnny Waffles? Open 2
Whats this Playing 1 - ## thing? Answered 1
Whats your favorite weapons or gear and why? Answered 2
Where do I find the Warrior after beating the game? Answered 2
Where do you get the mechromancer? Answered 2
Why are there no upgrades at the vending machines? Open 1
Why did I lose all my sniper ammo capacity upgrades? Answered 2
why wont Geary wont kill himself? Open 1
Will someone please give me special edition head and skin for Zero? Answered 1
Will the mechromancer be worth the points? Answered 3
Xbl gamertag? Open 1
You. Will. Die. (Seriously) will you die? Open 2
Zero: How much Extra damage does Execute provide? Answered 1

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