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Video Walkthrough
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How To Level Up Fast
Level Up Fast Borderlands 2 from acidglow
Digistruct Peak Challenge - Breakdown Video: Explanation
Over Power Level - Breakdown Video - Digistruct Peak Challenge: Borderlands 2 from acidglow
Easy Method - Digistruct Peak Challenge
Easy Method for Digistruct Challenge: Overpower Levels from acidglow

Gameplay Video

Awesome Borderlands 2 Leaked Gameplay Video
Awesome Borderlands 2 Leaked Gameplay Video from GamerFitNation
Legendary Bee Shield Explanation
AMP Amplifier The Bee Shield Explanation Borderlands 2 from acidglow

Videos from GameSpot

The Gist - 4 PC Shooter Alternatives To Destiny09/10/14
The Gist - 5 Of The Craziest Bad Guys In Video Games06/25/14
E3: 2014 - Ashly Burch aka Tiny Tina06/20/14
Super Time Force, BattleBlock Theater on PC, Minecraft and Borderlands 2 in Stores - New Releases05/11/14
Borderlands 2 Vita Gameplay - Bullymong Challenge05/07/14
Borderlands 2 Vita - Full Intro05/07/14
Borderlands 2: Son of Crawmerax - Video Review04/18/14
GS News Update: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel not as big as Borderlands 2, may not be full price04/15/14
GS Breakdown: First impressions of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel04/09/14
GS News Update: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel is confirmed04/09/14
GS News - Backwards Compatibility On Xbox One; New Borderlands Game?04/07/14
GS News Update: Rumor - Borderlands Pre-Sequel coming to PS3, 360, and PC04/07/14
Reality Check - 4 Reasons Video Games Make You More Smarterer01/26/14
GS News - Borderlands 2 free for PS Plus + Microsoft is anti-NSA surveillance!12/10/13
Borderlands - Cooperative Project Preview11/08/13
Borderlands 2 - Game of the Year Celebration Trailer10/13/13
Borderlands 2 - +5 to Punching: A Bunkers & Badasses Prologue08/29/13
An Evening with Gearbox Software: Part 308/21/13
GS News - Super Mega Sony+Microsoft Gamescom Rundown!08/20/13
An Evening with Gearbox Software: Part 208/19/13
An Evening with Gearbox Software: Part 108/17/13
GS News - No Smash Bros. cutscenes, no Japanese indie Wii U devs07/25/13
Inside Borderlands Panel with Gearbox - PAX Australia 201307/22/13
Random Encounter - Borderlands 207/15/13
Deal With It - Steam Summer Sale, July 12th07/12/13

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