Shield Types

Shield TypeManufactureDescription
StandardTedioreNormal Behavior
RoidBANDITIncrease melee damage when depleted.
TurtlePangolinSacrifices health to increase shield capacity.
BoosterDAHLShield can deploy booster packs that can be picked up to refill shield.
AbsorptionVLADOFShield may absorb incoming bullets, adding them to your reserves.
AmplifyHYPERIONFully charged shield adds power to the next gunshot.
AdaptiveAnshinShield changes elemental resistance to the last elemental damage taken.
(Explosive) SpikeTORGUEShield damages nearby enemies with explosions.
(Explosive) NovaTORGUEShield dissipates in an explosion when depleted.
(Elemental) SpikeMALIWANShield damages nearby enemies with elemental effects.
(Explosive) NovaMALIWANShield dissipates in an elemental blast when depleted..
Legendary Shields
Shield TypeManufactureDescription
The BeeHyperionFully charged shield adds power to next gunshot. Does not lose charge upon firing.
Black HoleMaliwanDraws enemies towards user when depleted
The CradleTedioreAfter shield is depleted it is thrown and explodes.
Fabled TortoisePangolinExtreme capacity, but halves speed. Speed increases when depleted.
Flame of the Fire HawkMaliwanShield continually damages nearby enemies with a fire effect when depleted.
Hide of TerramorphousBanditShield damgages nearby enemies with a fire effect, adds melee damage when depleted.
ImpalerMaliwanLaunches corrosive spikes when damaged.
NeogenatorAnshinIncrease health and health regeneration. High elemental resistance.
The ShamVladofExtremely high bullet absorb rate.
The TransformerVladofImmune to shock damage. High bullet absorb rate.
Whiskey Tango FoxtrotDahlChance to drop an IED booster when damaged.
Seraph Shields
Shield TypeManufactureDescription
Big Boom BlasterTorgueDropped booster packs refill shields as well as one grenade and rocket.
HoplitePangolinVery high capacity. Capacity increases and movement speed decreases for each additional user.
Pun-cheeBanditIncreases recharge rate and decreased recharge delay. Increases melee damage when depleted.
SpongeVladofIncreased capacity and high bullet absorb rate.