Question from silverhawk213

Asked: 2 years ago

Do the Cheats & Passwords that are avalible on the PC version for this game work for the Xbox 360 Version of the gam

I have not Bought this game yet just played the demo and I plan to get this game once I get the 800MSP it costs. But I was curious about this.

Accepted Answer

From: rttn 2 years ago

I have the game. Yes they work. like the other poster said, they disable leaderboards/achievments/auto-save until you relaunch the entire game. Meaning going back to the xbox dashboard and restarting the game

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I haven't played the pc version, but I just found a sign in the game that said left, right, left, right, up, up, down, down, rb, B . When I entered the code it gave "Big Bucks" (looks to be about $100,000). A message came up saying achievements would be deactivated until the game is relaunched. So I'm assuming yes.

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