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                   ~IIIIIII+,           Remember Me FAQ/Walkthrough
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                       ,?IIIIIII7~,     Dalton "HorrorSpooky" Cooper & Trade
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 ~7II7I:     7I7IZZ$ZZ$ZZ,     +IIIII,  
 ~III7?:     +IIIZZZZZZZ,      +IIIII,  
  ,           =I7Z$ZZ$Z$       ?IIIII    
    :=I?       ?ZZZ7=:,       ,IIIII?   
  +?III?=                    :?7III7:   
  ,?IIIII+:                 =IIIIII~    
   ,IIIIIII,               ,IIIIIII,    
    :III7?+  ,:        ,=+  ~?III~,     
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It's a gutsy move for Capcom to debut a brand new IP this late in a console 
generation, but they are doing it anyway with the crazy cyberpunk game Remember
Me. Allow me to guide you through the game, one memory at a time.

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                           TABLE OF CONTENTS

01. Introduction and Controls
02. Walkthrough
Episode 0: Rebirth/Reboot
Episode 1: Low Life/Low Tech
Episode 2: Macrowave
Episode 3: High Tension/Deep Exit
Episode 4: Panoptic Icon
Episode 5: Headshot
Episode 6: Rotten Core
Episode 7: Paradise Lost
Episode 8: Sins of Our Fathers
03. Conclusion

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1. Introduction and Controls
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -
Nilin is a Memory Hunter, however, in an ironic twist, her own memories have 
been sniped. Now she works to take down the massive corporation that has a 
chokehold on the market of memories.

LT - S-Pressens
LB - Spammer
RT - N/A
RB - Sprint/Fire
Y - Attack
X - Attack
B - Action
A - Jump
Left Stick - Move
Right Stick - Camera
Back - Combo Lab
Start - Pause

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2. Walkthrough
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The very first thing you do in the game is look up with your head by moving 
up on the right analog stick. Then you have to move through the hallway, 
following the robot simply by moving the left analog stick to follow it around 
as it hovers and such.

You will be lead to a line of people all waiting to get their brain zapped. 
Get to the back of the line, and as the line moves forward, shuffle forward 
yourself to keep moving with them. As you near your turn in the brain zapping 
chair, you will be told to look to the left, so do so with the right analog 
stick to notice the shutter

The power will go out, and then the shutter on the left will open up. Move 
there quickly and Nilin will automatically move under it. On the other side, 
take notice of the large robot, but ignore it for now. Move to the right of 
the robot and start going down the hall.

The robot will activate and start chasing Nilin. Run down the hall by pushing 
the left analog stick forward. Nilin will run automatically. Avoid the 
obstructions in the hall by weaning and zig-zagging around them. The man 
talking to you instructs you to escape through the vent on the right, so hug 
the right side of the area after he gives you this info.

Upon gaining control of Nilin again, all that needs to be done is to move to 
the coffins as they are collected. Getting close enough to a coffin will 
cause Nilin to get inside. Escape successful.


Time to fight mutant slum freaks! What a perfect opportunity to learn how the 
combat system works as well. Can't be a coincidence, eh? Episode 1 is by and 
large the episode where you will learn how all the basic gameplay mechanics in 
Remember Me will work going forward, so pay attention!

First, you will be taught how to dodge enemy attacks. Do this by tilting the 
left analog stick in any direction and pressing A. And then you will be taught 
how to use Pressens. Open up the Combo Lab and purchase the Power Pressens as 
instructed. This will give you a combo of hitting X three times to deal massive
damage to enemies.

Use this combo to defeat the mutants here. Whenever a red exclamation point 
appears above or by their head, that is an indication that they are about to 
attack. Quickly doge to get out of the way of their attack. Once they're 
defeated, another one of their kind will run off, and Nilin gives chase.

What follows are a serious of tests on how the platforming works. If you are 
familiar with games like Prince of Persia or Uncharted, you should know what to
expect here. Little orange indicators appear to make your platforming life 
even easier, but if you ever reach an area where you aren't quite sure where to
go next, move the camera all around and chances are you'll see one of these 
little orange indicators showing you where to go next.

As you explore the city, be on the lookout for items lying around and other 
goodies. You'll find pictures that materialize that serve as clues to finding 
stashes of items. For the most part, though, you'll be doing a bunch of 
climbing, shimmying, and all-around just jumping all over the place.

Eventually, you will reach a red pipe. Start climbing up the pipe. The pipe 
will break, and then steam will appear above your head. Wait for the steam to 
dissipate, and then quickly scale the wall and continue moving through the 

You will reach another group of mutants that want to fight, but they got the 
jump on Nilin so her health is low. Now the game teaches you about Regen 
Pressens. Open up the Combo Lab once again and create your first combination 
of Regen Pressens. Use this combo of Y, X, Y (Square, Triange, Square on PS3) 
to heal yourself while simultaneously dealing damage. Basicaly, Y governs the 
"Regen" attacks and X governs the "Power" attacks. Power attacks do more 
damage, but Regen attacks heal you.

Once your health bar is full, fall back on your older Power Pressen combo to 
deal the most damage and quickly dispatch of all the mutants crawling around 
the area. Then return to platforming. You will reach a building with a larger 
mutant in the area called a Skinner.

First, the game will tell you to purchase a new Pressen to beef up your combo 
by adding another Power Pressen at the end of it (the Y, X, Y combo) so that 
you can break the blocking of the Skinner. Avoid the Skinner's attacks by 
dodging (remember-ha-tilt the left analog stick and press A or X on PS3) 
whenever you see that red exclamation point. Though sometimes your attacks 
will break his attack animation and you can keep nailing him with combos.

Do a bit of damage and then the smaller mutants, called Leapers, show back 
up. They will buff the Skinner, making him much harder to kill. Because of 
this, ignore him for now and focus on the Leapers. Some of them will be hanging
on walls and what-not, so you will need to wait for them to get down before you
can kill them.

Luckily, the Skinner is so slow that his attacks are fairly easy to dodge. Once
the Leapers have been defeated, continue using the same strategy as you did 
before on the Skinner to break his blocking and deal damage to him. Once he's 
dead, turn your attention to the crane controls and activate them.

This will allow you to get to a new part of the city. Catwalks will need to be 
activated as you move forward. Eventually, by following the orange indicators, 
you will go up a ladder and reach sheets of metal that operate as a makeshift 
door. Break down this door by pressing B, and then Nilin will have a flash of 
memory that reminds her of a move she had. She'll use the move on the Leapers 
in here, making them easy pickings. Defeat them and then continue to reunite 
with Tommy. Or I guess unite with him, since Nilin doesn't remember much of 
anything, eh?

Following the cut-scenes, your first memory remix appears. You'll have to 
watch it once-through before you can start rewinding and fast-forwarding and 
what-not. To rewind, rotate the left analog stick counter-clockwise. To 
fast-forward, rotate it clockwise. Hold RB during this to speed up the 
process. Oh, and remember, RB is also used during platforming to make Nilin 
shimmy and jump and all that jazz much faster.

And before I go on with the Memory Remix, I'd like to make another quick note 
about platforming in this game that might help you out. Remember when 
platforming that sometimes all you need to do is tilt the left analog stick in 
the direction of the next orange indicator to make Nilin move there. Sometimes 
jumping will just screw you up. But also remember that when jumping over 
gaps, make sure you have a really solid jump. A running start never hurts for 
these jumps. Nilin has a nasty tendency of not grabbing the ledges if you don't
do it just right, which makes her fall to her death, and that is obviously 
something that you'll want to avoid playing the game. Press A to vault over 
ledges and pull yourself up, and press B to drop down a level or simply let go 
of whatever you're holding on to.

But back to the Remix...whenever you see a weird mess of glitches on the 
screen, that means something can be interacted with to influence the memory. 
To do this, push the left analog stick forward, and then press B to complete 
the action with the object as indicated by the text below the object's name 
that pops up. Figuring out the solution to the Memory Remixes is largely 
trial and error until you just happen to manipulate the correct items. Luckily 
for you, I will just give you the solutions!

First thing's first...you will want to mess with the capsules that the doc 
injects into David. Also be sure to remove his anthestic mask, and also 
remove his strap. This will cause an awkward situation that will result in 
David's "death", in turn convincing Olga to not kill Nilin. Neat trick, huh?


As you explore the streets of Neo Paris, you won't have much to wander off and 
look at; basically, there is only one path to really move forward through as 
you make your way to Bad Request, your contact. Eventually, you will reach a 
set of soldiers that will be your new enemies to fight for now.

These soldiers are smarter than the mutants encountered earlier. They also 
take longer to defeat. However, the same basic combat strategies apply. You 
will have to press B after enough damage has been done to them to "Overload" 
their memories and defeat them permanently. Once these enemies are all 
defeated, use those wonderful oragne indicators that pop up everywhere and do 
my job for me to platform your way to the next set of enemies.

This is where the game teaches you about S-Pressens, which are basically Super 
Moves. To activate it, hold LT and then push the left analog stick up to the 
Fury icon. Confirm that you want to activate it, and then Nilin will be able 
to hit together a series of combos just by you alternating between X and Y 
which will deal a lot of damage in a combo that just keeps flowing.

You will also be given the opportunity to purchase a Pressen that cools it 
down. I recommend adding it to one of your combos. Keep spamming Fury after 
getting it cooled down and then when these enemies are defeated, resume your 
climbing and shimmying and what-not until you go through an open window.

Nilin will speak with Edge with her communicator for a bit, and then you need 
to keep moving. Eventually, you will meet up with Bad Request. Chat with him, 
and then steal his memories. This will allow you to see his Remembrane 
holograms so that you can reach Kid X-Mas easier.

Go to the first Remembrane and then activate it. This will just provide a basic
explanation of what a Remembrane is. Then interact with the second Remembrane 
and follow it. It will show you the code to opening the door. To synchronize 
with the device it is interacting with and know the code yourself, hold LB 
and then mash on the B button until the circle is filled, and then go open the 
door yourself using the controls on the wall.

In the alley, there will be trouble with Saber soldiers (wonder if they sell 
paper?). Take them out and then climb the ladder and continue your platforming.
You will then reach a flying bot that serves as a lookout. Activating Bad 
Request's Remembrane will show you the field of view of this robot, which is a 
glowing circle on the ground. This makes it much easier to bypass. Walk around 
the circle to avoid being caught by the robot and then follow Bad Request's 
Remembrane to finish out the platforming and jumping around.

Nilin will move slowly while she's chatting and going through the house, but 
once her ear is free, you are in turn free to move much quicker. Make your 
way to the balcony and jump over to the pipe. Ignore the ship in the background
and climb the pipe to the very top. Aim the left analog stick away from the 
pipe and toward the roof that you need to reach and then press A to jump across
and then press A again to pull yourself up onto the roof proper.

You now have no choice to pay attention to the ship because it drops off a 
bunch of baddies for you to fight. Go through them all, but they will 
consistently be replaced by more enemies, some of which will be coming from a 
nearby window that you need to move through next, so just keep that in the back
of your mind. Fight your way through these enemies and then continue moving 

You will reach another Remembrane spot on the ground, plus more guard robots. 
The Remembrane will show you the very narrow path to move through to avoid 
being detected by these bots. In the next building, learn how to use the wall 
shutter by synchronizing with the Remembrane, and then go to the controls and 
activate the shutter so that the bot is blind to your movements.

Move out to the balcony and go in front of the shutter, pulling yourself up 
through the window of the next building. Continue and you will wind up fighting
more enemies. Defeat them all and then climb through the window that they 
also climbed through, basically going the way the enemies came from. You will 
then scale the outside of a building, and actually come across a platforming 
segment that I feel warrants more than just a simple explanation.

Basically, there is a large billboard like sign that you have to shimmy 
across. However, the panels keep flipping. There are two panels right at the 
start of it, then a few dead ones, and then four live ones at the end of the 
billboard. Wait for the closest two to stop flipping, and then hold RB (R1 for 
those PS3 players out there) to shimmy across quickly. Stop at the grey ones, 
and then after the four other panels flip, immediately get across.

You are now able to reach the rooftop and complete that objective. Hang around 
on the rooftop for the...

BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
Kid X-Mas......................................................................
Yup, I brought it back. Though certainly not due to popular demand. Kid X-Mas 
has three health bars. I recommend keeping your X, X, X combo filled with 
Power Pressens, and then having your combo that starts with "Y" to have the 
Cooldown Pressen as well as healing Pressens, and maybe a Power Pressen or two 
just to round it out.

The reason you will definitely want the Cooldown Pressen is because it's one 
of the only ways to hurt Kid X-Mas. He will constantly block all of Nilin's 
attacks in the first stage, and then try for three clubbing blows himself. His 
attacks are easily dodged, thankfully, and even if he does block your attacks, 
that doesn't stop the Cooldown effect from working and it certainly doesn't 
stop you from healing yourself with the Regen Pressens.

Keep fighting until you have a power core (the blue box at the bottom of your 
HUD thing that shows your health and what-not with those little orange squares)
and then you can activate your S-Pressen Fury. Mash on the buttons like crazy 
to deal as much damage as possible to Kid X-Mas when activating Fury, but be 
sure to activate it right after you get done doddging a series of his attacks 
so you don't waste it being clubbered by him.

Another way you can damage Kid X-Mas is if he charges and misses you. I found 
that he doesn't rush very often, though, so it's better to rely mainly on the 
Fury attack, and if he does charge and leaves himself opportunity for an 
opportunity to mash him with your Power Pressen combos, then so be it.

Once the first health bar is depleted, Kid X-Mas will introduce "the hammer", 
which is a gun that materializes on his wrist and shoots weird little pixel 
projectiles at you. These are easily dodged. His melee strikes with the 
weapon his hand deal slightly more damage, but you should be fine. Otherwise, 
his patterns and behaviors are unchanged and exactly the same. You should 
employ the same strategies as detailed above to be successful.

After depleting his second health bar, Kid X-Mas will have his annoying 
cameras that follow him around start laying minds. This hardly effects the 
battle either, and they can even play to your advantage. If you manage to knock
Kid X-Mas (for some reason I keep wanting to type "Kid Cudi") into the blast 
range of these bombs, marked by the red lines on the ground, the resulting 
explosion will leave him open to attacks by you without even needing to 
activate S-Pressen Fury.

Finally, after his third health bar has about a quarter of health left, you 
can press B to terminate him. This results in a QTE. Complete the QTE and then 
Kid X-Mas is defeated!
BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
Kid X-Mas......................................................................

After the fight, Nilin is rewarded with Kid X-Mas's gun. Move the right analog 
stick in a circle around this little arena to see the weak points of the 
forcefield that you guys fought in. With Nilin looking in the direction of 
these weak points, hold LB to aim at them, and then press RB to shoot them.

Shoot all the weak points to disable the force field. Then go to the door that 
you need to go through, and shoot the button that is above it in order to get 
it open and so Nilin can make her exit.


Shoot the button on the door to make it open. You'll be doing that a lot 
throughout this episode as Nilin uses her fancy new gun thing. As you go 
through the door, you'll see a floating parasite thing that you can shoot for 
a collectible. Keep an eye out for them from now on so you can collect as 
many as possible.

There will be a Leaper battle in the nxt alley. Move through the alley, but 
you will see a wire fall down into a puddle and imbue it with electricity, 
obviously making it a hazard and too dangerous to cross. Instead, shoot the 
button to open the gate on the other side, and then walk around the puddle 
through the small building on your right, and then move back outside.

Another Scaramech parasite can be found in a window if you look up as you move 
through the streets. You'll want to open the window by shooting the button 
and then shooting the parasite. You'll get ambushed by mutants as you reach 
the end of the alley. Fight them off, and then the game will teach you about a 
new trick.

That "new trick" is probably pretty obvious, but you can use your new gun-hand 
to shoot the Leapers as well. Specifically, you can use it to shoot them off of
walls. There will be a heavy that will be protected and buffed by the Leapers 
like before, so take out the Leapers before continuing the assault on the big 

Now as you continue throughout the city, keep an eye for points to shoot so 
that you can continue climbing and jumping and what-not through the city. 
Eventually, you will come across a new type of mutants. They are invisible 
unless in the light. You can activate the light by shooting it. You can't even 
attack the mutants while they are invisible.

After this batch of enemies has been defeated, you will be able to continue 
Nathan Drakeing it through the city, until, yet again, you will come to more 
mutants. This time you will have to use your new Sensen DOS power. This will 
cause all the enemies nearby to be stunned and the invisible enemies to become 
visible. Focus immediately on the invisible enemies after you stun them as the 
cooldown time for the Sensen DOS is obnoxiously long.

Regular enemies will show up and you can use a Cooldown attack on them to help 
make it faster until you can use the Sensen DOS again. There is a spotlight 
here as well that can be used to hurt the invisible enemies, but the regular 
enemies will stop coming after a while. Use the controls when all the enemies 
are dead to lower the platform.

Climb to the top of the platform and then shoot all the buttons until there is 
a connection of green lines that leads all the way to the top. Shimmy down 
the pole (falling from this height will kill you), and then climb up the green 
colored pipes to reach the top of the wall. Continue your climbing and jumping 
and then you will reach fans that are blocking the way. Shoot the button to 
disable the fans, and then jump through the fan as it slows.

From here, it's pretty much a straight-shot to the bar. Once you arrive, you 
will ahve to fight the mutants that show up. You'll then get the Junk Shot 
ability that allows you to aim with LB to lock on to an object and then press 
RT instead of RB to shoot a more powerful shot. Fight off the more mutants that
show up and then use LB + RT to destroy the wires and block off their entrance 
to the bar.

Next you will have to move through the sewers to find Johnny Greentooth. The 
water is dangerous, so avoid it at all costs. However, you can knock the 
enemies into the water to kill them instantly. Keep following the bridge of 
debris and gross stuff until you reach a wide path of water. There is a pole 
on the wall that you can shimmy across, and then you can shoot a gate open and 
climb up the ladder on the other side.

Fight through the mutants and make your way to the tram. Johnny Greentooth is 
in here. Attack him, and then run down the tram. Fight the mutants, but keep an
eye on the doors that Johnny is trying to force open. Blast them with a Junk 
Shot to shut them. Do this twice, and then Johnny's head will get stuck in the 
door. Kill all the other mutants and then run over and steal Johnny's memories.

Exit the sewers. There will be a Remembrane spot, so use it and watch the 
scene. Then go to the next Remembrane spot and you will be able to follow a 
hologram of Johnny Greentooth through the minefield. Copy his movements, but 
also be sure to watch the ground and note where all the mines are as Johnny 
is moving as the Remembrane is the only time that you get to see where the 
mines are. At the end of the minefield, platform up the next wall, shoot the 
parasite, and make your way to another minefield.

Once again, use the Remembrane to make your way cautiously across this 
minefield. You will reach a device to synchronize with Greentooth as he uses 
it to turn off the mines. Do so, then go over to the hidden manhole cover, try 
to open it and...

BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
Zorn is a big green robot dude. He will try to smash you with his arms while 
also throwing boxes at you. Blast his arms (with your weaker blasts...the Junk 
Shot will waste too much energy) and deal as much damage as possible. Then when
he leaps into the air and slams his arms into the ground, they should get 
stuck. That is your cue to keep shooting them. If enough damage is done, zorn's
arm will be ripped off.

On the other hand (har!), Zorn will regenerate and heal himself if enough 
damage isn't done to the arm when it's stuck. Zorn will then declare that he 
can beat you with one arm, and will continue his attacks of trying to hit you 
and throwing crates at you and what-not. Now focus on the left arm.

Zorn's left arm won't be ripped off. However, he will start charging for a 
powerful attack, exposing his weak spot. Use Junk Shot to interrupt this 
attack, and then quickly run up and terminate Zorn, resulting in a short QTE 
BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................

With Zorn defeated, enter the manhole.


Talk with Edge for a moment, and then as you progress, you will come across a 
bunch of Leapers. There will be a button to blast to turn on the turbine above 
you that will shed light on the invisible ones, so you don't have to keep 
cooling down your S-Pressens if you don't want.

When they're defeated, you are able to enter a construction site. Grab the 
drone detection technology and then open the door. Be slow and cautious as you 
move through the hallway. A drone will come zipping around the corner, but at 
least you are able to see their line of sight in the form of a circular field 
underneath them.

Whenever drones are about to pop up, the words "Drones at Work" will appear in 
front of Nilin's face. This will help you as you move into the prison area and 
continue to avoid being detected by the drones. You'll reach an area with 
two drones going around in a square formation. Follow one closely all the 
way around to find a pipe that you can climb and reach the higher area.

Go to the button and activate the cell. Go inside the cell and ride it down to 
the actual prisoner area. Duck into the open cells to avoid being detected by 
drones as you move through here. Shoot the door open to reach La Bastille 
proper. Continue to avoid the drones as you go down the stairs. They are easy 
enough to avoid; just watch their pattern, and then move as soon as they give 
you the opportunity.

Follow the sergeant into the locker room. This will initiate a fight against 
his soldiers. Take them all out and then you can zap the sergeant's memories. 
This will allow you to use his Remembrances to get deeper into the facility. 
You will have to fight with a "Heavy" style soldier with a shield, but you 
can use the Junk Shot to blast the shield out of his hands.

Next up you will have to fight multiple enemies with multiple shields. It is 
lucky then that Nilin gets a new power to lay a grenade on someone, backflip 
out of there, and then watch as the blast radius defeats enemies and destroys 
the shields of anyone that is unlucky enough to be in the radius of the 

Fight your way to the exercise room and then defeat everyone in there and go 
through the other door in here. You will be lead to another flight of stairs 
where you will find another Remembrance. Activate it to synchronize with the 
door and reach Section III. Go through the subsequent door by blasting it 
open with your Spammer and you'll get a glimpse of Madame.

Madame activates this irritating device that will kill you. Wait for the rays 
of light to pass, and then move from pillar to pillar. You are safe to move 
after each ray passes. Keep moving down the hall until you reach a forcefield 
that will not let you continue any further. Duck into the cell here and then 
activate the Remembrance.

It seems that our buddy the perverted sergeant discovered a way to get the 
cell to be sent to the maintenance area so he could sneak in naps at work. 
Synchronize with his ability to sabotage the toilet to be transported to your 
next area of interest.

A drone will be flying around in here, but it is easily avoided. Unfortunately,
you will soon have to contend with a new flying enemy that shoots projectiles 
at you while you deal with the regular soldiers on the ground. Fight with the 
regular soldiers until your Spammer is at full power again, and then fire a 
Junk Shot at the flying enemies. This should cause them to activate and then 
burn out their shield, so your next Junk Shot or two should be enough to put 
each one of them out. If you need a reprieve from them constantly shooting at 
you, duck behind the wall and then use Regen Pressen attacks on any remaining 
soldiers to build Nilin's health back up.

Upon those guys being defeated, you can get to the interrogation rooms. There 
are a few that you can investigate, but there's nothing in any of them except 
for the one on the end. There will be a one-way mirror in here. When prompted, 
zap Madame's memories so that Nilin is better suited for exploring La Bastille.

Continue through the facility and you will come to an open courtyard area with 
yet another new enemy type introduced. These robot things crouch on the ground 
and then explode. Their blast radius is outlined on the ground, so you should 
be able to avoid being blown up.

Regular soldiers will join the fight. To kill this thing, let it blow up and 
waste its energy, then fire at it with a Junk Shot. You should be able to 
defeat it in just a few shots. It will be replaced by more robots and soldiers,
but just continue fighting them off. You will then get a new power once two of 
the robots show up simultaneously, which allows you to make all the enemies be 
killed by a robot you can make friendly. Do it now as instructed by the game 
and then finish the fight.

You are now free to proceed. Activate the Remembrance and follow Madame's 
Remembrance down the corridor. Run up the stairs and activate the next 
Remembrance. Madame will split off to the left and right. The correct way to go
is to the right. The left way is a trick.

In the next room, you will have to fight Remembrance soldiers guarding the 
elevator. Defeat all the soldiers and then you can ride the elevator. Following
the cut-scene, make your way down the hall and jump across the gap and keep 
going until you start another...

BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
Madame will teleport around all over the place and make Rememberance soldiers 
fight with you. Use the soldiers to build up combos with lots of Cooldowns, 
and then when you can do the Sensen DOS, do so to knock Madame out of the sky 
and then beat up on her.

Madame will get new attacks as the fight goes on, but the same strategy 
basically applies. If spirals appear underneath your feet, roll out of the way 
to avoid being hurt by the vortexes that Madame summons. Once the first health 
bar is depleted, the combat changes up a bit.

For the most part, it's the same, except now those annoying new flying robot 
enemies join the fray as well. You're going to have to dodge them while also 
using Cooldown Pressens so that you can use the Sensen DOS, as it is required 
to use it for this fight.

You can blast Madame out of the air with a Junk Shot any time that you want, 
but the problem is that unless you can use the Sensen DOS, you're probably 
just going to wind up killing yourself trying to do damage to her. That's 
because she makes copies of herself, and attacking the wrong copy results in 
Nilin taking damage.

The way you can see which one is the real Madame is by using Sensen DOS. This 
will cause the fake ones to short-circuit, but the real Madame doesn't react. 
Go up and keep attacking her until her second health bar is depleted as well.
BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................

Madame isn't quite finished even after the battle with her has concluded. She 
is still kneeling on the ground, so walk over and Overload her memories real 
quick. This grants Nilin a new ability to grab and drag objects using her 

There is a puzzle right off the bat that uses this new ability of Nilin's. Use 
it to grab the pod of prisoner memories and drag it down to the railing. Then 
grab it from the other side (by shooting it and holding RB), and then drag it 
all the way across the rail to the next pool, and it will automatically dip 
down and then come back out on another rail.

Drag the pod across the next rail, but you will reach a broken piece of the 
railing. Look up and you will see it by the ceiling. Drag it down and then 
put it in place. Continue dragging the pod and once it returns to its original 
destination, all the memories will be set free.

Speaking of memories, Nilin gets all whacky and has a flashback of herself 
altering someone's memory. It's a flashback of a fake flashback. 
Flashbackception. Anyway, the solution to Forlan's Memory Remix is quite 
simple. Rewind it all the way, and then manipulate the bottle, the gun (when 
it is on the table), and then the side-table in that order, and the events 
should unfold as Nilin intended...


As you start moving through the streets of Neo-Paris some more, you'll come 
across a pool of water that is being dangerously electrified because of an 
electronic billboard that is in the water. Drag it out of the water. Remember, 
just shoot it, hold RB, and then use the right analog stick to move it up and 

You are then free to continue through the streets. Shutters will block your 
path, but your new ability allows you to grapple the shutters with your Spammer
and lift them up. You'll encounter your typical enemies, but otherwise it is 
straight-forward. Platform through the city, shimmy on those ledges, and keep 
an eye out for collectibles. There is a drone in one area, so be ready to 
avoid his sight.

Eventually, you'll reach a hallway that is guarded by another drone. Let it 
move by and then duck into the closet. Wait for it to go by again and then 
make a dash to the next door. There you will find a new enemy type called an 
Elite Enforcer. The trick to the Elite Enforcer is that hurting him in any 
way will actually deal damage to you. So the trick to this is to make sure you 
are healing yourself more than you are taking damage from hitting him.

One combo I found that works exceptionally well for these purposes is a combo 
I developed for the sole purpose of healing myself. If you are finding yourself
having troubles fighting Elite Enforcers, I highly recommend trying out my 
combo. Just put it together in the Combo Lab; at this point in the game, you 
should definitely have enough Pressens to do this. Of course, other combos can 
work as well, but this one is sure-fire.

Y + X (Regen) + Y (Regen) + X (Link) + Y (Regen) + X (Regen)

Continue through the facility after defeating the Elite Enforcer and you will 
reach a tricky hall with two drones patroling. There is a trick to this. Duck 
into the closest room, and wait for the drone closest to you to fly into the 
little room next to you. You can then shoot the shutter controls to trap that 
drone inside. Then wait for the next drone to move into the third room in the 
hall, and run by it and around the corner to easily avoid detection.

Outside, there will be controls for a crane. Activate the controls and then 
drag the box closer to you so that you can clamber up the crane. At the top of 
the crane, use the controls here to extend a bridge to reach the nearby roof. 
Then you will be attacked by a dude in a helicopter. Just run straight forward,
platforming through all of this like a chase sequence in Uncharted or 
something, and as long as you move fast enough, you will be absolutely fine. 
The orange indicators will let you konw where to go, so you should never be 

Eventually, Nilin will jump into a building and the helicopter will swoop down 
and try to shoot her through an open gate. Drag the gate down to shut it and 
then climb up that gate. As you move to the left, the helicopter will start 
shooting the panels off the wall. You will be fine until you start having to 
climb up. You need to wait for it to blow the first panel above your head off, 
and then shoot above you. Then you can climb up, and do it fast because he 
will succeed in shooting Nilin off if you don't get to the top fast enough. 
Leap across to the ledge behind you, and then drag the next gate shut.

Continue fleeing from the helicopter. You will reach a series of glass panels 
and the helicopter will keep shooting at you. Jump across the first gap that 
is created, hug the left side, and then about in the halfway point, hug the 
middle. When the last panels in the middle column are destroyed, be prepared to
press A quickly so Nilin makes the crazy jump all the way across to the next 
ledge. Then duck quickly inside the building to get a reprieve from the 
helicopter, but now you'll have to fight some soldiers.

Push through the building and you will reach another rooftop. The helicopter's 
spotlight will move back and forth across the roof, looking for you. There are 
two cover points you can use to avoid detection. Try to make a break across the
roof, and the helicopter will stop you with its bullets. So, turn around and 
look at the wall from whence you came to find a turbine. Activate the turbine 
to distract the helicopter, and then make a break across the roof to a ladder. 
Climb up the ladder and then leap to the helicopter and steal the Trace's 

Continue on the rooftops and you will reach what I can only guess is a purple-
colored robot strip club of some sort. Of course, you're just passing through. 
This another stretch of climbing, jumping, dropping, and whatever else until 
you reach the next building, getting closer to your Memory Remix target 
Scylla. You'll reach a balcony and be introduced to Elite Enforcrs that have 
mutants on leashes.

Other Enforcers will join the fight as well. Take everyone out. Obviously you 
will want to focus on the little mutants on leashes before fighting the Elite 
Enforcers. Logic Bombs are perfect for this situation because of how many 
enemies the game throws at you at this point. Robots will start showing up at 
the end, so use the Rust in Pieces S-Pressen to take out a large amount of 
enemies with one fell swoop.

After all the enemies have been taken care of, a Remembrane point appears on 
the ground. Use the Remembrane to synchronize with a button on the wall, which 
will make more buttons appear, which you can in turn activate to open the 
door to the Memorize building. The code for the door is:


Going down the first flights of stairs will result in an annoying drone-
protected hallway. Duck behind the stairs to avoid the first drone and then 
move further into the hallway to find another. Move against the row of plants 
and wait for the drone to get as close as possible. Look at the ground and you 
will see a small path for you to run through and avoid being detected by the 
drone. Take this and then you can go through the door to reach the Memorize 
offices of Scylla. But before doing that, there is a colletible in the room 
directly across from Scylla's room.

And now it's time for...a what? REMIX!!!

Tricked ya. You thought I was going to do this !!!BOSS FIGHT!!! thing or 
whatever, but I didn't.

Anyway, after the memory of Scylla is done, rewind it all the way. Here is 
what you need to manipulate in order to change Scylla's memory:

1. Retract the cupholder
2. Open the purse
3. Turn on the toy
4. Break the windshield

Everything else can be ignored. Doing the list in order will result in Scylla 
feeling guilty for the crash. And Nilin, meanwhile, will confused as all hell.


Talk to Edge, make your way to the elevator as instructed. A few invisible 
blokes will show up, but the light coming out of the elevator will illuminate 
them. Defeat them and get inside the elevator. Use the elevator control panel 
to activate it by pressing B.

When the elevator doors open up, use the medical kit on the wall if needed. You
have a new goal of getting Bad Request's Pick Socket, which basically gives 
your Spammer another new ability. In the lobby area, pull the grate down so 
that you can use it climb up to the higher area.

This is where you will find the cases that contain the belongings of the 
prisoners of La Bastille. Keep moving the cases away by dragging them to the 
left until you reach Bad Request's case. Get the Pick Socket out of his case 
when it arrives, and then zap the power from the window panel. Unload it into 
the door to get into the next room.

Shoot the Pick Socket through the window in here to open the door into the next
room. Just keep in mind all the time that this thing can shoot through windows,
because a lot of the puzzles using the Pick Socket involves shooting through 
windows and what-not. You can explore this room and in a closet you will find a

Zap away the power off the next button, and then you'll find a smaller window 
and shoot through it to open the next door so you can continue. If you can't 
find this small window, just wait and then the game will allow you to use the 
"Aug Eye", which means you press down on the d-pad and it will point the camera
right to where you need to go.

Use the Pick Socket to grab the juice out of the button and then you'll be 
back outside in the lobby area. Go down the stairs and open the closet and 
grab the collectible. Zap it away and go back up the stairs. Blast the double 
doors and then hang a right. Let the sensor scan Nilin and then the door will 
be done processing and it will automatically open up.

climb up the ladder to reach the prisoner cells. Keep going until you reach the
cell of Bad Request. Following the scene, leap over the rail and get ready to 
fight off the mutants and Elite Enforcer. Focus on the mutants force and then 
take out the Elite Enforcer if that's easier for you.

The fight will continue, with multiple Enforcers joining. Thankfully, Nilin 
will learn a new S-Pressen called Camo. Activate this S-Pressen to turn Nilin 
invisible, and then you are able to go behind the Elite Enforcer to Overload 
their memory and defeat them with one hit. Continue the fight after that and 
then keep using the Pick Socket to go deeper into the facility in pursuit of 
Bad Request's cell.

As you follow the cell, another cell will come up and block you off. Turn 
around and then drop down. There are wires leading up to that cell. Blast a 
Junk Shot into the bulk of wires and then the cell block above will start 
moving again. You'll then be able to continue. Drag the cell block down and 
then leap across the supports. Bad Request's cell will be visible from here. 
Jump across to the other side. Go over to the side of the cell and then drag 
this cell down as well with the Spammer.

An empty cell will slide into view. Jump into that empty cell, and then drag 
the next cell across from you down immediately. Leap across and then turn to 
the right to see a shutter. Drag the shutter up so that Nilin can move under 
it easily. Drag the cell at the end of this way to the left to get it to cycle 
through and another cell will slide into place. Jump to it and then shimmy 
across to the door of the cell so that you can get inside.

Inside the cell, drag Bad Request's cell down so that your cells connect to 
each other. After the cut-scene, activate the Remembrane and follow it. You 
then have to synchronize through the window and then activate a button to 
get the patient chair to start moving. The point of this is so that you can 
follow the chair through the door that it opens. You have to follow fairly 
closely to the chair, but if you get too close to it it will stop moving and 
demand that you move out of the way.

These next few floors are just a repeat of this. Mutants and other enemies will
be thrown in now and then, but it's nothing to stress about. Keep going until 
you reach a room with a large gate and then pull the gate up. Enter and watch 
the cut-scene. Dr. Quaid will send a bunch of mutants and an Elite Enforcer to 
fight with you. A well-placed Logic Bomb will get rid of basically all of 
them. Use your S-Pressens to your advantage here, as more enemies will 
replace the ones that you defeat.

Another cut-scene will end this, but then you will be back in the lower areas 
that you were at the beginning of the game. You have to fight Johnny Greentooth
now. He is a Mourner Leaper, which means that he is able to constantly summon 
other regular mutants to fight you while he teleports around and attacks. The 
only way you can actually deal damage to him is by disabling his teleporting 
using the Sensen DOS. Then you can run over and attack him, but the only 
problem with that is the Sensen DOS won't make all the mutants dizzy.

Eventually, after you've dealt enough damage to Greentooth, a QTE sequence will
start up to finish this fight. When it's done, you can blast the nearby bridge 
controls to reach a room with a Focus Boost. When you are ready to end the 
level officially, go the coffins again, hop inside, and then ride them away yet


Following the cut-scene, fight all the enemies. I recommend taking out the 
robots first. The first wave of enemies will be replaced by a second wave of 
enemies. Once again, focus on the robots first. Rust in Pieces can be used 
fairly effectively here, but the only thing is you won't be able to get a good 
Cooldown because you'll want to constantly be healing yourself while fighting 
with the Elite Enforcers.

Once the second wave of enemies has been defeated, go to the lift controls and 
activate it. You will then be in a boss fight with another Zorn. This fight is 
identical to the Zorn fight that happened before, crates and all. Upon 
defeating the Zorn, check the wall for a button. Shoot the button to reveal a 
hidden ladder. Climb the ladder to the top and then hang a left and speak with 
Edge briefly.

Check beneath the stairs to find another collectible. Then activate the docking
and step on the platform to start riding it. Ride the docking platform to the 
next area, and press B to STOP it before it goes through the forcefield. Then 
leap in front of the fans and climb down. Run to the end and go behind the 
crates here to find another parasite crawling around on the back of the boxes, 
and then step on the docking platform. Shoot the docking platform across the 
way and once it arrives, jump across.

Leap across the gap, shimmy to the pole, and then slide down. Activate the 
delivery cart button that you find down here and use the controls to ride it 
until you go by a part of the wall that has a caution sign about objects 
falling on your head. Or something. You'll know what I'm talking about. Anyway,
climb up the wall, shimmy over to the other side and drop down to find a 
control panel.

Activate the control panel. Now you'll be able to ride the docks and to back-
track a little bit. As you probably remember, there was a docking platform that
was previously not working. Well, that one is working now, so make your way 
back there by going by the fans again. You'll know you're at the right one 
because you'll be able to look beyond it and see an area with a big orange 
door. Ride the docking platform there and then go through the door.

There is a locked door to your right, so go to your left and fight with the 
Elite Enforcers hear. These guys are packing shields, so be sure to get your 
shields away by blasting them with a Junk Shot, or one-shot kill them using 
the Camo S-Pressen.

Once they're defeated, there is now a door you can open in this hallway that 
leads to a bedroom. There is a fire gate in this bedroom powered by a button 
that you can suck the juice out of. The gate will shut quickly, so you have to 
get out of the room before the gat eslides to the floor.

Remember that locked door in the hall? Return there now. You can power it up 
with the juice you took from the fire shutter controls in the bedroom. This is 
an elevator, so once inside, approach the controls and press B to start riding 
the elevator.

In this area, there will be a bunch of fights with mutants, including Skinners.
The Skinners can be killed with the Camo S-Pressen even if you haven't killed 
all the mutants that are standing around and buffing him. Fight through the 
mutants and continue until you reach a door with a drone flying around. Wait 
for the drone to fly by and then go up the stairs to reach a bar where you will
find Trace trying to drink his troubles away. Rather fruitlessly, probably.

Chase Trace through to the next room. I discovered an issue where the door 
that Trace ran through was glitched so I couldn't open it. If this happens, 
just reload your save or go have the drone kill you. Trace leads you into a 
bunch of his cronies, including some robots, so you'll be in this room for a 
while fighting off these guys.

Keep pursuing Trace. He will get tackled by a couple of Mourners. After that 
happens, you are able to continue into the facility to reach him. After 
reaching his body, zap him of the few memories he has left, and then go after 
the Mourners. They will duck around corners as soon as you enter the rooms, but
at least this gives you an idea of directly where to go in order to keep 
pursuing them.

When you reach the room with the Mourners, you have to fight both of them at 
the same time, as well as a ton of the smaller Leaper mutants that they will 
constantly summon. You'll need to use the same strategy as before, but the 
main difference is now you'll have to dodge twice as many attacks, which can 
make getting off combos more difficult.

Use Sensen DOS and then immediately go after the Mourner as soon as it is 
all freaked out. Here is a good, reliable combo that I found was able to kill 
the Mourners practically in one hit:

Y + Y (Cooldown) + Y (Power) + X (Link) + X (Cooldown) + Y (Regen) + X (Power)

This will allow you to heal, cooldown your S-Pressen abilities, and also deal a
ton of damage to the Mourners. You can only do damage to one Mourner at a time,
unfortunately, but once you have hurt them enough, you have to run over and 
press B to initiate a QTE sequence. The QTE sequence for both the Mourners is 
exactly the same, but it does differ from the QTE sequence experienced during 
the fight with Johnny Greentooth, the first Mourner you encountered in the 

With the rest of Trace's memories, you are now able to see his Remembrane 
stuff on the ground. You'll have to move through an area with a drone, but 
there is nothing too tough. You'll have to zap the power out of a button on 
the wall and you will backtrack to a room that needs the emergency ladder 
powered up. Do this, and then keep going until you reach another cut-scene.

Activate the Remembranes on the ground to see the next riddle. There are three 
words on the wall, and you need one letter from each word. Drag the "H" from 
Hominis up. Then drag the "3" in M3morize down. Then drag the "O" at the end 
of Evolutio to finish the riddle. Another Remembrane will appear on the ground 
after you do this.

Follow this Remembrane up the stairs to another Remembrane. Synchronize with 
the control panel and then activate it. Three holograms will appear. One is a 
mother on the left, a father in the center, and a child on the right. To 
manipulate these holograms, shoot them with your Spammer. First, let's move 
the mother hologram in the right position.

The way you can know when they are in the proper position is by using the 
words that surround them as clues. For the mother, the word "Abandon" needs to 
be behind her, with the word "Console" to the immediate left of "Abandon". For 
the little girl, the words "Love" need to be pointed across to the mother and 
then the other one needs to be aimed at the father. For the father, have the 
word "Protect" aimed at the little girl, and then that should be enough. The 
holograms will look like the mother is turned around, the father has his arms 
crossed facing forward, and the little girl will be reaching out to the father.

This opens a way to the Cube. Enemies will ambush you on the way to the cube, 
but they are child's play at this point. Defeat them all and then keep moving 


Climb down the large square objects. This is an easy platforming challenge 
because the orange indicators will constantly pop up and let you know exactly 
where to leap, shimmy, and drop to. At the bottom, jump over the concrete 
railing to initiate a cut-scene.

The first thing you really do is perform a Memory Remix of Charles. During the 
initial Remix, you have to push the left analog stick forward as the stream 
controlled by Charles is going into Nilin. This will allow you to remix the 
memory that is being remixed. Confusing, I know, but just bear (JAX IS A BEAR 

Once again, we're back at the car crash scene. This time you need to retract 
the cup holder again, reboot Jax, and then have Jax short-circuit by sticking 
his finger in the dashboard. Also be sure to take off Nilin's seatbelt, and 
crack the windshield. The tricky part about this is cracking the windshield 
because the angle is very odd, zoomed out, and really tough to see that this 
is even an option. The way you can tell is by paying attention to the rumbling 
of the controller. It will vibrate every time a new glitch pops up for you to 

Let the scene play out, and then more cut-scenes will play. After all that, you
have to slowly walk through a room full of servers. Remembrane images of 
young Nilin and Jax will guide you through the maze-like servers. Eventually, 
you will reach the room of H3O, and then another cut-scene will play to set 
you up for the final...

BOSS FIGHT!!!..................................................................
...boss fight of the game! Here we go, the very last boss in Remember Me. This 
boss is of God of War-proportions, but luckily he's actually quite easier than 
some of your previous enemy encounters in the game. The fight with him is 
broken up into three phases.

The first phase has Remembrane images of mutants chasing you around as well as 
a black box of bad memories in the middle of the action. Build up your 
S-Pressens and then activate S-Pressen Fury when you can to destroy the box. 
The box will then float in mid-air. Dodge the vortexes that H3O fires at the 
ground and also fight off the mutants while waiting for the second black box to
appear and then repeat the process.

Once both black boxes have been destroyed, start shooting the giant mess of 
pixels and glitches with Junk Shots from your Spammer. The reason you don't 
want to constantly fire at it is because you are more free to run around and 
dodge the vortexes summoned by H3O when you are not aiming the Spammer.

Shooting the floating mess of digital junk enough times will cause it to shoot 
into H3O. Nilin will automatically get over there and then automatically enter 
Fury mode. Mash on X and Y to attack H3O's weak point. And then enter Phase 

The second phase of the fight is similar to the first, except there are now 
Remembrane soldiers to fight instead of mutants, which makes it a little bit 
tougher. A flying robot enemy is also constantly there to fight projectiles at 
you, and if you destroy it, it will just be replaced by another one. The reason
for this is that you actually need to use the robot to destroy the black boxes 
this time around.

There will be two black boxes again, one after another, just like last time. 
The only difference is now the black boxes are floating in the air. You have to
make the robots your allies by using the Rust in Pieces S-Pressen to make 
them shoot the boxes. Use the same strategy as before when attacking the 
floating digital mess of boxes and then mash on X and Y again when Nilin 
reaches H3O's body to attack the exposed yellow weak point.

For the final phase of the fight, you have to use the Sensen DOS to reveal the 
black box. Then you have to build your Focus again to attack the box by using 
your Fury. Also be sure to avoid the waves of pixels that H3O will scream at 
you by dodging back and forth and left to right. Then repeat the process of 
attacking the weak point until H3O's third health meter is successfully 

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3. Conclusion
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I hope this guide helped you beat Remember Me!

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