• Achievements

    All Ye Who Enter HerePerform the ritual and gain access to the Agallan Vault.10
    Anointed OintmentCollect the sacred oil in Sandspring Cavern.40
    Bones on the SandSurvive your first encounter in the Aranoi Desert.10
    Confirmed ShrinerLight the sacred flames at all three desert shrines.20
    It Ain't LionSpeak to the Lamasu.10
    Litany LearnedLearn the recitation in the Temple of Azunai.40
    Mistress of the AbbeyMeet Eleanor in the Abbey.10
    Mummy DearestDefeat High Priest Molochi.70
    The Path Not TakenRespec your character at least once.10
    The Worm Has TurnedDefeat the Giant Sand Worm.30

    Contributed By: Reinbach_III.