• Characters - Jin

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Deng AiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Guo HuaiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino"
    Sima ShiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Tong Gate"
    Sima YiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"
    Sima ZhaoStarting Character
    Wang YuanjiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ueda Castle"
    Xiahou BaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun"
    Zhong HuiClear Chapter 4, "Battle of Luoyang"
    Zhuge DanClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ueda Castle"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Others 1

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Da JiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Sekigahara"
    Diao ChanClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Tong Gate Post-modification"
    Dong ZhuoClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Chengdu"
    Fu XiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Honnoji"
    Lu BuClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Osaka Castle" Play as Diao Chan and meet him before he loses the battle.
    Meng HuoClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Nan Zhong"
    Minamoto no YoshitsuneClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Shou Chun"
    Nu WaClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Fancheng"
    OrochiComplete story mode with TRUE ending
    Sun WukongComplete story mode with TRUE ending
    Taigong WangClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Shou Chun"
    Taira no KiyomoriComplete story mode with TRUE ending
    Yuan ShaoClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Jian Ge"
    Zhang JiaoClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Guang Zhong"
    Zhu RongClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Nan Zhong"
    Zuo CiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Others 2

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AchillesClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Sekigahara"
    AyaneClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Hasedo"
    BenkeiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"
    DodomekiComplete story mode with any ending
    GyukiComplete story mode with any ending
    HimikoClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Sekigahara"
    Jeanne d'ArcClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun"
    KaguyaClear Prologue
    Ne ZhaComplete story mode with NORMAL, GOOD, and TRUE endings
    NemeaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Kyushu"
    Orochi XComplete story mode with NORMAL, GOOD, and TRUE endings
    Ryu HayabusaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"
    Sanzo HoshiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Tao Shui"
    Shuten-dojiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    SusanooComplete story mode with NORMAL, GOOD, and TRUE endings

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Samurai 1

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Akechi MitsuhideClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Honnoji Post-modification"
    Date MasamuneClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Luoyang"
    Hattori HanzoClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Yohei Seki"
    KunoichiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Yi Ling"
    Maeda KeijiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Luoyang"
    Mori RanmaruClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino"
    NohimeClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Honnoji"
    Oda NobunagaClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Honnoji"
    OichiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    OkuniClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Luo Cheng"
    Saika MagoichiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun Post-modification"
    Sanada YukimuraClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino"
    Takeda ShingenClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Osaka Castle"
    Toyotomi HideyoshiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino"
    Uesugi KenshinClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Osaka Castle"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Samurai 2

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Asai NagamasaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Hasedo"
    Chosokabe MotochikaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Liang Zhou"
    Fuma KotaroClear Chapter 3, "Shou chun Koryaku-sen"
    Honda TadakatsuClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Yohei Seki"
    Ieyasu TokugawaClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Chengdu"
    Imagawa YoshimotoClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Liang Zhou"
    InahimeClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Yi Ling"
    Ishida MitsunariClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Tong Gate"
    Maeda ToshiieClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"
    Naoe KanetsuguClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"
    NeneClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    Sakon ShimaClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ueda Castle"
    Tachibana GinchiyoClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Yoshihiro ShimazuClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Samurai 3

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Aya-GozenClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Shizugatake"
    Hojo UjiyasuClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka"
    Hosokawa GraciaClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Guang Zhong"
    Ishikawa GoemonClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Kyushu"
    KaihimeClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle"
    Kato KiyomasaClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Hasedo"
    Kuroda KanbeiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Masanori FukushimaClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Shou Chun"
    Miyamoto MusashiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle Post-modification"
    Mori MotonariClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Sekigahara"
    Sasaki KojiroClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Nan Zhong"
    Shibata KatsuieClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    Tachibana MuneshigeClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xing Shi"
    Takenaka HanbeiStarting Character

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Shu

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Bao SanniangClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Kyushu"
    Guan PingClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Jie Ting"
    Guan SuoClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ushizuyama"
    Guan YuClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun"
    Huang ZhongClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Yi Ling Post-modification"
    Jiang WeiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang Post-modification"
    Liu BeiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Chengdu"
    Liu-ChanClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Hasedo"
    Ma ChaoStarting Character
    Ma DaiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Yi Ling"
    Pang TongClear Chapter 4, "Battle of Komaki Nagakute"
    Wei YanClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Nan Zhong"
    Xing CaiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    Yue YingClear Chapter 2, "Tedorigawa Kikousen"
    Zhang FeiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Yohei Seki"
    Zhao YunClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Yohei Seki"
    Zhuge LiangClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Chengdu"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Wei

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Cai WenjiClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Anegawa"
    Cao CaoClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Fancheng"
    Cao PiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"
    Cao RenClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun"
    Dian WeiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka Post-modification"
    Guo JiaClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Fancheng Post-modification"
    Jia XuClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Pang DeClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Yi Ling"
    Wang YiClear Chapter 4, "Battle of Nagashino"
    Xiahou DunClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Fancheng"
    Xiahou YuanClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nan-Jun"
    Xu ChuClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Tong Gate"
    Xu HuangClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Zhang HeClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Xuchang"
    Zhang LiaoClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ueda Castle"
    Zhen JiClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Hu Lao Gate"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Characters - Wu

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Da QiaoClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka"
    Ding FengClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle"
    Gan NingClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mikatagahara"
    Huang GaiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Dong Kou"
    Lian ShiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino Post-modification"
    Ling TongClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Tao shui"
    Lu MengClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Zhang gu tang Post-modification"
    Lu XunClear Chapter 4, "Battle of Hefei"
    Sun CeClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka"
    Sun JianClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Honnoji"
    Sun QuanClear Chapter 2, "Battle of Mount Ding Jun"
    Sun Shang XiangClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle"
    Taishi CiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Ueda Castle"
    Xiao QiaoClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Odawara Castle"
    Zhou TaiClear Chapter 1, "Battle of Nagashino"
    Zhou YuClear Chapter 3, "Battle of Nagasaka"

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Gaiden Stages

    Most stages can be unlocked by simply completing other stages or unlocking the characters featured in the stage. However, there are certain stages which require certain conditions to be met in order to be unlocked.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Battle of Guang ZhongIncrease bond between Sima Yi and Masamune Date
    Battle of Jian GeIncrease bond between Mori Monotari and Jia Xu
    Battle of Jie TingIncrease bond between Xing Cai and Maeda Keiji
    Battle of Komaki NagakuteIncrease bond between Zhuge Liang, Huang Zhong and Hattori Hanzo
    Battle of Liang ZhouIncrease bond between Liu-Chan and Guan Suo
    Battle of MikatagaharaIncrease bond between Lian Shi, Lu Meng and Masanori Fukushima
    Battle of Nan ZhongIncrease bond between Zhu Rong, Meng Huo and Zhang He
    Battle of Tao shuiIncrease bond between Lian Shi, Ishikawa Goemon and Hashiba Hideyoshi
    Battle of Xing ShiIncrease bond between Tachibana Ginchiyo, Xiao Qiao, Sun Shang Xiang
    Tedorigawa KikousenIncrease bond between Zuo Ci, Benkei and Xu Huang

    Contributed By: _2650920.

  • Rare Items

    The following are equippable items that can only be unlocked through certain character and stage requirements. NOTE: Must be playing on Hard difficulty or higher.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Art of ExplosivesChapter 2: Battle of Luoyang, Dong Zhuo, 1000 K.O.s
    Art of MedicineChapter 2: Battle of Sekigahara, Mori Ranmaru, 1000 K.O.s
    Art of WarChapter 3: Battle of Shizugatake, Zhen Ji, Lu Bu or Inahime, 1500 K.O.s
    Balancing KimonoChapter 2: Battle of Anegawa, Huang Zhong or Guo Huai, 2000 K.O.s
    Bear SaddleChapter 3: Battle of Yamazaki, Zhang He, 1000 K.O.s
    Datto KyahanChapter 3: Battle of Yohei Seki, Na Zha or Diao Chan, 1000 K.O.s
    Elephant SaddleChapter 3: Battle of Hu Lao Gate, Achilles, 1500 K.O.s
    Heavenly RobeChapter 1: Battle of Shou Chun, Zhang Liao, 1000 K.O.s
    Ironclad TekkoChapter 1: Battle of Nagashino, Zhou Tai, 1000 K.O.s
    Kattan magatamaChapter 1: Battle of Dong Kou, Sun Wukong, 1500 K.O.s
    Kongo TekkoChapter 2: Battle of Kyushu, Sun Shang Xiang, 1500 K.O.s
    Matsukaze SaddleChapter 3: Battle of Honnoji, Ayane, 1500 K.O.s
    Musou ArmorChapter 1: Battle of Odawara Castle, Wang Yuanji, 1500 K.O.s
    Musou KoteChapter 2: Battle of Xuchang, Sanzo Hoshi, 1000 K.O.s
    Red Hare SaddleChapter 3: Battle of Fancheng, Xu Huang, Wang Yi or Jeanne d'Arc, 1500 K.O.s
    Seven Star BandChapter 3: Battle of Nagasaka, Xiao Qiao, Ryu Hayabusa or Bao Sanniang, 1000 K.O.s
    Shadow ArmorChapter 1: Battle of Ueda Castle, Nobunaga Oda, 1500 K.O.s
    String of beadsChapter 1: Battle of Yi Ling, Da Ji or Keiji Maeda, 2000 K.O.s
    Tough ArmorChapter 3: Battle of Tong Gate, Mori Motonari, 1000 K.O.s
    Vampire KoteChapter 2: Battle of Mount Ding Jun, Nohime, 1500 K.O.s
    Yasha MaskChapter 2: Battle of Nan Zhong, Xiahou Ba, 1500 K.O.s
    Yata Mirrorhapter 2: Battle of Hasedo, Kunoichi, 2000 K.O.s

    Contributed By: _2650920.


  • Achievements

    *There are 18 secret achievements. show

    A Hidden Smile (secret)Cleared Chapter 2 in Story Mode.10
    A Kaleidoscope of TimeUnlock all wallpaper.30
    A Warrior of Wealth (secret)Gathered over 500,000 gems.30
    Banner of Victory (secret)Defeated the Hydra.10
    Blinding LightUse a True Triple Attack.10
    Blinding SpeedClear a scenario in under 5 minutes.10
    ChallengerSuccessfully complete a mission.10
    Changing the Past (secret)Cleared all 10 post-transformation scenarios.10
    Dance of the BladeSuccessfully perform a combo of 1000 or more.10
    Experienced ControllerUse all mountable weapons.10
    Firm BondsRaise the bonds of one pair of officers to its maximum.10
    First DesignClear a battlefield created using Musou Battlefields for the first time.10
    First ForgeUpgrade a weapon.10
    First PurchasePurchase a weapon.10
    Gallery of HeroesUnlock all officers for play.30
    Grand PurchasePurchase a weapon that costs over 10,000 gems.10
    In a Broken World (secret)Cleared Story Mode with NORMAL ending.30
    Joining HandsClear a scenario using either online play or the 2-player mode.10
    Land of Peace (secret)Cleared Story Mode with GOOD ending.30
    Master of Battle (secret)Cleared any stage without taking any damage.30
    Master of TimeClear all scenarios.30
    Mission Master (secret)Completed more than 10 missions in one battle.30
    Musou CollectorObtain weapons level 4 for all officers.30
    Musou DilettanteObtain every equippable item.30
    Musou FighterAchieve 1000 K.O.s.10
    Musou Millionaire (secret)Gathered over 900,000 gems.70
    Musou Warrior (secret)Achieved 3000 K.O.s.30
    Noble Warrior (secret)Gathered over 100 crystals.30
    Otherworld Extravagance (secret)Held over 100 banquets.30
    Overwhelming VictoryObtain over 10,000 EXP in a single battle.10
    Peak of Performance (secret)Cleared all scenarios on Chaos difficulty.70
    Perfect PartnerRaise compatibility of a weapon to maximum.10
    Reaching BeyondPurchase a weapon using crystals.10
    Shopping Expert (secret)Purchased over 100 weapons.30
    Slave of SoundListen to all the music.30
    The Dandy CaptainUnlock all costumes.30
    The Fated Place (secret)Cleared Story Mode with TRUE ending.30
    The Flame of Hope (secret)Cleared Chapter 1 in Story Mode.10
    The Mead of LifeHold a banquet.10
    Traversing Time (secret)Returned to the past through Kaguya's power for the first time.10
    True MusouObtain all achievements.100
    Unwavering Hope (secret)Cleared Chapter 3 in Story Mode.10
    Veteran WarriorJoin battle over 100 times with any one officer.30

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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