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How do i unlock prime mode? 1
What happens when you unlock Prime Mode? 2
New game + ? 5
Rating weapons? 2
Once you unlock Arcee & the original Optimus Prime can you use them in the single player campaign? 1
Who does the "Warlord" head belong to? 2
Do unlocked items carry over into prime mode? 2
Multiplayer population? 1
Where can I get them? 1
Color Glitch? 1
  • Total Answered Questions: 10
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
What do I do to unlock Prime Mode? 0
Chapter 4's "Mysterious Lever?" 0
How do i fix the freezing problem that happens on my profile? 0
"Shockwave" bug? 0
What does Prime mode do? 2
Different vehicle body performance? 1
Dino bots? 2
Where can I use them in multiplayer? 1
Team name? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 9

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