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Devil May Cry:  Ultra Fast Triple Platinum Guide.

Hello, and welcome to my DMC:UFTPG, a trophy guide so compact, Iím not even 
going to list the individual trophies. Back in the day, I S ranked DMD in the 
original, yes it was tough, so I know the importance of playing good... 
however, to platinum, is far less challenging, especially if you know a few 
tricks. So lets get started, just scroll down. (In other words, Iím going to 
try and eliminate any challenge and assume thatís why you clicked on the 

Table of Contents. Use Control+Find 
Devil May Cry 1
Devil May Cry 2
Devil May Cry 3

Devil May Cry 1 -------------------------------------------------------------

Start the game on Normal, and NEVER go to easy auto. Going to easy will lock 
you in easy forever, and thatís not a good idea. Also take a look at:

(This is my item guide, scroll to the items listed below if you need a 
reminder where they are. Also it helps with the blue orbs and secret 

It is VERY important to pick up EVERY Untouchable, Devil Star, Holy Water in 
every playthrough. (You should also buy an untouchable before mission 5 so you 
can go through DMD! with 16.) Items carry over, and can be mass collected.
Your first play through should be to collect every blue orbs as well. When 
going through normal and hard, DO NOT USE a single item besides a Vital star 
(which should always be used first in DMD! since you can always buy another), 
a Yellow Orb, or a single Untouchable except on Mundus 2. If you need any 
other item during your hard playthrough, you really arenít going to stand a 
chance in DMD! If you feel you need more items, you can run through normal as 
many times as you like to stock up.

When actually on DMD! However...
-Donít use a single item (besides Vital Star/Yellow Orb) on phantom 1. Try to 
save AT LEAST 3 untouchables and 10 devil stars by mission 22 (you can still 
buy up to 10 devil stars)

-Use Vortex on any Phantom hallway to kill with ease (un DT to receive FULL DT 
after fight)

-Use the Bangle of Time on the Death Scissors and Nelo 1 & 2. (You can safely 
taunt Nelo1 underneath him every time he teleports.)

-Itís ok to use a single holy water VS both must die double Shadow fights

-For Phantom2, make him just into the center window 5 times for an instant 
kill (and MAKE SURE to watch the movie to receive the trophy for killing him 
if it doesnít pop up the first time because you skipped it.)

-Skip Griffon1 via ifirt.

-For Griffon2, start with Air Raid, then spam holy waters, it kills him VERY 
fast, may need only 3. This should be the first boss in which you need an 

-For Griffon3, try your best to not use items, but you may use up to two 

-Try to not use ANY items VS Nightmare1. Use inferno to kill fast. Remember to 
use ifritís rolling blaze to counter its spikes/boomerang.

-When you get to Nelo3 you should still have all your untouchables. That 
leaves about 4 per boss left in the game. However, you can still use devil 
stars for Meteor abuse. It should take 2 untouchables max to kill him using 
meteor. If you used 2 on Griffon3, you can still get away on par using just 
two here.

-For Nightmare2, Donít be afraid to use an untouchable. If you get sucked into 
him, you may use holy water for an easier time.

-For Nightmare3, you can pretty much use up all your items (but try to save at 
least 3-4 untouchables and 10-12 devil stars). During its final core, you can 
use two devil stars and just air raid safely.

-For Mundus, donít even let him touch you. Devil Star/DT Dragon spam the first 
fight. During the second fight, jump right next to him with full DT and do the 
five hit combo, then just spam untouchables. Easy right?

Finish up any other trophy you need at this point (if you need the Do not die 
trophy, use Super Dante on Normal). You should have no problem with any of the 
buying trophies.

For an easy to S rank mission, try mission 5 or 13, just beat them fast 
without getting hit.

If you still need some enemy files, look to some of the other FAQs here to get 
a general idea on how do them. If you select hard, youíll be able to find 
harder enemies earlier. The 2 people have the most trouble with are the puppet 
grabs. For the Mari, just run around in the first mission underground till one 
grabs you. For the Fetish, go to mission 10, DT, air raid, and then un DT. 
Once you fall down, he should grab. Try again Via taunting if this didnít 

Bobís Day Out ( Devil May Cry 2 )--------------------------------------------

Although this is the EASIEST game on the collection, it will take the longest 
to Plat due to the stupid extra character and bloody palace.

Start by using any blue orb guide (Iím not going to link to it, but my old 
friend YuriSEALPrime has a great one.) Remember, when trying to max out the 
life bar, you only need 20 out of 60 secret rooms with Bob, or 10 out of 30 
with Lucia.

Also try not to upgrade ANY weapon (except for the SMG, so you can try less). 

-After you get enough money, save the game, upgrade the single sword with 
Lucia and Gun with Dante, then quit. Youíll get the trophy.

--Then upgrade all the swords with Bob and then all the throwing weapons with 
Lucia, then quit. Ditto.

---Load back up and stock up on items. (Large Green and Small Devil first)

Before even thinking about it, do your play through like this:
Bob on Normal
Lucia on Normal
Bob on Hard
Trish (on Luciaís) Disc on Hard
Bob on Must DIE!

I prefer using Bob over Lucia for one reason, with the flame/offense heart, 
you can almost kill every boss to 25% with a full bar of DT and stingers. 
Plus, even though Bob has 2 more non boss missions, I prefer them over the 
underwater messed.

For BMD!, use the stinger strat on EVERY boss. Make sure to fill the DT gauge 
before any boss. The only boss this wonít work on is the triple face dude. For 
him, find the random weak head and fire. DT either when that head comes close 
for chunks of damage or when they combine.

For Argosax the Chaos, make sure to DT and stinger kill phantom first, once 
you kill him, you can pick off any other boss safely.

Remember to use the Gold Orb before ANY items, as you can easily get another 
one by playing mission 1 over again. Speaking of mission 1, use this mission 
to S rank, as any missed attempt will add to your orbs. Remember, use the weak 
sword, high time/stinger to raise the style meter up, then use guns with 
rolling to keep the combo going. Once you get SHOWTIME!! Just use guns to kill 
the rest. (For Lucia, just use the cartwheel move to raise this.)
Also, the gold orb refills DT, so remember this before you die... as I died on 
purpose to use this trick.

Now the bloody palace should remain. Before even trying, make sure you stock 
up on mad items. Using the weapon reload trick above, I had just enough to 
beat it (14 Stars and 6 Devil stars, BUT DO GET MORE JUST INCASE). Buy large 
vital stars over small for a better value, and buy small Devil stars over 
large as youíll be using the for Air raid, and a full gauge hardly makes a 
difference over just enough to DT in the first place. Use Bobís mission 13 or 
17 for fast orbs.

Youíll be using Trish. After floor 1000, enemies will start to DT, making them 
harder to stun. Here are some general tips.

-Healing Heart at the end of any level, do not save DT.

-Use her Air Raid ability on goats/wolves only. Use it has soon has you are 
able to DT on youíll be able to fire 3 times. Only use devil stars on ALL goat 
rooms. For wolves, double jump then fire. NEVER attack them with your big 
fleshly sword. This will take forever, yes.

-Rooms with golems/parasite are considered free health rooms, as you should 
never get hit and should be able to heal to full via healing heart DT. Golems 
can be let to regen to insure full health.

-When in rooms with goats, try to kill them first, especially if there are 
golems and parasites around too. Eventually youíll have single goats spawning 
around VERY slow enemies.

-Never eliminate the shield throwing enemies first, they help more than hurt.

-Obviously, kill non DTíd enemies first.

-Put aside seven hours or turn off your PS3ís auto turn off function.

Devil May Cry 3 -------------------------------------------------------------

DO NOT (and I repeat) DO NOT find any hidden orbs or break any orb fountains 
before you try for S ranks. They are one time things and pretty much grant an 
S in orbs, so you can get an S rank overall with a B in style (usually a B in 
style will net something lower than an S in orbs, thus giving you an A rank)
First decide who you want to all the S ranks with and to beat DMD with.

-Dante can abuse quick silver and has a double jump.
-Vergil can literally mash the attack, summon sword, and weapon switch button 
for easy style.

Whoever you pick for this, use gold orb mode, and the person you arenít going 
to try DMD with, pick yellow. Iíll be using Dante for the majority, even 
though Vergil is 20x sweeter.

First things first, use a blue orb/secret mission FAQ somewhere to try to nab 
everything. It is ok to skip the secret missions Devil teeter totter, the one 
where you stay in the air for 20 seconds, and the rail road sniping mission as 
you can cheese these in Heaven or Hell/Super Dante modes.

As in DMC2, try to know which weapons you can going to use, and which ones you 
donít need as you can save before buying everything, get the trophy, then 
reload to get a refund for vital stars and holy waters. (Donít bother buying 
small vital stars as larges ones are 6.66 times more effective for double the 
price, and devil stars ever. You should be able to beat Very Hard with no 
items, so unlocking Super Dante makes devil stars useless.) I personally 
choose to use Reb and A&R. A&R should be noted for its jump attack, being one 
of the strongest attacks in the game, and being extremely effective against 
sirbruce, heart of lav, fallens, and beo. And with the use of jump cancels 
(basically mashing jump in enemies faces), can destroy Vanguards and Chess 

When playing DMD!, try to kill enemies evenly, as killing two and ignoring one 
will make the third entirely too long to kill. This can be extremely noticalbe 
VS the teleporting sloths, big spiders, and Rooks.

Also use the DT flux for multiple small enemies (remember in Super Dante mode, 
you always get a free one per mission) like enigmas/gargoyles for an easier 

If you are at low health, especially in mission 12, die on purpose to respawn 
before using items.

With items, just stick to using large vital stars before mission 18. If you 
are having too much trouble, remember all but the auto DT part of mission 12 
and the second half of the boss in mission 19 can be Quick Silver cheesed.

For mission 18, spam holy water to kill as many pawns as possible ASAP. Once 
all the other pieces rage DT, target Rooks (as they can summon) then Bishops 
(as they can heal). If a rook summons a piece, take it out fast as it will not 
be DTed and should die faster. Once they are done, go for the King. Also, this 
may be a good time to use any and all devil stars for DT fluxing even with 
using Super Dante.

In mission 19, feel free to use a holy water in the third and last Abyss fight 
to meet the quota on time. For Arkham, the second fight will be the only hard 
part of the game since he will do strait non-DT defense reducing damage. This 
is where I deposit the rest of my holy waters.

Remember if you have trouble, Air raid or Quick Silver destroy the game.
Now you should have DMD! Done- bloody palace, S ranks, and H&H should be left.
Use Heaven or Hell mode to level any style. Using mission 18 will net you very 
fast results.

Bloody Palace with any of the Super Super characters (Super Sparda, the dude 
in the purple) is beyond easy as he regains health. Not only that, the enemies 
past floor 9000, though are auto DTíd, only do ďVery HardĒ amount of damage, 
which means you can pretty much tank every single floor. Iím not joking, this 
is nothing like DMC2ís mess.

For S ranking missions, you can really use any weapons as Dante (Nevan for 
easy style points if you need). While using quick silver, you should never get 
hit, so style points, and damage should be S, and with the extra running 
speed, you should be able to meet the S in time easily. Also you shouldnít 
need any items, and if you saved all the orb fountains, it shouldnít be hard.
I did this on Hard, as I had 8 missionís S ranked on my first play through, 
but easy is about the same. Remember to start almost every fight with a DT 
flux and then a taunt, then just kill the enemies trying to use different 
moves. Doing Rebís 3 hit, high time, helm breaker, stinger, switch to A&R, use 
the 4 hits combo, then that stinger input charge, repeat. Really, you 
shouldnít have to retry anything level more than once, if even.
Remember, for mission 12, use sword master or trickster as quick silver 
doesnít work, you actually have to try for style points. As long as you donít 
die, youíll make damage.

For the end of mission 19 where you canít DT, use E&I on arkham, as Vergil 
will attack him for you while you can safely jump to the side to dodge his 
purple missiles (Donít double jump).
And naturally, finish up using Vergil with Yellow Orb mode for another 

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