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                 FAQ/Walktrough provided by Dr_Amoevo "The Doc"

I) Intro

  Doc here and welcome to my Moe Mekuri 2.5 FAQ/Walkthrough! Moe Mekuri is a 
tile flipping game much like the first Moe Mekuri but instead of flipping the
panels over yourself, your using a ball and tiles that rotate to make one
consecutive flipping pattern that turns over all the tiles in one swift motion!
Trickier, yes, but more fun than before and it also makes you have to think in 
a much different way than the previous game.


II) Version History

  Ver 0.5 - BRAND NEW!!! Unfinished FAQ that i will be constantly working on to
get you the best results! Added the basics and walkthrough of the Easy Stages.
More to Come!!

Last Updated: Jan 13th, 2012

III) Legal Information

  I do not own any of this game or the platform (Xbox 360) that it is played on
in any way, Shape or Form. This FAQ is strictly to be FREE and never to be sold
or distributated in whole or in part without the informed consent of the writer
(me). You MAY use this for your own enjoyment. You MAY tell others where to
find this at: Gamefaqs.com. You MAY NOT sell this at all, even giving me credit
for it, without my informed consent..which i wont give so dont ask! You MAY NOT
post this FAQ anywhere else without my informed consent, which i may give you 
and update it myself. You MAY NOT print this out and use it as Toilet Paper...
cause thats just plain mean and damn gross...and a waste of paper.

  I did NOT make this game, that credit goes to the developers at Kohei 
Gallery, but I DID make this FAQ and therefore it's copyrighted. The only sites
this FAQ is allowed on are:


Thats it! If you see this anywhere else please let me know cause its not
supposed to be there! If you want to use any part of this FAQ please ask my
permission because stealing is a real mean way of showing your apreciation for
someone taking the time to actually write the FAQ and then abusing the wonders
of Copy and Paste to portray it as your own.

So to recap!

-Moe Mekuri 2.5 (c) 2011 Kohei Gallery
-Moe Mekuri 2.5 FAQ/Walkthrough (c) 2012 Dr_Amoveo "The Doc"



IV) TABLE OF CONTENTS  (To skip to your desired section, use Ctrl+F and type 
the Section #)

  1) Controls/How to Play

  2) Main Menu
      2a) Challenge
      2b) Gallery
      2c) Music
      2d) Manual
      2e) Setting
      2f) Information
      2g) Select Controller
      2h) Quit

  3) Walkthrough
      3a) Easy Stages
      3b) Normal Stages (WORKIN ON IT! Other Stages to come as i complete the 

  4) Closing Notes/Special Thanks


 1) Controls/How to Play

Moe Mekuri 2.5 has really simple controls:

  Left Stick - Move your cursor over the panels

  Left Trigger/Right Trigger - Rotate the Special Panels Left and Right

  X Button - Shoot the ball

  Pause Button - Pause the Game (The screen will NOT show you the board in
    pause like the first Game so you cant cheat by stopping the clock and
    studying the board with no time counter)

  Back Button - Retry the current stage (This will NOT reset the score to max!)

Thats really it for the actual gameplay, and if you cant follow the on screen
controls for the menus/stage select...Im actually not gonna go there...

Gameplay is rather simple as well. Your goal is to shoot the "Moe Ball" from
where the arrow points to clear the board of panels by flipping them over. As
with the first game, there are different panels that do different effects and,
whereas they look similar to the first game, they do different effects in this
one. the Panels are as follows:

  Normal Panel (Yellow Center/Pink Border) - The Regular Panel that flips when
    it touches the Moe Ball, cannot be rotated.

  Vanishing Panel (Grey Center/Black Border) - Will flip when the Moe Ball
    touches it, however will make the Moe Ball disappear, cannot be rotated.

  Linear Panel (Green Center/Yellow Border) - Will flip when touched by the Moe
    Ball and then redirect the Moe Ball in the direction of the lit orb (can be
    up, down, left, or right) on the panel. If two or more of the orbs are lit,
    the Moe Ball will split and go in every lit direction, Can be rotated.
  Diagonal Panel (Light Blue Center/Blue Border) - Will flip when touched by 
    the Moe Ball and then redirect the Moe Ball in the direction of the lit orb
    (Can go diagonally to the top right corner, bottom right corner, top left
    corner, or bottom left corner) on the panel. If two or more of the orbs are
    lit, the Moe Ball will split and go in every lit direction, can be rotated.

To Beat a stage you must fulfill the requirement it sets and clear all the
panels (e.g. on easy the requirement is to only rotate one panel to clear the
entire board). Each stage has info on the right side:

  Stage - What stage your on

  Time - How much time you've taken so far or, on harder dificulties, how much
    time you have left before you automatically fail the stage.

  Action - How many times you have rotated the panels or, on harder 
    dificulties, how many more times you can rotate the panels before you
    automatically fail the stage.

  Score - Your score for the stage. It starts at 100,000 and drops continually
    until you solve the stage.

  Level - Displays your current level setting.

It also shows you the controls at the bottom left, should you forget.

Clear all the stages of a certain difficulty to unlock the next difficulty in
line (Clearing all Easy Stages unlocks Normal, and so on and so forth)


2) Main Menu

  Ok now you know how to play...uh...now how do we get to the game....? Oh 
yeah, the Main Menu. The Main Menu is divided into eight different areas. 
Here I'll show you whats in each one:

  2a) Challenge
    This will bring you to the Stage Select screen. If your just starting, only
    Stage 1 will be available, as well as only the easy difficulty. Once you
    progress through the game, you'll be able to select a different difficulty
    with the Y Button. By putting the cursor over a Stage you have previously
    beaten, your max plays and High Score will be displayed in the top Right
    corner for all of you guys to brag about to whoever. Pressing the X Button
    here will change the volume of the In-Game Music from 1 to 2, 3, or 
    completely off. Pressing B will Return you to the Main Menu.

  2b) Gallery

    This will show you all the girls you have unlocked by beating their Stage.
    Girls get further undressed as you beat higher difficulties of the same
    stage. To view these, simply select the girl you want and (if its unlocked)
    press the X Button to change which version you see. Pressing B at the Girl
    Select will, again, take you back to the Main Menu.

  2c) Music
    This will open up the great music selection that has been included in Moe
    Mekuri 2.5! Just Select your song and listen away! By pressing the Lyric
    Button under the music selction you can see all the lyrics for the songs,
    however they are untranslated and in their original Japanese (To anyone who
    can translate them, Id love to include them in this FAQ! Please read the 
    Closing Notes/Special Thanks section for contact info and i will add them
    and you to this FAQ!) Pressing the X Button will change the volume from 1
    to 2, 3, or off. Pressing the Y Button will stop the Music that is playing.
    Pressing the B Button will return you to the Main Menu.

  2d) Manual

    This is the In-Game Manual. Whereas I've tried to include all you need to 
    know about the game in this FAQ, the In-Game Manual is always the best of
    your confused on something! Again, presssing the X Button will change the 
    volume of the music playing. Pressing the Y Button will return you to the
    Main Menu.

  2e) Setting

    Here you can change the default volume for the games music as well as the
    Language from English to Japanese. After beating the game you can change
    which Illustrations appear in the Main Menu and the other Menus from their
    Easy Versions to the Harder Difficulties. Pressing the B Button will take
    you back to the Main Menu.

  2f) Information

    Shows the rest of Kohei Gallery's Games that are on the Xbox LIVE Indie
    Games Marketplace. Check them out if your interested, they are pretty fun.

  2g) Select Controller

    Select this if you want to change controllers. Just press the Start Button
    on the controller your wanting to use after going into this area. 

  2h) Quit
    Come on....what else could it POSSIBLY mean???? But in all honesty, do use
    this if your about to leave and dont use the Xbox Menu to leave, cause this
    can result in losing your Save Data and thats never a good thing!!!

OK OK OK all that is outta the way! NOW ON TO MOE MEKURI 2.5!!!!!!


3) Walkthrough

So the way this game is set up (Squares of Panels) Im simply going to assign
them a letter and number to make it much easier to read. this would be an Easy

|A1|B1|C1|D1|      So if I was to say "C3 - RT x2 and fire" that would mean to
 -----------       count over to C and then down to the 3rd C, press the Right
|A2|B2|c2|D2|      Trigger twice, thus rotating that Panel twice, and then
 -----------       shooting the Moe Ball to solve the Board. Simple? Simple.
|A4|B4|C4|D4|      Alright lets get going!

3a) Easy Stages

Special Reqirement: Only rotate ONE panel to solve the Board

Stage 1

D4 - LT x1 and shoot
Stage 2

D1 - LT x1 and shoot
Stage 3

B1 - RT x1 and shoot
Stage 4

D2 - RT x1 and shoot
Stage 5

C2 - RT x1 and shoot
Stage 6

B1 - LT x1 and shoot
Stage 7

No Action Needed, just shoot. EASIEST LEVEL EVER! High Score: 98190. I think
thats fast as possible
Stage 8

B4 - LT x1 and shoot
Stage 9

A4 - LT x1 and shoot
Stage 10

B3 - LT x2 and shoot

Reward for solving all Easy Boards - Normal Stages Unlocked

3b) Normal Stages

Special Requirement: Rotate only TWO panels to solve the Board



4) Closing Notes/Special Thanks

Should you have a better solution (Takes less rotations, different panels solve
same solution faster, ect.) or if you have any other contributing Factor that
i can verify, i will gladly add that and your name (Screen Name or whatever) to
this FAQ. you can message me at:


Also id you notice an error!!! PLEASE TELL ME and i will correct it with the
proper solution.

Special Thanks to Kohei Gallery for making Moe Mekuri and Moe Mekuri 2/2.5!
Special thanks to Gamefaqs for hosting this FAQ 
Special Thanks to Beeker3000 for being my proofreader and most importantly...
Special Thanks to all of you for reading this FAQ!!


(c) 2012 Dr_Amoveo "The Doc" aka JD Henderson