• Achievements

    ChosenComplete all the Revenant Order story missions.10
    CollectorAcquire a new sentient AI.10
    CrimelordComplete all the Sunshadow Syndicate story missions.10
    DefenderComplete a Dark Legion Invasion mission.10
    HeroReach pilot level 75.10
    LawmasterComplete all the Praetoriate Fleet story missions.10
    LegendReach pilot level 100.10
    OmniscientLevel a sentient to maximum level.10
    ProtectorJoin the Praetoriate Fleet.10
    SaviorComplete the Ark special mission.10
    SkilledEarn all skills for a faction.10
    SmugglerJoin the Sunshadow Syndicate.10
    TraderJoin the Consortium faction.10
    TycoonComplete all the Consortium story missions.10
    UpstartReach pilot level 25.10
    VeteranReach pilot level 50.10
    WarlordComplete all the Dominion of Allied Planets story missions.10
    WarmongerComplete a Warzone mission.10
    WarriorJoin the Dominion of Allied Planets.10
    ZealotJoin the Revenant Order.10

    Contributed By: Guard Master.