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Dose the DLC come on disc? 1
Can you get a house in this game? 1
Tremble? 1
Does this edition come with the DLC only or does it have both the main Fallout: NV & DLC together? 3
  • Total Answered Questions: 4
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Why does my game keep freezing? New Disc, New 360 Console. 6
Glitches do not work. Help? 6
Caps glitch? 4
Why doesn't the game load Courier's Stash? 2
Why when loading does the game keep locking up? 1
I have a question about the special? 3
How do i get cass? 1
Dry wells? 2
Why do my companions disappear when I tell them to leave? 2
Jessup won't talk to me? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 10

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