Question from robrueck

Asked: 11 months ago

Does this game have a "Give Respect" cheat?

I already looked on other websites and tried whatitmeanstome but that didn't work so i was wondering if SRIV has a "Give Respect" cheat.

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No i'm sorry but it does not if you go to the ps3 section off the cheats for this game you will find all the cheats and i did not see a give respect cheat....

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Not that I can find. Some of the cheats from SRTT DO work, however the Respect one unfortunately doesn't work.

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Use the unlock it all cheat then save load your save and do the cheat again after bout 4 tries you should be fully leveled any cars and clothe the cheat unlocks will be coppied so if this is annoying to u dont use that cheat i ended up with the same cars and couldnt delete them is was annoying.

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No no direct respect cheat. But you can use the give cash cheat then convert it into respect.

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The code unlockitall replaces the cheat.

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