Question from Crimsonspectre1

How do I solve the abortion puzzle?

Ok I've gotten to the second section where you need to do an abortion, and when it says to spin L sick, I've tried spinning slowly, fast, and I can't see what you need to actually do, I've failed like 50 times and am getting really pissed off, please help!

Fionabelle asked for clarification:

I'm also stuck here. Does the speed that I spin the left stick matter?


Flukay72 answered:

Make sure you are spinning the stick in the same direction shown on the screen. I just did this and passed it on my first try but it did seem like I was rotating it for a few long seconds.
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Syrain answered:

I didn't use a fast spin, just keep on spinning and it will work.
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OrokenDuMonger answered:

You need to listen to the music.
The music determines the correct rhythm for the various tasks.
Follow the music and you will succeed trust me.
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jkatz419 answered:

I don't remember the speed in the abortion clinic but I do know the speed for the snuke is fast. If you go medium or slow the snuke goes off and you die.
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