Question from WhiteLen

Asked: 2 years ago

Why does the game NOT unlock Tiger's ending even if cleared in arcade?

Not to be a pest, but I think there's a glitch in Tekken Tag Tournament 2. Some reason Tiger's ending is not being unlocked even upon completion of arcade runs and pair play modes. Is something wrong with my pre-ordered version?

I have tried this with a friend of mine three times in total; first on my own XBLA profile, then we tried it on his twice, but no success. Everyone else's endings have appeared perfectly even after a continue or two was lost. Is there any way to get around this issue?

Additional details - 2 years ago

Is it impossible to unlock all things? So is Unknown now no longer playable, busting someone's myth-screenshot of her being customizable entirely?

Accepted Answer

From: retep_one 2 years ago

Tiger has no ending. It is not a glitch. Sounds bad, but Tiger has no ending, No explanation as to why as well.

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