Question from emeraldbwing

How do you give custom characters powers?

I read that you can give custom characters superpowers, but I cannot figure out how. Can someone tell me how to give custom characters powers?

coolja2001 asked for clarification:

Can u give a custome character beastboys abilitys


newhalo123 answered:

I have been wondering this myself. I cannot for the life of me figure out how.
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McMurderpaws answered:

They inherit the powers of the starter models they're based off of. That is, if you take the one that's based on Superman, you can change the costume around, but he'll be able to fly. (Note that the one I made did not have super breath or laser eyes.)

Custom characters that have staffs will be able to double jump, but cannot throw the staff like Robin's acrobat costume can. Those with tridents will be able to spray water like Aquaman, but will not have his super strength and I've not tested whether they sink in water.
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manic2 answered:

I have also noticed the weopon types the original guy has are your only choice too.such as a freeze gun.
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XxCrimsonZeroxX answered:

I wish my character could fly :( he just jumps in the air and then has an epic fail falling to the ground smashing his face.
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2216 answered:

On lego batman 2, they give you code for the customs you build/make. Does any of those letters give your hero the power of flight? Cause it only allowed me to fly once then he keeps falling on his face.
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jdelli892 answered:

Well the one with the cape with no weapon has can fly each person the u create has its own super power and some dont have any
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stevefelltodoom answered:

What I (and some others) want to know is how the heck to get the superman custom to fly, like crimpsonzero said, the custom flying guy is an epic failure at flying, he jumps up then lands on his face.
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GENTTMAN answered:

Evidently... you have to have just started the game... one guy robin and the other batman... change batman into the... er... custom character... and he... or she... should be able to fly...
ME: Just because it isn't easy... doesn't mean you shouldn't try.

Let me know if this worked.
How do you give a character a specific weapon.
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GENTTMAN answered:

And I forgot to mention... well... the other guy HAS to be robin.
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