Question from warl0ck69

How do I get past the last part of unwelcome guests?

I'm at the part where i have robins magnet suit but i don't know how to get batman across or where robins acrobat suit is at that part please help

Nihcru asked for clarification:

Ok so how does one enter the room the right? magnetrobin cant double jump and superman wont grab ladder.


McMurderpaws answered:

Once you get in that little chamber in the upper right, an electric current will flow out and pop some things along the right wall. Fly Superman over to this area and you can create a grappling hook point. Then just walk Batman along the beams (careful, some fall!) towards the right side, grapple up and then slide down the cable to the central area where Robin is waiting.
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MadDogg56 answered:

To get into that room across the way that is on the right, use Robin and a bat a rang to pull the ladder down then climb up and in.
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