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Where can I find a minikit in Core Instability?

This is a vehicle level, where you drive around in a multicolored Batmobile with the giant Joker robot chasing you. I have 9 of the minikits, but I can't figure out how to get the last. I have the minikit detector, and the little arrow appears high over a tree (but it isn't the Citizen in Peril) or waaaaaay in the background when I round a corner. I know it isn't one of the multiple purple barrels or searchlights, as I've hit all those. It isn't one of the billboards, nor is it the key in the hand of the giant statue, nor the helicopter nor taxicab. I'm at a loss as to what it can be or how I can nail it.

BatWulf provided additional details:

Two-Face's truck does appear twice, and it was the second I was missing. The Prima game guide I have
said that the truck shows up the second time -after- you damage the Joker robot the first time, but it isn't so.
So don't shoot any statue-supports until after you've destroyed the truck twice. Thanks, hferg81!

Accepted Answer

hferg81 answered:

Two-Face's truck supposedly appears twice during the level, and gives you a minikit each time. Other than that, did you get the 3 statues in one playthrough? You can only hit one each time the robot is covering himself.
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McMurderpaws answered:

Try NOT shooting down the struts holding up the statues next time while you make your first lap. It seems there's an armored vehicle that will come out and chase you ONLY if all three statues are still standing.
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