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How do I get the Minikit Hero Achievement?

We both used all 15 minikit vehicles, but neither of us got the achievement. What gives?

mikehross8800 provided additional details:

That was exactly what we did, we just rode them out of the cave, then turned around and went back in to get another. I will try it in Single Player and check, the other 36 were all unlockable while in Co-Op (even though I didn't get some of them because of the SP stipulation) so that would be stupid.

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McMurderpaws answered:

You have to use all 15 in a single play session. When I got it, I summoned every vehicle in the Batcave, drove/flew it around a bit just outside and then went right back in to summon the next vehicle.

I notice you said "we." It's also possible you need to do so either as player one or in single-player mode (i.e., make player two drop out).
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stryder_nurren answered:

You have to use all the mini-kit vehicles. I used the land vehicles from th ebatcave, the flying vehicles in gotham park and the water vehicles on gotham beach.
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