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Has anyone had trouble with gold brick glitch? NEED HELP!!!

I am having trouble with what I am sure is a glitch but im not %100 sure. I have 247 gold bricks not inculding the gold brick from the bonus level. When I access the map from the computer in the batcave there are two glod dots apearing from the scan, both of them are on the middle island, one on the bottom right hand just past the edge onto the water but there is no boat mission or anything. The other dot is directly right of where the mission 6 dot is, in the center of the four buildings but there is nothing there and no flying mission in the air. The other problem is when i accsess the map from the start menu the location of the gold dots changes. They are both on the middle island still, starting from the white vehicle dot in central park a gold dot appears in the middle on the first building to the right and the second gold dot appears in the middle of the first building directly to the left. I know for sure I have gotten one of these gold bricks because they have been replaced by a purple money piece and there is only a helicopter on the other building and no flying mission. I am becoming frustrated for I only have one character to unlock and this is preventing me from getting 4 achievements and i have put so much time into this It would be very annoying to start over. PLEASE HELP!!!


doomey69 answered:

Check that you have done all helicopter races. They seem to be most commonly missed.
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lalabanks answered:

your two gold birick might be the boat time race and the helicopter time race. Go back into the cave and grab a boat and a plane. See if that helps you any. :D
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cmacfarland answered:

Wwhen the gold brick icon on the map moves the 2 locations are the beginning and end of a course. like a flying mission, boat or gorilla course, etc. The last brick i needed moved on the map from the park to the botanic gardens and once i flew a plane to the park the course popped up. Sometimes u have to wait a second at a place and wait for everything to load
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