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How do I switch between suits in Freeplay Mode?

I've completed the story and am now going back through the game in freeplay mode, and I can switch between characters, but I can't switch between the different suits Batman and Robin can wear. I hold Y to bring up the character select, but I can't get it to selec?t a different suit for either Batman or Robin. What am I missing?

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Well, that rather sucks. Thanks for the help!

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The_6th_Beatle answered:

You simply can't switch between the suits. Actually you loose the suit you are wearing, if you switch between characters in the slot. The only way to acquire a suit is a pad.

Sometimes you can use a different character to shorten the run to a yellow brick. P.e. you can use cyborg to open the metal shield above a pad for Robin, switch back to Robin and use the pad.
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