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Psionic Testing and Retesting? 3
Soldier Customization Guide? 3
Is progress forced? 4
Chances to hit and save/load? 2
New game plus? 1
Officer Training in Higher Difficulties? 1
How to capture a alien? 2
Is there a way to go back to base view while Ranger is in flight? 2
  • Total Answered Questions: 8
Most Popular Open Questions Answers
Is it possible for a country to rejoin the Xcom Project after they've left it? 0
Is it possible to complete the final couple of events in less than a month? 0
Can you lose a country if you have a satellite in it? How? Pls I need a fast answer. 4
How long can you wait before a mission goes away?? 1
Alien suddenly spawn adjacent to soldiers: bug or feature? 1
  • Total Open Questions: 5

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