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How many levels are there?

How many levels are there?

kevdawg2003 asked for clarification:

Can anyone list the names of the levels?

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False_Dragon_88 answered:

Twelve (12)
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evanac answered:

There are 13 levels but one of them is basically a playable ending sequence with nothing to collect and no honour points to gain. So, you've got 12 in total.

Also the last couple of playable levels don't allow you to customise your load out, you have to go with Mark of Serenity and no gadgets.
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GtWthTheProgram answered:

1. Ink & Dreams
2. Breaching The Perimeter
3. The Trail of The Shadow
4. A Change In Course
5. The Fall of Hessian Tower
6. An Ancestral Home
7. Above A Bottomless Chasm
8. The inner Keep
9. A Blade At His Neck
10. A Shattered Stronghold
11. Set To Flight
12. The return
13. A Moonlight Garden
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