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                        Mark of the Ninja High Score Guide
                                 By Manocheese


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1. Introduction
2. Legal Stuff
3. Difficulty Settings
4. The Save System
5. Guard Overview
6. Glitches
7. Item Stations
8. In-Level Bonuses
8.1. Non-Death Guard Bonuses
8.2. Death Bonuses
8.3. Miscellaneous Bonuses
9. Double Bonuses
10. After-Level Bonuses
10.1. Bonus Descriptions
10.2. Bonus Strategy
11. Leaderboards
12. Version History
13. Credits

Section #1

Welcome to my Mark of the Ninja high score guide. This guide explains the
scoring system in Mark of the Ninja for PC and describes techniques to maximize
your score. I've seen a few discussions of score maximization here and there,
but all of them were incomplete. My goal with this guide is to give a complete
description of all the ways to earn points. If you know of a way to earn points
that isn't described here or if you find an error in this guide, please send an
e-mail to manocheese@gmail.com and I'll add your information to the guide with
proper credit.

Section #2
Legal Stuff

This guide may not be reproduced under any circumstances except for personal,
private use. It may not be placed on any web site or otherwise distributed
publicly without advance written permission. Use of this guide on any other web
site or as a part of any public display is strictly prohibited, and a violation
of copyright. All trademarks and copyrights contained in this document are
owned by their respective trademark and copyright holders. The only sites where
this guide can be hosted are:


Section #3
Difficulty Settings

As far as I can tell, there are no differences between Normal and New Game Plus
where scoring is concerned. Therefore, it's easier to get a high score on
Normal because of your increased health, better vision, and so on.

Section #4
The Save System

Before you start working on a high score run, you should know how saving works.
When you get to certain places in a level called checkpoints, the game saves
automatically. You'll see a dragon symbol in the lower right corner of the
screen. You can then exit the game and resume later. However, you can only save
your progress in one level at a time, so don't start any other levels until
you've finished your high score run.

Here are some useful facts about checkpoints:

* You can't save at the same checkpoint twice in a row.
* Some checkpoints can only be used once.
* Some checkpoints partially restore your ammo when you reach them for the
first time (unless you're using the Path of the Hunter). Your ammo cannot be
increased beyond the amount that you can start a level with.
* The dragon symbol sometimes appears at places other than checkpoints. For
example, when you visit an item station (discussed in Section 6) or earn a
seal, the game saves, but it doesn't count as a checkpoint. If you restart
after such a save, you might lose some progress.

The save data for the game is stored in a folder with a location like this:

C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\########\214560\remote\users

The file is called savegame.sav. The #'s seem to vary from person to person,
but 214560 seems to be constant. In any case, just look around in the Steam
\userdata folder and you'll find it. I recommend backing up your save data
every now and then while doing a high score run. That way, if you make a
mistake and save afterward, you don't have to start the entire run over. To
back up your file, simply copy savegame.sav and paste it in a folder of your
choice. To restore the backup, copy it to the remote\users folder and name it
savegame.sav. It's probably a good idea to close the game before restoring your
save data.

Section #5
Guard Overview

This section lists the types of guards in the game in order to clarify the
sections that follow.

* Normal: Every guard who isn't in another category is considered "normal."
There is some variation among "normal" guards, but they are similar enough to
put into one category.

* Elite: These are the big muscly guards who first appear in The Inner Keep.

* Stalker: These are the female ninjas who first appear in Set to Flight.

* Dog: You can figure out who these are.

Kelly is similar to an elite except that he's immune to gas.

Section #6

This section describes various glitches. Some are essential to obtaining a
maximum score, others are potentially useful, and one is harmful. See Section 9
on double bonuses as well.


Kick through walls ("kick glitch")

If you press against a wall, jump, and kick, you will sometimes go through the
wall and floor. If you don't get through on the first try, jump or walk away
from the wall, then walk back and try again. This trick allows you to get out
of bounds or to reach certain areas that are normally inaccessible. If you end
up inside a wall because of this glitch, you will usually fall right through

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6f5-l9L5LUY&t=14s


Jump through walls

If you climb up to a corner and jump into it, you will sometimes go through the

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJylzMCFhjA&t=20s


Warp through walls

In some places, you can warp through walls with the Mark of Serenity. Press
against the wall and hold down, then aim your mouse on the other side of the
wall and warp.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kJylzMCFhjA&t=4s


Focus flying

When you use the parachute cloth, you get a small upward boost. Normally, you
can only use the cloth once before landing. However, if you enter and exit
focus mode by pressing Ctrl, you can use the cloth again. If you use the cloth,
enter and exit focus, use the cloth, enter and exit focus, etc., you can gain
height indefinitely. This technique is called focus flying. It takes some
practice to find the right rhythm, but it's not too hard once you figure it
out. If you want to move around horizontally, you can gain some height, glide
for a while, gain some more height, glide some more, and so on. Use your map to
navigate. If you move up into a "bottomless" pit from below, you'll die.

Video: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A2CMKSMx8EQ&t=34s


Dropping bodies through the floor

Drop a body near the bottom of a set of stairs. Stand at the bottom of the
stairs, face away from the higher stairs, and pick up the body again. If you're
positioned correctly, the body will be partly beneath the floor. Drop the body
and it'll fall through the floor. This trick is easiest to do with elites, but
it can be done with normal guards too.


Jump on top of doors

If you run and jump toward the top of one of the thick metal doors, you'll
sometimes land on top of the door. From there, you can walk to the other side.
This seems to only work with a few doors.


Spontaneous disability

If a guard has been disabled with a Smoke Bomb, sometimes they will be disabled
again when you load from a checkpoint, even if you saved after their disability
wore off. If another guard sees them, they could raise the alarm. I've found
that throwing darts at the disabled guard and the guards who might see them can
prevent the guards from raising the alarm. In some cases, it may not be
possible to save yourself from an alarm, so you will need to revert to an
earlier save. This is just one reason why it's a good idea to back up your file
every now and then while doing a high score run. For more information on
backing up your file, see Section 4.


Kill Kelly in Ink and Dreams

In the room before the one with Azai, use the kick glitch on the right wall to
get to Azai's room before Kelly leaves. Kelly and the guards aren't very
attentive. You can't get the environmental distraction or item distraction
bonuses from them (see Section 8.1), and you can walk right in front of them
without them noticing. You can get the Terrorized bonus from Kelly with a
Terror Dart and the Undetected bonus with the Cardboard Box. You can get the
Disabled bonus from him by beating him up with melee attacks. You can then kill
him for 800 points. You cannot pick up his body. If you activate the cutscene
afterward, Kelly's body will disappear and the guards will act normally.


Kill Karajan three times in Hessian Tower

At the beginning of the level, focus fly up and right. Climb over some pyramids
until you get to a wall you can't climb. Use the kick glitch to get through the
wall, then proceed normally from there until you get to Karajan. Don't destroy
the electrical box near him yet or you won't have a way to unlock the door if
you trigger the cutscene that locks it. Most attacks go through Karajan,
including friendly fire from a terrorized guard, and he's unaffected by
distractions. You can disable him with an upgraded Smoke Bomb and get 250
points. You can kill him as follows. Lure another guard next to him, then
disable the guard and Karajan with an upgraded Smoke Bomb. Approach the guard
and initiate a Bloody Whisper. The attack will kill the guard and Karajan.
Karajan's death gives you 800 points.

Proceed through the level until you get to the large room with a laser on the
right side. If you use Farsight, you'll notice that there's another Karajan
above you and to the right. You can get to him as follows. Go to the left wall
on the lower level of the current room. Use the kick glitch, then focus fly up
to the room with lots of sensor lasers while staying inside the wall. Go right
to get next to the elevator shaft, then go up to the upper level of the current
room. Use the kick glitch on the wall to get into the elevator shaft. For some
reason, the elevator is blocking your way sometimes and gone at other times. I
don't know why. If the elevator is there, though, you can get past it by using
the kick glitch on the right wall of the elevator shaft. This will break the
electrical box if it's intact, preventing you from getting the environmental
distraction bonus from the guard on your right. However, it seems that if you
go through the door on the right, the elevator will leave. If you then restart
from the last checkpoint (which should be in the room with lots of sensor
lasers), the elevator will still be gone. You can use the kick glitch to get
into the elevator shaft again, then go down to Karajan and kill him using the
method described in the previous paragraph. You will get points for disabling
and killing him again.

After killing the second Karajan, go left to the spot that typically triggers
the cutscene where the door locks behind him. Karajan's red circles won't move
and the door won't lock. Now backtrack to the trigger for the first Karajan
cutscene. Activate it and go to the big room with a laser on the right side.
There will be another Karajan there. Stand next to him and move into the
shadows to get the Undetected bonus, then kill him the same way you killed the
first two to get more points.


Kill Karajan many times in A Blade at his Neck

In A Blade at his Neck, go to the pillar above Karajan. You can use the map to
see where you are. Drop down into the gap at your left, then use the kick
glitch on the wall at your right to fall into Karajan's room. You can then
initiate a Silent Assassin kill, but Karajan won't die. You can keep using
Silent Assassin as many times as you like, getting 800 points each time. Other
moves can kill him for real, so be careful. Once you're ready to end the level,
open the door and kill Karajan.

Because this glitch allows you to get an arbitrarily high score, you may want
to restrict yourself to only killing Karajan once.

The following video shows how to get into Karajan's room without opening the


Section #7
Item Stations

Item stations are the flagpoles that let you change your suit and equipment.
They also refill your health and, more importantly, your ammo, which is
critical for earning certain bonuses. You will need to make frequent trips to
item stations to maximize your score. In Ink and Dreams, there are no item
stations, so you will have to choose your equipment wisely and make the most of
your ammo. There are also no item stations in Set to Flight. However, you have
no equipment other than darts in that level, so no equipment choices need to be

In the following levels, various obstacles block your path to or from item

* The Trail of Shadow
* The Fall of Hessian Tower
* Above a Bottomless Chasm

However, with the glitches in Section 6 and a few more glitches in this
section, you have full access to item stations in these levels. Details for
each level are provided below. I recommend reading the parts in Section 6 about
the kick glitch and focus flying before proceeding.


The Trail of Shadow

You have access to item stations until you get to the area right before the
courier. There, you will run into some lasers that you would typically need
either Smoke Bombs or the Mark of Serenity to pass. However, you can actually
get past the lasers with any equipment. Shortly before the courier section,
there's an area with a few normal guards and a dog. Jump to the platform to the
right of this area, then use the kick glitch on the wall to your right. Float
down past the lasers.

To get back to the left side of the lasers (giving you access to an item
station), go to the room where the courier first appears and use the kick
glitch on the left wall. Then use focus flying to get up to the item station.

After you get the tracking device, move the elevator, and go up to the top of
the building, the elevator will move back and block your path to the item
station. To get to the item station, proceed as follows. To the right of the
shaft with a bunch of lasers, there are two metal things protruding from the
wall. Use focus flying to get on the top metal thing, then use the kick glitch
to fall inside the wall. Before you fall back in bounds, use focus flying. Stay
inside the wall and fly straight up. You'll eventually get to the top of the
building. When you do, run left for a while. You'll start running on air. Just
keep going left and you'll come to a small wall that you can't climb. Use focus
flying to get on top of it, then keep going left. You'll hit an invisible wall
soon. Use the kick glitch to get through it and you'll be in the area with the
second item station.

Another method to get back to the item station is as follows. In the shaft with
the lasers, stand on the small ledge on the left that's just below the middle
grapple point. Use the kick glitch to get through the wall, then float left.
You'll see the room with the switch that moves the elevator. Use focus flying
to get below it and then inside it. Make sure you don't enter the room on the
right with no way out.

To return to the ending area, grab the left wall right underneath the elevator
and slide down as far as you can without falling. Point your mouse toward the
grapple point above the elevator, then do a short jump to the right while right
clicking. With any luck, you'll target the grapple point and pull yourself
through the elevator.


The Fall of Hessian Tower

To get to the item station before the cutscene where Ora says you're cut off
from Karajan, go to the gate leading to the challenge room. Use the kick glitch
on the right wall, then move right and focus fly upward. You want to be inside
the wall to the right of the challenge room gate. Don't go too far right or the
camera will move way up. Stay inside the wall and keep flying up until you're
above the metal thing sticking out from the wall. Land on it and climb up to
the item station.

To get back, drop down to the metal thing sticking out of the wall and use the
kick glitch to fall to the room with the challenge room gate.

After the animated cutscene, you have to press a switch to open a door, then go
through the door. The door locks behind you afterward. To get back to the item
station, go up to the attic area with a scroll and several sensor lasers. Use
the kick glitch on the left wall, then focus fly past the locked door. You can
also use the kick glitch on the wall below that. Once you're past the door,
drop down into the vent and use the kick glitch on the left wall to fall into
the area with the item station.

To get back, start at the item station, go down, and go all the way left. Use
the kick glitch on the leftmost wall, then focus fly upward while staying
inside the wall. You'll end up in the room with a scroll and a bunch of laser
sensors. Climb up to the room with the switch that opens a door. Press the
switch twice to open the door again. Conveniently, the door will not lock the
second time you go through it.

Soon, two more doors will lock after you go through them. To get back, start in
the room with the sniper and the movable block, then take the upper door on the
left and keep going left until you hit a wall. Use the kick glitch on this
wall, then focus fly past the locked doors. If you land in between the two
locked doors, you'll be trapped. The game can even save in that spot, so make
sure you back up your file just in case (see Section 4). Once you're on the
left side of the first locked door, drop down into the lowest vent and use the
kick glitch on the left wall to fall into the area with the item station.

To get back, first follow the directions two paragraphs up to get to the room
with a switch that opens a door. The door should be open. If it's not, hit the
switch until it opens. Go to the next room to your right and go up to the attic
area with a scroll and several sensor lasers. Use the kick glitch on the left
wall, then focus fly straight up. You'll see what appears to be a roof, but
it's not solid. Focus fly over the attic (i.e. to your right) and then fly to
the room that's to the right of the attic.


Above a Bottomless Chasm

After you use the single-use grapple points in the first part of the level,
going backwards requires some focus flying. However, the only source of points
in the first part of the level is an artifact, so it's easiest just to get it
on your first trip and never return.

After you get to the item station, several sets of lasers will block your path
to the earlier parts of the level. To get past them, go left from the item
station and use the kick glitch on the wall. Fall below the lasers in the room
below you, then focus fly up into the room. If you land in the room on the
right between the top and middle sets of lasers, that's okay; just use the kick
glitch on the right wall to get back out of bounds. Keep backtracking and
you'll come to a room where you're on the right side of three vertical lasers.
There's a guard walking around by the lasers. I recommend keeping the guard or
his body here, unhidden, so that you can get by the lasers easily. Then hide
his body once you've gotten all the points to the left of the lasers. If you
hide his body prematurely, though, you can still get past the lasers. Proceed
normally until you get to the room with several crisscrossing lasers (just
before the item station). Go left to get to an area with a scroll. You'll have
to do some focus flying if you've already used the single-use grapple points.
Use the kick glitch on the left wall (next to the scroll), then fall straight
down and you'll land to the left of the lasers.

To get back to the item station, simply proceed normally through the level.

Once you get to the room where you have to wait for the cargo door to unlock, a
door blocks your access to the item station. You can get past it as follows.
Starting at the locked door near the item station, go right a little bit and
drop down one level. Use the kick glitch on the wall on your left, then focus
fly past the door. If there's poison gas in the area, make sure you move to the
left quickly to avoid dying. Another method is as follows. Starting at the
locked door near the item station, go all the way right and drop down one
level. Use the kick glitch on the right wall, then focus fly underneath the
room and past the locked door. This method makes it easy to avoid the poison

To get back to the room with the cargo door, use the kick glitch on the wall to
the left of the item station, then focus fly to the right.

Section #8
In-Level Bonuses

In this section, I describe the various bonuses you can get while you're in a
level. Getting as many of these bonuses as possible is key to maximizing your

Section #8.1
Non-Death Guard Bonuses

Most of the points you can get from guards don't come directly from killing
them. The following table shows how many points you get from "non-death" guard

                             Normal      Elite      Stalker      Dog
Distracted (Environment)       150        150         150        150
       Distracted (Item)       150        150         150        150
              Undetected       200        200         200        N/A
                Disabled       250        250         250         0
              Terrorized       300         0          N/A        300
               Oblivious       400        400         400        N/A
             Body Hidden       250        250         250        250

As far as bonuses are concerned, Kelly seems to be the same as elites. I will
describe how to get each of these bonuses.


Distracted (Environment): Break an object (including lights, electrical boxes,
falling rocks, and objects that break when you use them) when a guard is
nearby. The number of environmental distractions you can cause is limited, so
planning is required in order to distract as many guards as possible. Sometimes
it's useful to group enemies together and distract them with a single light.
The easiest way to do this is to hide in the shadows and throw darts at


Distracted (Item): Set off a Noise Maker or Distraction Flare near a guard.


Undetected: There are several ways to get this bonus:

   * Hide in the shadows or the Cardboard Box and let a guard walk past you.
Sometimes guards will see you in the Cardboard Box, though.
   * Climb horizontally above a guard.
   * Dangle from a grapple point above a guard.
   * Get above or right next to a guard and use the grappling hook.
   * Use the Mark of Serenity to warp past a guard. This method is a little

You can't get the Undetected bonus from a guard while they are distracted, i.e.
while they have a yellow question mark over their head. A useful strategy is to
get a guard away from their usual position with some kind of distraction, then
hide. Once they lose interest, they will return to their usual routine. Hide
somewhere and let them walk past you to get the bonus.

Getting the bonus from snipers can be difficult because they rarely move. The
easiest way to get it is to terrorize them to get them moving, then hide in the
shadows or the Cardboard Box and let them walk past you.


Disabled: There are several ways to get this bonus:

   * Throw an upgraded Smoke Bomb at a guard. This doesn't work for gas mask
guards, including stalkers. Also, if a guard is currently disabled because of a
Smoke Bomb and another guard sees them, the second guard may raise the alarm.
   * Activate a Distraction Flare in front of a guard with night vision
goggles. You can tell if a guard has night vision goggles because there's a
green cone in front of them.
   * Let a guard step on Caltrops. This doesn't work for dogs.
   * Let an elite step on a Spike Mine.
   * Beat up an elite with melee attacks.
   * Certain environmental features can be used to disable guards. For example,
there's a switch in The Inner Keep that sends electricity through some wires.
If a guard is next to the wires, they will be disabled.


Terrorized: Stalkers cannot be terrorized, but you can make them suicidal with
an upgraded Terror Dart. The easiest way to terrorize another type of guard is
to throw a Terror Dart at them. Elites and dogs cannot be terrorized in any
other way. However, there are several other ways to terrorize normal guards:

   * Throw or drop a body so that it lands next to a guard.
   * Let a guard see another guard being killed with an object like a
   * Let a guard see another guard being killed by Ravenous Insects.
   * Let a guard see another guard being killed by a Spike Mine.
   * Let a guard see another guard killing himself after being hit by an
upgraded Terror Dart.
   * Let a guard see another guard hanging from a grapple point.
   * Let a guard discover another guard inside the Cardboard Box.
   * With the Path of Nightmares, let a guard see a dead body.
   * Sometimes, guards will become terrorized when they see a dead body under
conditions other than those listed above. I don't know exactly why.

The hallucinations in The Return aren't as prone to terror as regular guards.
It seems that a dead male ninja can't terrorize them, but a dead guard in
another form can.

Terrorized normal guards will shoot other guards, which can prevent you from
getting bonuses from them. One way you can avoid any premature deaths is to
terrorize a guard with a Terror Dart, then throw a regular dart at them. This
will cause them to shoot at you instead of shooting at other guards.

Terrorized dogs will bark and attack other guards. Terrorized elites will kick
in various directions. Suicidal stalkers will stand still until they die.

You can prevent a guard terrorized by an upgraded Terror Dart from killing
themselves by throwing a dart at them right before they do so. The skull above
their head should be enlarged when the dart hits them. The skull will then
disappear and the guard will no longer be suicidal. They will still be
terrorized, though. They can also become blind and deaf. A dart can partially
restore their vision.


Oblivious: If a guard walks or runs past a body hidden in a dumpster or a
closet, you'll get this bonus. The Cardboard Box doesn't seem to work. Each
guard can only be oblivious once, but a single body can be used to make
multiple guards oblivious.


Body Hidden: There are several ways to get this bonus:

* Put a body inside a vent. You may have to pick up and drop the body after
it's in the vent to get the bonus to trigger. This works with most vents.
* Put a body under certain stairs. This only works in a few places.
* Put a body in a closet or dumpster.
* Throw a body into a bottomless pit. You can get a bonus for this even if
you've already gotten a bonus for hiding the body another way.
* Destroy a body with Ravenous Insects.

There are some other places to hide bodies, depending on which level you're in.
Once you've hidden a body, you won't lose points by moving it, so feel free to
move it elsewhere. Note that if a body is hidden in a closet or dumpster when
you restart from a checkpoint, the body will disappear.

Section #8.2
Death Bonuses

The number of points you get when you kill a guard depends on how you kill
them. You can sometimes get more than one bonus; see Section 9 for more

800-point bonuses:

Any time you kill an elite with your sword, you get 800 points. To kill them
with your sword, either disable them or terrorize them first. It seems that the
"Harrier's Claw" bonus can only be obtained by disabling an elite, perching on
a grapple point above them, and clicking to initiate a stealth kill. This
procedure sometimes gives you the "Bat's Prey" bonus, though.

600-point bonuses:

* Hangman's Hymn: Kill a guard while dangling from a grapple point.
* Prowling Spider: Kill a guard while pressing against a vent wall (not
* Ninja Tool Kill: Use one of the attack items to kill a guard.
* Friendly Fire: Let a guard shoot another guard.
* Object Kill: Let a guard get crushed by an object like a chandelier.
* Indirect Kill: Let a guard get impaled by spikes, blown up by a bomb, shot
with a poison dart, or killed by a turret.

400-point bonuses:

* Any type of stealth kill (where the game zooms in on you) not listed in the
600-point section is worth 400 points.
* Slippery Slope: Let a guard fall to their death. Terrorized guards can
stumble and fall off of edges. You can also knock guards off of edges with
melee attacks.

200-point bonuses:

* If you move the mouse either in the wrong direction or too slowly when you're
doing a stealth kill, you'll get 200 points.
* If you knock a non-elite guard down with melee attacks and then click to
finish them, you'll get 200 points.

Section #8.3
Miscellaneous Bonuses

* Picking locks gives you 250 points.
* Disabling power gives you 200 points.
* Freeing a ninja in Ink and Dreams gives you 500 points.
* Throwing a dart at one of the door lock mechanisms in Ink and Dreams gives
you 200 points.
* Pickpocketing a key gives you 1000 points.
* Disabling the fuel pump in The Inner Keep gives you 250 points.
* Getting a scroll gives you 1000 points.
* Getting an artifact (one of the cat statues) gives you 500 points.
* If an alarm is raised, you lose 800 points.

You also get some points by reaching certain places in certain levels. You will
reach all these places just by proceeding normally through a level, so don't
worry about missing them.

Section #9
Double Bonuses

There are some cases where you can get two bonuses when it seems like you
should only be able to get one. This section lists the ways to get these double

* If you get the Body Hidden bonus and then throw a guard into a bottomless
pit, you will get the Body Hidden bonus again.

* If you cause a guard to stumble to his death by hitting him with a Terror
Dart, you'll get the Ninja Tool Kill and Slippery Slope bonuses. The Terror
Dart might have to be upgraded. The easiest way to get this double bonus (if a
guard isn't already standing next to an edge) is to lure them to the edge with
darts, then jump over them and hit them with a Terror Dart when they get to the
edge. A guard who's already terrorized will stumble sometimes when they see you
or when they see a dead body. You can get this double bonus if the skull is
still above their head when they stumble. I'm not sure how to predict which way
they will move while stumbling.

* If you throw a dead body into a spike pit, you will sometimes get a second
death bonus that's the same as the first. For example, if you get the Ninja
Tool Kill bonus from a guard and then throw the body into a spike pit, you may
get the Ninja Tool Kill bonus again. You won't always get a second bonus,
though. It seems that you must kill a guard and then throw the body into the
spike pit without saving and restarting. Also, it seems that only certain death
bonuses can be doubled with this trick. Ninja Tool Kill and Friendly Fire are
the only ones I know of. If a living guard falls into a spike pit after you hit
him with an upgraded Terror Dart, you'll get the Ninja Tool Kill bonus twice.
Once a body is in a spike pit, you can hide it with Ravenous Insects.

* If you are killing multiple guards with Bloody Whisper (the move used to kill
disabled guards in some situations--usually after disabling them with an
upgraded Smoke Bomb) and a terrorized guard shoots them, you can get the Bloody
Whisper bonus and the Friendly Fire bonus for each guard you kill. There may be
other factors involved in this double bonus; I've had trouble getting it to

Section #10
After-Level Bonuses

Depending on your actions within a level, you can receive some bonuses after
you finish it.

Section #10.1
Bonus Descriptions

After you complete a level, you can get points from four sections of the stat

* Undetected
* Distracted
* No Alarms Raised
* No Enemies Killed

Each guard is placed in exactly one category corresponding to the sections on
the stat screen listed above:

* Undetected: The guard never had a yellow question mark or red exclamation
mark above their head.
* Distracted: The guard had a yellow question mark above their head.
* Alarmed: The guard either raised the alarm or had a red exclamation mark
above their head while the alarm was going off. A red exclamation mark with no
alarm doesn't count. You can tell whenever the alarm goes off because the text
"-800: Alarm Raised" appears.
* Killed: The guard died.

A category that's lower on the above list takes precedence over a higher one.
For example, if a guard is killed, they will be in the "killed" category no
matter what. If a guard is distracted and alarmed but not killed, they will be
in the "alarmed" category.

You receive 400 points for each guard in either the Undetected category or the
Distracted category. If no alarms were raised, you receive 3000 points. If a
guard raises the alarm and then dies, you won't get the no-alarm bonus, even if
the game shows 0 guards in the "alarmed" category. Lastly, there's the no-kill
bonus, the size of which depends on the level:

           Ink and Dreams   5000
  Breaching the Perimeter   5000
      The Trail of Shadow   8000
       A Change in Course   5000
The Fall of Hessian Tower   5000
        An Ancestral Home   6500
 Above a Bottomless Chasm   5000
           The Inner Keep   8000
      A Blade at his Neck   5000
   A Shattered Stronghold   6500
            Set to Flight   5000
               The Return   8000

You can actually kill guards in certain ways and still get the no-kill bonus.
For lack of a better term, I call kills that prevent you from getting the bonus
"counted kills." Most kills fall into this category. Here is a list of "non-
counted kills," i.e. kills that won't prevent you from getting the bonus:

* Drop an object like a chandelier on a guard.
* Let a guard get killed by friendly fire.
* Let a guard walk or fall into an environmental hazard like a bomb. Sometimes
this is a counted kill, though, and it's not clear why. If you lure a guard
into a hazard by shooting them with a dart, it tends to be a counted kill. But
sometimes it's a counted kill even if you don't lure them.
* Kill a dog in any way.
* Kill Kelly or Karajan in any way.

Note that the first three kills on this list are worth 600 points. There may be
other types of non-counted kills.

Section #10.2
Bonus Strategy

Before you start a high score run, you should decide which of the after-level
bonuses you want. The no-alarm bonus is an easy choice; there's no benefit to
letting a guard raise the alarm, so you might as well avoid alarms and get 3000
points. A guard will usually raise the alarm when they see you and get a red
exclamation mark above their head, but you can prevent them from raising it by
killing them right after they see you or by attacking them with melee attacks
or items. Some guards will raise the alarm when they find a dead body or see a
guard who's been disabled by a Smoke Bomb. Also, the various sensors in the
game can raise the alarm. Dogs and terrorized guards cannot raise the alarm.

The other bonuses require more thought. The basic question is this: For each
level, is it better to do a run with the no-kill bonus (a "no-kill" run) or a
run without the no-kill bonus (a "killing" run)? I don't have a definitive
answer for every level, but I'll provide some information below. My discussion
of the question is separated into levels with item stations and levels without.


Levels with item stations

All levels but Ink and Dreams and Set to Flight have item stations. From
Section 8.2, we know that a "fancy" kill gives 800 points for elites and 600
points for other guards. From Section 8.1, we know that hiding a body gives 250
points. From Section 7, we know that in the levels with item stations, you have
full access to item stations. Thus, you can get a fancy kill and Body Hidden
bonus from just about every guard in levels with item stations; if all else
fails, use Ravenous Insects. Here are the numbers of guards in each level with
an item station:

                              Normal      Elite      Stalker      Dog
  Breaching the Perimeter       32          0           0          0
      The Trail of Shadow       47          0           0         10
       A Change in Course       21          0           0          3
The Fall of Hessian Tower       23          0           0          0
        An Ancestral Home       37          0           0          3
 Above a Bottomless Chasm       23          0           0          3
           The Inner Keep       33          8           0          1
      A Blade at his Neck       21          5           0          3
   A Shattered Stronghold       47          0           0          2
               The Return       27          1          15          0

Let's disregard the dogs because you can kill them any way you like and still
get the no-kill bonus. For the other guards, let's add up the fancy kill and
body hidden bonuses. After calculating those totals, we can compare them to the
amount of points you can get from the Undetected/Distracted bonuses and the
overall no-kill bonuses. Here are the results:

                              Fancy Kills      No Kills
  Breaching the Perimeter        27200           17800
      The Trail of Shadow        39550           26800
       A Change in Course        17850           13400
The Fall of Hessian Tower        19550           14200
        An Ancestral Home        31450           21300
 Above a Bottomless Chasm        19550           14200
           The Inner Keep        36450           24400
      A Blade at his Neck        23100           15400
   A Shattered Stronghold        39950           25300
               The Return        36750           25200

At first glance, it seems that a killing run is better in all of these levels.
But remember that you can do non-counted kills in a no-kill run. You'll give up
400 points from the Undetected/Distracted bonuses, but you'll get 600 points
for the kill and 250 points for hiding the body. The net gain is 450 points. We
can calculate how many non-counted kills would be needed in each of the above
levels to catch up to a killing run. The following list presents these numbers
along with the total number of guards in each level, not counting dogs, Kelly,
and Karajan:

  Breaching the Perimeter   21/32
      The Trail of Shadow   29/47
       A Change in Course   10/21
The Fall of Hessian Tower   12/23
        An Ancestral Home   23/37
 Above a Bottomless Chasm   12/23
           The Inner Keep   27/41
      A Blade at his Neck   18/26
   A Shattered Stronghold   33/47
               The Return   26/43

Chandeliers and other environmental hazards you can use to get non-counted
kills are few and far between (outside of the Tabriz levels, at least). So, the
main method you would want to use to kill guards in a no-kill run is to throw a
Terror Dart at a guard and let him kill nearby guards. Non-upgraded Terror
Darts would probably be better for this purpose because they don't make guards
commit suicide (which is a counted kill), but if you hit a guard with an
upgraded Terror Dart, you can prevent him from committing suicide by throwing a
regular dart at him right before he kills himself. Using Terror Darts to make
guards kill each other will leave one guard in each "group" alive. Make sure no
one stumbles off an edge and dies from the fall; that's a counted kill, so it
prevents you from getting the no-kill bonus.

There are other factors worth considering. A killing run will probably be able
to get more double bonuses (see Section 9) than a no-kill run. A killing run
may be able to get more Oblivious bonuses as well. Also, in The Fall of Hessian
Tower, a killing run can get 1800 points by killing Karajan three times (800
points for each kill minus 200 points for each kill because you need to get a
400-point kill on another guard instead of a 600-point kill). See Section 6 for
details. With these factors in mind, you will probably have to kill more
enemies in a no-kill run than the above list indicates in order to catch up to
a killing run.

Considering the advantages a killing run has, catching up without any counted
kills is a tall order. I suspect that a killing run is better for most levels
with item stations, but I wouldn't be surprised if a no-kill run is better for
a few. In particular, a no-kill run might be better in a level like A Change in
Course where the list above indicates that relatively few enemies need to be
killed to catch up to a killing run.


Ink and Dreams

Here's the guard data for this level:

Normal      Elite      Stalker      Dog
  32          0           0          0

Kelly is also in the level and you can kill him (see Section 6), but doing so
is not a counted kill, so he's not very important to this discussion. The only
consideration with Kelly is that using the Path of Silence prevents you from
killing him, so you miss out on 800 points.

There are four chandeliers in this level. You can kill up to eight guards with
them. Other than the chandeliers, the only way to get non-counted kills would
be to terrorize guards, then let them shoot other guards. You could terrorize a
few guards using the bodies of the guards killed with the chandeliers,
especially if you use the Path of Nightmares. Other than that, you would need
to use Terror Darts. Your ammo would be very limited. For these reasons, I
think that a killing run would result in a higher score.


Set to Flight

Here's the guard data for this level:

Normal      Elite      Stalker      Dog
   8          0          14          0

In this level, you have no sword and no items (aside from darts). There are
plenty of ways to get non-counted kills, but not many places to hide bodies.
With this in mind, it seems like it would be impossible to make up the 5000-
point no-kill bonus with counted kills, so a no-kill run is probably the best

Section #11

When you load a leaderboard, you'll see a screen with only your score. If you
click "Change View", you'll get a screen that shows your score and some scores
near you. If you're lucky, you can click "Previous" to view higher scores and
"Next" to view lower scores. This view is glitchy, though, and changing the
page sometimes gives you the message "You are not currently ranked on this
leaderboard." When that happens, no more scores are displayed. I recommend
clicking "Change View" to go to the next screen, which starts at the top score.
Changing the pages in this view seems to work fine.

As of this writing, there are quite a few scores on the leaderboards that
appear to be cheated. There are programs that basically modify the game to give
you any score you want, and it's likely that some of the leaderboard scores
were obtained with such programs. Unfortunately, it's not easy to tell when the
fake scores stop and the real scores start. You'll have to use your best
judgement if you want to compare your scores to other scores.

Section #12
Version History

Version 1.00 (7/17/13): The first version of the guide.

Section #13

Thanks to the following players for posting useful information:


Thanks to GameFAQs for hosting this guide.