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Points Breakdown in Mark of the Ninja

The following is an INCOMPLETE list of events that affect point totals in Mark of the Ninja. Please add or correct based on your own play.

Peasant's Death+200Start a hand-to-hand fight with an enemy and then stab them when they fall
Imperfect Kill+200Initiate kill animation but fail to press the correct button combination
Silent Assassin+400Sneak up on a target, initiate kill animation and correctly press the displayed button combination
Leap of Faith+400Perform a stealth kill from the side of a wall or ledge
Prowling Spider+600Perform a stealth kill from inside a crawl space at ground level
Hangman's Hymn+600Perform a stealth kill while spider dangling from a grapple point
Emperor's Abyss+400Perform a stealth kill from below a guard while hidden under grating
Friendly Fire+600One enemy kills another for you (commonly when guards are Terrorized)
Hound's Slumber (undetected)+400Incapacitate a guard dog while undetected
Hound's Slumber (detected)+200Incapacitate a guard dog while detected
Bloody Whisper+800Use Bloody Whisper unlockable skill on a guard that has been Disabled
Slippery Slope+600A guard dies by falling damage, whether because of being terrorized or being knocked off an edge.
Traitor's Coffin **+400While hiding behind a door, perform a from hiding stealth kill on a distracted guard. Immediately activates and stacks "Hidden Body (+250)" but removes you from hiding.
Object Kill+600Kill one or more guards with an environmental set piece (e.g. a Chandelier)
Distracted+150Environmental distraction (e.g. shattered street lamp)
Item Distracted+150Use an item to create a distraction (e.g. Noisemaker)
Undetected+200Undistracted guard passes you on patrol -or- terrorized guard passes you without being alerted
Power Disabled+200
Lock Picked+250
Body Hidden+250Hide a body
Oblivious+400Hide a body (successfully tested in doorway hiding spots) and have an undistracted guard unknowingly pass the hiding spot on his regular patrol
Guard Disabled+250Incapacitate a guard (e.g. with Upgraded Smoke Bomb)
Artifact Recovered+500
[Special item?]*+1000
Guard Terrorized+300
Alarm Sounded-800Will subtract immediately when alarm sounds (Guards can be killed before finishing calling in alarm requests and this will not be subtracted)
* [Special item?] No text, just score update. Occurs when you pick up a Voice of the Hisomu Scroll, 

possible there are other items. Will give you +1000 even if the scroll had been picked up in a previous run through the level.

** Note for Traitor's Coffin: To perform skill, you must unlock and purchase the Technique "A Brief Shadow," 

this skill will not trigger using the Technique "Twilight Gate."