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FAQ/Strategy Guide by TheMightyRoast

Version: 1.0 | Updated: 06/17/13



FIFA 13 needs no introduction. I will provide one anyway.

FIFA 13 is the most recent game in EA's FIFA series that started back in 1993-94 with FIFA International Soccer. It is a football (or soccer) game.

This is a guide for that game. Use the contents to navigate to the parts that you want to read. And read the end section too.

I have assumed that you already know the basics of soccer so have not explained them here.


The game doesn't come with a physical manual. Instead there is a digital-only manual which is available at http://www.ea.com/uk/football/manuals/fifa13

From there here are the full controls of the game, including all the skill moves:

Note: The control instructions below refer to the Classic controller configuration. Once you've created your profile, select Customise FIFA>Settings>Controls>XBox 360 Controller to adjust your control preferences.


Move player/Jog/DribbleLS
SprintRT (hold)
Precision dribbleLB (hold)
Face up dribbleLT and RT (hold) + LS
Stop ball (when unmarked)LS (release) + RT
Stop ball and face goalLS (release) + LB
Shield ball (when marked)LS (release) + RT
Dummy (when receiving ball)RB (hold)
Pace controlLT (hold)
Send teammate on a runLB
Knock onRS (flick)
Drag back (assuming player is facing vertically upwards)LS down + LT (hold)
Skill movesRS + LT (hold)
Coaching Tip: Shielding

To protect the ball from your marker, release LS and hold RT. Your player moves between his marker and the ball and tries to hold him off.

Finesse/Placed shotRB + B
Chip shotLB + B
Flair shot (first time only)LT + B
Choose direction of pass/crossLS
Short pass/Header (hold to pass to further player)A
Lobbed pass (hold to determine distance)X
Through ball (hold to pass to further player)Y
Bouncing lob pass (hold to determine distance)RB + X
Lobbed through ball (hold to pass to further player)LB + Y
Give and goLB + A
Finesse passRB + A
Coaching Tip: Give and Go

To initiate a one-two pass, press A while holding LB to make your player pass to a nearby teammate, and move LS to continue his run. Then press A (ground pass), Y (through ball, X (lobbed pass) or LB + Y (lobbed through ball) to immediately return the ball to him, timing the pass perfectly to avoid conceding possession.

Ball Control
First touch (while receiving the ball) (hold for more distance)RS
First touch to stopLT + LS
Cancel pass/shotLT + RT
Free MoveLT + RT (hold)
Cross (hold to determine distance)X
Low cross (within cross zone)X (double tap)
Ground cross (within cross zone)X (triple tap)
Early cross (outside cross zone)LB + X
Early low cross (outside cross zone)LB + X (double tap)
Early ground cross (outside cross zone)LB + X (triple tap)


Move playerLS
Switch playerLB
Directional player switchRS
SprintRT (hold)
ContainA (hold)
Teammate containRB (hold)
Tackle/Push or pullB
Sliding tackleX
JockeyLT (hold)
Running jockeyLT+RT (hold)
Clearance (when in possession in own half)B

(Also check out the Interactive Tutorials in the Skill Games section of the game which show you interactively how to do some of these.)

ChargeY (hold)
Move/Aim kick or throwLS
Throw (hold to pass to the further of two players)A
Drop kick (while holding ball)B/X
Drop the ball (while holding ball)Y
Pick up the ball (only when last played by an opponent)RB
Switch to goalkeeperBack

Set pieces

Direct free kick
AimLS left/LS right
Curled shot (hold for increased power)B
Driven shot (hold for increased power)LB + B
High pass/Cross (hold for increased power)X
Add spin to ball (while powering kick)LS
Ground passA
Change kick takerRT
Call 2nd kick takerLT
2nd kick taker curled shotLT + B
2nd kick taker driven shotLT + LB + B
2nd kick taker layoff passLT + A
2nd kick taker layoff chipLT + X
2nd kick taker run over ballLT + B, A
Call 3rd kick takerRB
3rd kick taker curled shotRB + B
3rd kick taker driven shotRB + LB + B
3rd kick taker layoff passRB + A
3rd kick taker layoff chipRB + X
3rd kick taker run over ballRB + B, A
Jump wall (defence only)Y
Move wall (defence only)LT/RT
Wall charge (defence only)A
Wall creep (defence only)RB
Add/remove player to wall (defence only)LB (to select player, then LS)
Coaching Tip: Adding Elevation and Spin

To add elevation to your shot, power it up for longer (but beware of overpowering) and move LS to add sidespin, topspin, or backspin. Topspin can be employed to bring a ball down quickly (e.g. after it has cleared the wall).

Indirect free kick/Goal kick
High pass/Cross (hold for increased power)X
Ground passA
Call for a short free kickLT
Aim throwLS
Short throw (to nearest player)A
Manual short throw (in direction you're facing)Y
Long throwX
Toggle receiver/thrower control (switch control to a receiver in the direction you're facing)LB
Lob cross (hold for increased power)X
Add spin to lob cross (while powering kick)LS
Low crossX (double tap)
Ground crossX (triple tap)
Call for a short cornerLT
Short cornerA
Penalty kick
Aim shot (hold to aim further in any direction)LS
Finesse/Placed shotRB + B
Chip shotLB + B
Stutter shotB (hold), B
Dive (goalkeeper only)RS
Move along goal line (goalkeeper only)LS
Coaching Tip: Penalties

Aiming: By default, you start aiming at the middle of the goal. From the moment you start powering up for a shot, you can move LS to aim anywhere inside the goal. The longer you hold LS in any particular direction, the farther your shot goes in that direction. Be careful with how long you hold LS, as letting go too soon results in a shot closer to the middle of the goal, and holding it for too long causes you to miss the goal.

Saving: Committing to a save direction early allows you to reach farther and save shots close to the corner of the goals. However, diving farther to the side makes it more difficult to save shots aimed toward the middle of the goal.

If you think the kick taker is going for placement rather than power, you can try to react to the shot by holding RS in any direction after the ball has been kicked.

Be a Pro: Goalkeeper

Attacking off the ball
Call for a suggested passA
Suggest through passY
Suggest shotB
Toggle camera targetBack
Defending own box
DiveLS + direction (hold)/A + direction (hold)
Auto positioningLB (hold)
Slow movement facing the ballLT + LS
Charge/punchY (hold)
Dive at feetX
Anticipation saveB
2nd defender containRB
Toggle camera targetBack
Coaching Tip: Be a Goalkeeper

Experiment with different levels of Save Assistance (Assisted, Semi-Assisted, and Manual) to find what is right for your play-style and skill level.

Skill Moves

Skills moves can be performed by all players. The type of skill your player can execute depends on his skill level. A player with the highest skill level can perform the most difficult and effective skills in the game, whereas a player with a lower skill level will attempt a simpler version of a trick or may altogether fail in his attempt of that skill. The speed at which a skill move is executed depends on your player's agility attribute. For example, an agile player like Cristiano Ronaldo can perform skills at a much quicker pace than a player with lower agility.

All of the skills are broken down into five levels of difficulty. One-star moves are the most basic and can be performed by all players in the game. Two-, three-, and four-star moves can be done by players who are relatively skilful in real life. Five-star moves can only be performed by the most skilled footballers such as Cristiano Ronaldo and Neymar. These players are able to do the most impressive skills and tricks in FIFA 13.

Note: The controls listed below assume that the controlled player is moving vertically upwards and should be amended depending on your player's direction.

Skill Moves
Directional fake shotA while shot/lob power bar is ramping up (hold LS in any direction)1 Star
Directional scoop turnA while shot/lob power bar is ramping up (hold LS in any direction)4 and 5 Star
Fake shot to stopA while shot/lob power bar is ramping up + release LS1 Star
Directional heel chopLT (hold) + A while shot/lob power bar is ramping up (hold LS in any direction)4 and 5 Star

The following moves can be executed when holding LT and while a player is standing or jogging.

Standing or Jogging Moves
Body feint rightRS right (flick)2 star
Body feint leftRS left (flick)2 star
Body feint exitsLS (hold in any direction after a body feint)2 star
Stepover rightRS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right2 star
Stepover leftRS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left2 star
Stepover exitsLS (hold in any direction after a stepover)2 star
Double touch stepover exitsLS diagonally up and left/LS diagonally up and right (hold after a stepover)5 star
Reverse stepover leftRS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up2 star
Reverse stepover rightRS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up2 star
Reverse stepover exitsLS (hold in any direction after a reverse stepover)2 star
Roulette rightRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right3 star
Roulette leftRS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left3 star
Drag back (standing only)LS down (flick)2 star
Drag back exits (standing only)LS (hold in any direction after a drag back)2 star
Drag back fake + exit left (standing only)LS down, LS diagonally down and right, LS right, LS diagonally down and right, LS down, LS diagonally down and left, LS left5 star
Drag back fake + exit right (standing only)LS down, LS diagonally down and left, LS left, LS diagonally down and left, LS down, LS diagonally down and right, LS right5 star
Flick ball upRS up, RS up, RS up3 star
Ball roll leftRS left (hold)2 star
Ball roll rightRS right (hold)2 star
ElasticoRS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left5 star
Reverse elasticoRS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right5 star
Ball hop (standing only)RS (tap)4 and 5 star
Heel chop left (jogging only)RS diagonally down and left (flick), RS diagonally down and left (flick)4 and 5 star
Heel chop right (jogging only)RS diagonally down and right (flick), RS diagonally down and right (flick)4 and 5 star
Scoop turn left (standing only)RS diagonally down and left (flick), RS diagonally down and left (flick)4 and 5 star
Scoop turn right (standing only)RS diagonally down and right (flick), RS diagonally down and right (flick)4 and 5 star
Simple rainbowRS down (flick), RS up, RS up (timed)4 and 5 star
Advanced rainbowRS down, RS up (hold), RS up (timed)4 and 5 star
Heel to heel flickRS up (flick), RS down4 and 5 star
Hocus pocusRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally down and left, RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right5 star
Triple elasticoRS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left5 star
Ball roll flick left (jogging only)RS right (hold), RS up (flick)5 star
Ball roll flick right (jogging only)RS left (hold), RS up (flick)5 star
Ball roll fake left (standing only)RS left (hold) + RS right (flick)5 star
Ball roll fake right (standing only)RS right (hold) + RS left (flick)5 star
Ball roll cut leftRS left (hold) + LS right (hold)4 and 5 star
Ball roll cut rightRS right (hold) + LS left (hold)4 and 5 star
Quick ball rolls (standing only)RS down (hold)5 star
Sombrero flick (standing only)RS up (flick), RS up, RS down5 star
Turn and spin leftRS up (flick), RS left (flick)5 star
Turn and spin rightRS up (flick), RS right (flick)5 star
Stop and turn left (jogging only)RS up (flick), RS left (flick)4 and 5 star
Stop and turn right (jogging only)RS up (flick), RS right (flick)5 star
Rabona fake (jogging only)B/X + A + LS down (hold)5 star
First time flick up (standing only)LT (hold) + RB (hold)1 star
Elastico chop leftRS down (flick), RS left (flick)5 star
Elastico chop rightRS down (flick), RS right (flick)5 star
Juggling (Standing Only)
Advanced flick upRB (tap)5 star
Laces clock upRB (hold)5 star
JugglingRB (tap repeatedly)1 star
Sombrero flick backLS down (hold) + RB5 star
Sombrero flick back simpleLS down (gold) + RB1, 2, 3, and 4 star
Around the worldRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right5 star
Alternate around the worldRS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left, RS diagonally down and left5 star
In air elasticoRS right (flick), RS left5 star
Reverse in air elasticoRS left (flick), RS right5 star
Sombrero flick leftLS left (hold) + RB1 star
Sombrero flick rightLS right (hold) + RB1 star
Flick up for a volleyLS up (hold) + RB1 star
Chest flick (only after flicking ball up for a volleyLS (hold) + RS (tap three times)5 star
Hop the world right footLS (hold) + RS down, RS diagonally down and right, RS right, RS diagonally up and right, RS up, RS diagonally up and left, RS left, RS diagonally down and left5 star
Alternate T. around the world right footLS (hold) + RS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right5 star
Juggling rainbowRS down (flick), RS up (flick)5 star
Double around the worldRS down, RS diagonally down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down, RS down and left, RS left, RS diagonally up and left, RS up, RS diagonally up and right, RS right, RS diagonally down and right, RS down5 star
Toe bounce leftRS left (hold)5 star
Toe bounce rightRS right (hold)5 star

To perform a signature celebration press A, or hold LT + RT + A to perform a pay respect celebration. You can skip UCC by pressing RB + LB.

Running Moves
Ear twistY (hold)
Thumb suckX (hold)
One arm raisedB (hold)
Wrist flickY (tap) Y (hold)
Arms outX (tap) X (hold)
Finger pointsB (tap) B (hold)
Point to skyRS up (hold)
Shhhhhh!RS right (hold)
TelephoneRS down (hold)
Can you hear meRS left (hold)
Fist pumpRS right (flick), RS left (hold)
Come onRS left (flick), RS right (hold)
Blow kissesRS down (flick), RS up (hold)
Double arm swingRS up (flick), RS down (hold)
Flying birdRS right (flick), RS right (hold)
Hand on headRS left (flick), RS left (hold)
Heart SymbolRS down (flick), RS down (hold)
Arms pointing upRS up (flick), RS up (hold)
WindmillRS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
AirplaneRS (hold)
Finishing Moves
Knee slide to fist pumpLB (hold) + B
Jump punch to fist pumpLB (hold) + X
Big fist pumpLB (hold) + Y
Shoulder dustLB (hold) + B (double tap)
Bottom danceLB (hold) + X (double tap)
Point to crowdLB (hold) + Y (double tap)
Standing and point to skyLB (hold) + RS up (hold)
Standing archerLB (hold) + RS right (hold)
Knee slide fall on backLB (hold) + RS down (hold)
Punch and dodgeLB (hold) + RS left (hold)
Chest slideLB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
BowLB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
Head shakeLB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
Standing arm sweepLB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
Arms to crowdLB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
Walking back flip (agile UCC)LB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
One knee fist pumpLB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
Kneel and point to heavensLB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
Fall to kneesLB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
Roll and punchLB (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
Hand spring (agile UCC)LB (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
RollLB (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
Double back flip (agile UCC)LB (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
Uppercut jump punchLB (hold) + RS
Shoe shineLT (hold) + B
ViolinistLT (hold) + X
Spanish archerLT (hold) + Y
Knee slide spinLT (hold) + B (double tap)
Hands on earsLT (hold) + X (double tap)
Heel tapsLT (hold) + Y (double tap)
Knee slide arms outLT (hold) + RS up (hold)
I can't hear youLT (hold) + RS right (hold)
Side slideLT (hold) + RS down (hold)
Brick fallLT (hold) + RS left (hold)
Fall to knees and hold faceLT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
Knee slideLT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
Samba danceLT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
Who am ILT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
ToreroLT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
Front flip (agile UCC)LT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
Thigh pointLT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
Knee slide to sitLT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
Bird walkLT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
Cart wheelLT (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
Flip (agile UCC)LT (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
Cartwheel and rollLT (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
Twist flip (agile UCC)LT (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
RobotLT (hold) + RS
Career and Online Pro Unlockable Finishing Moves
Slide on backRB (hold) + X (double tap)
Flying diveRB (hold) + RS up (hold)
Karate kicksRB (hold) + RS right (hold)
Jump kickRB (hold) + RS down (hold)
Ice skatingRB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
Golf swingRB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
River danceRB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
Break danceRB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
Backwards wormRB (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
CockroachRB (hold) + RS
Knee walkRT (hold) + X
Cradle swingRT (hold) + Y
Back flipsRT (hold) + X (double tap)
BabyRT (hold) + Y (double tap)
Many bowsRT (hold) + RS up (hold)
PardonRT (hold) + RS right (hold)
Fall to knees and begRT (hold) + RS down (hold)
Praise on kneesRT (hold) + RS left (hold)
Dance 1RT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS up (flick)
Dance 2RT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
Dance 3RT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS right (flick)
Dance 4RT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
Spin and fallRT (hold) + RS up (flick), RS up (flick)
Rowing on kneesRT (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
Seated rowingRT (hold) + RS right (flick), RS right (flick)
Uncontrolled back flipRT (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
HandstandRT (hold) + RS up, RS left, RS down, RS right
EA Sports(TM) Football Club Unlockable Finishing Moves
If I catch youRT (hold) + RS
Why always meRB (hold) + Y (double tap)
SurferRB (hold) + RS left (hold)
Muscle flexRB (hold) + RS up (flick), RS down (flick)
Push upsRB (hold) + RS right (flick), RS left (flick)
Kiss the pitchRT (hold) + B (double tap)
Pit bullRB (hold) + B
The saluteRB (hold) + Y
Water hoseRT (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)
Prancing birdRB (hold) + X
PeacockRB (hold) + B (double tap)
Telling offRT (hold) + B
MoonwalkRB (hold) + RS left (flick), RS left (flick)
Forwards wormRB (hold) + RS up, RS right, RS down, RS left
DanceRB (hold) + RS down (flick), RS down (flick)

Kinect voice recognition technology changes the way you play FIFA 13 on the Xbox 360. Gaming with Kinect is available in every offline mode, including specific commands present in Career Mode, Be A Pro: Player, and Be A Pro: Goalkeeper. You cannot use Kinect in online modes.



Kinect voice setup and calibration instructions are available through the Xbox 360 Dashboard.


Within the pause menu, you can pre-set your Kinect settings: Basic Settings, Combo Settings, Custom Settings, and Formation Settings.

Kinect microphone icon

A Kinect microphone icon is displayed onscreen and whenever you see this icon, you can use Kinect. This icon varies in color, showing the outcome of your voice command. The icon also displays the word it matched to your input.

  • Uncolored (black-grey): Static. This indicates that Kinect is waiting for input.
  • Red/Animated: Listening. This indicates that Kinect is picking up noise.
  • Green check mark: Recognized. This indicates that Kinect has recognized and implemented the input.
  • Yellow: Almost recognized. This indicates that Kinect has heard and implemented your input but not with maximum confidence.
  • Red question mark: Unrecognized. This indicates that Kinect has not been able to recognize the input.


Team management commands

These commands let you make substitution, formation, tactics, and mentality changes without having to pause the game and navigate menus. This keeps you engaged in gameplay as you instruct your team like a coach. Whenever you trigger an in-game overlay with a voice command, you can choose an option by saying the word(s) in the overlay.


Basic substitution commands.

  • Substitution (this initiates the substitution flow)
  • Striker
  • Midfielder
  • Defender
  • Sub one
  • Sub two
  • Sub three
  • Sub four

Substitution shortcuts

Saying the below commands is a shortcut to calling a substitution for that particular position.

NOTE: With these steps, you are only able to sub a player for a player of the same position.

  • Sub striker
  • Sub midfielder
  • Sub defender
  • Sub goalkeeper


Basic formation commands.

  • Formations (this initiates the formation flow)
  • Formation one
  • Formation two
  • Formation three
  • Formation four
  • Formation five


Basic mentality commands.

NOTE: You can shortcut directly to a mentality by simply saying the command. For example, "Defensive."

  • Mentality (this initiates the formation flow)
  • Ultra defensive
  • Defensive
  • Balanced
  • Attacking
  • Ultra attacking


Basic tactics commands.

NOTE: You can shortcut to the tactic you want by simply saying the command. For example, "Offside trap."

  • Tactics (this initiates the tactics flow)
  • Swap wings
  • Team pressing
  • CB joins attack
  • Offside trap

Quick tactics

Quick Tactics can be set up in the Team Management menu. When you create your own Tactics and save it to one of the Quick Tactics slots, it appears in the game as a voice command option. Say, "Quick tactics" in game to try it out!

  • Quick tactics (this initiates the quick tactics flow)
  • Custom tactic one
  • Custom tactic two
  • Custom tactic three
  • Custom tactic four

Combo commands

Combo Commands let you set up multiple changes to be made with one voice command. You can make a formations, tactics, and mentality change all at once by saying one simple phrase.

  • Take it to the corners
  • Step it up
  • We need the win
  • Look after the ball
  • Ease off a little

Custom commands

You can give an individual tactic, mentality, or formations change a specific command. In the Kinect Settings, enter the Custom Commands menu, and choose which tactics, mentality, and formations setting you would like, as well as what voice command you want to give each. You can also use each phase for more than one setting. For example, you could have one phrase that calls two actions (a tactic and mentality) and one phrase that calls a single action (formation).

There are Custom Phrases to choose from:

  • Hard five minutes
  • Pressure on the ball
  • Go all out now
  • Route one now boys
  • Shoot from anywhere
  • Everybody back
  • Shut up shop
  • Let's slow it down
  • Get tight on them
  • Watch for the long ball

In-game, you say the Custom Phrase and the overlay displays the action(s) you've just called. If you do not set one of the choices, then the overlay displays None.


Camera commands

With camera commands, you can change camera angles via voice command. Say "Change camera," and then one of the camera names to make the change:

  • Camera (this command plus a camera name changes the camera angle)
  • Change Camera (this command plus a camera name change the camera angle)
  • Tele
  • Tele broadcast
  • Broadcast
  • Pro
  • Coop
  • Dynamic
  • End to end


CB joins attackD-Pad up then right
Swap wingsD-Pad up then left
Offside trapD-Pad up then up
Team pressD-Pad up then down
Decrease attacking mentalityD-Pad left
Increase attacking mentalityD-Pad right
Practice arena
Free-kick (outside the box)D-Pad
Penalty (inside the box)D-Pad
Practice optionsBack
Complete Dribbling

While facing up to an opponent, you can make precise dribble touches with 360 degree directional mobility. Your player contextually faces up while dribbling in order to keep you better oriented to take on defenders in one-on-one battles. To manually face up while dribbling, hold LT and RT to make your player face up to the nearest goal-side defender. Performing the action manually allows you to change direction quicker at lower speeds and explode past defenders.

1st Touch Control

With more realistic control over difficult passes, your player's first touch is now more important than ever. Opponent pressure, incoming ball speed, player skill, and many other factors, all contribute to the success of your player's first touch. Control the ball while moving at slower speeds to keep the first touch closer. For an even more refined touch, hold LT as your player receives a difficult pass to control the ball at a slow speed.

Tactical Free Kicks

You can now call a second and third kick taker during a free kick. Each kick taker can pass, shoot, or run over the ball. Utilize dummy runs and lay off passes to create dangerous and unpredictable free kicks. Opponents can counter by adding or subtracting players to the wall, creeping the wall forward, or sending a bullet man to intercept the pass or block the shot. For free kicks that are farther away, you also have the ability to call a second player to come short by pressing LT.

Lateral Contain

You now have more freedom and lateral mobility while containing an opponent. Use Contain to place your defender in front of the opposing team's attacker by holding A. Move your defender left or right while containing in order to shepherd an opponent to less dangerous areas of the field or onto his weaker foot.

Seal Outs

While defending, you now have the ability to dispossess an opponent by using your defender's body to win back possession of the ball. With good anticipation, you can use your defender's size and strength to seal out an opponent who attempts to dribble past him. In situations where there is separation between the dribbler and the ball, press B to launch a Seal Out and use your player's body to step in front of your opponent.

Leagues and team ratings

There are 579 teams (including one unlockable one via a pre-order code, and one you can purchase in the EAS FC Catalogue) in FIFA 13. These are listed below in alphabetical order by league.

Making up these teams are over 15,000 players so please forgive me for not including a complete player listing but it would have taken an extremely long time to do and would have clogged up printers around the world when everyone printed my guide.

Please note the star listings may change as you progress through career mode, say, and may also be different when squads are updated, via online connectivity, to take into account the current form of players in real life.

The best teams in each league are bolded. The Saudi Pro League is new to FIFA 13, a league we have all been looking forward to for many years.


A-League (10 teams):

Adelaide United2.0 stars
Brisbane Roar2.5 stars
Central Coast2.5 stars
Melb. Victory2.0 stars
Melbourne Heart2.0 stars
Newcastle Jets1.5 stars
Perth Glory2.0 stars
Sydney FC1.5 stars
Wanderers FC1.5 stars
Well. Phoenix2.0 stars


A. Bundesliga (10 teams):

Admira1.5 stars
FK Austria3.0 stars
Innsbruck2.0 stars
RB Salzburg3.0 stars
SK Rapid Wien3.0 stars
SK Sturm Graz3.0 stars
SV Mattersburg2.0 stars
SV Ried2.5 stars
Wiener Neustadt1.0 stars
Wolfsberger AC1.0 stars


Pro League (16 teams):

Beerschot AC3.0 stars
Cercle Brugge3.0 stars
Club Brugge3.5 stars
KAA Gent3.0 stars
KRC Genk3.0 stars
KV Kortrijk3.0 stars
KV Mechelen3.0 stars
Lierse SK2.5 stars
OHL2.5 stars
RAEC Mons3.0 stars
RSC Anderlecht3.5 stars
Sp. Charleroi1.5 stars
Sport. Lokeren3.0 stars
Standard Liege3.5 stars
Waasl.-Brveren2.5 stars
Zulte-Waregem2.0 stars


Liga do Brasil (20 teams):

A. Goiania3.0 stars
Atl. Mineiro4.0 stars
Bahia3.5 stars
Botafogo 4.0 stars
Corinthians 4.0 stars
Coritiba3.5 stars
Cruzeiro3.5 stars
Flamengo 4.0 stars
Fluminense 4.0 stars
Gremio 4.0 stars
I. Porto Alegre4.0 stars
N. Recife3.0 stars
P. Campinas3.0 stars
Palmeiras3.5 stars
Portugnesa3.5 stars
S. Recife3.0 stars
Santa Catarina3.0 stars
Santos 4.0 stars
Sao Paulo4.0 stars
Vasco da Gama3.5 stars


Superliga (12 teams):

AC Horsens2.5 stars
Aalborg BK3.0 stars
Aarhus GF3.0 stars
Brondby IF2.0 stars
Esbjerg fB1.5 stars
FC Kobenhavn3.5 stars
FC Midtjylland2.5 stars
FC Nordsjalland2.5 stars
Odense Boldklub3.0 stars
Randers FC2.0 stars
Silkeborg IF2.0 stars
SonderjyskE2.0 stars


Barclays PL (20 teams):

Arsenal4.5 stars
Aston Villa4.0 stars
Chelsea 5.0 stars
Everton4.5 stars
Fulham4.5 stars
Liverpool4.5 stars
Manchester City5.0 stars
Manchester Utd5.0 stars
Newcastle Utd4.5 stars
Norwich City3.5 stars
QPR4.0 stars
Reading3.5 stars
Southampton3.5 stars
Spurs4.5 stars
Stoke City4.0 stars
Sunderland4.0 stars
Swansea City4.0 stars
West Brom4.0 stars
West Ham United3.5 stars
Wigan Athletic4.0 stars

npower Champ. (24 teams):

Barnsley2.5 stars
Birmingham City3.5 stars
Blackburn Rvrs3.5 stars
Blackpool3.5 stars
Bolton3.5 stars
Brighton3.0 stars
Bristol City3.0 stars
Burnley3.0 stars
Cardiff City3.5 stars
Charlton Ath2.5 stars
Crystal Palace3.0 stars
Derby County3.0 stars
Huddersfield3.0 stars
Hull City3.0 stars
Ipswich Town3.0 stars
Leeds United3.0 stars
Leicester City3.0 stars
Middlesbrough3.0 stars
Millwall3.0 stars
Nott'm Forest3.0 stars
Peterborough2.5 stars
Sheffield Wed3.0 stars
Watford3.0 stars
Wolverhampton3.5 stars

npower League 1 (24 teams):

Bournemouth 2.0 stars
Brentford2.0 stars
Bury1.5 stars
Carlisle United2.0 stars
Colchester 2.0 stars
Coventry City2.0 stars
Crawley Town1.5 stars
Crewe Alexandra1.0 stars
Doncaster2.0 stars
Hartlepool1.5 stars
Leyton Orient2.0 stars
MK Dons2.0 stars
Notts County2.0 stars
Oldham Athletic1.5 stars
Portsmouth2.0 stars
Preston 2.0 stars
Scunthorpe Utd2.0 stars
Sheffield Utd2.0 stars
Shrewsbury1.5 stars
Stevenage2.0 stars
Swindon Town2.0 stars
Tranmere Rovers2.0 stars
Walsall1.5 stars
Yeovil Town1.5 stars

npower League 2 (24 teams):

AFC Wimbledon1.0 stars
Accrington1.0 stars
Aldershot Town1.0 stars
Barnet0.5 stars
Bradford City2.0 stars
Bristol Rovers1.0 stars
Burton Albion1.0 stars
Cheltenham Town1.5 stars
Chesterfield1.5 stars
Dagenham1.0 stars
Exeter City1.5 stars
Fleetwood Town1.0 stars
Gillingham1.0 stars
Morecambe1.0 stars
Northampton1.0 stars
Oxford United1.5 stars
Plymouth Argyle1.5 stars
Port Vale1.0 stars
Rochdale1.0 stars
Rotherham Utd1.5 stars
Southend United1.0 stars
Torquay United1.0 stars
Wycombe1.5 stars
York City0.5 stars


Ligue 1 (20 teams):

AC Ajaccio3.0 stars
AS Nancy3.5 stars
Bordeaux4.0 stars
ES Troyes3.0 stars
Evian Thonon FC3.5 stars
FC Lorient3.5 stars
FC Sochaux3.5 stars
LOSC Lille4.5 stars
Marseille4.0 stars
Montpellier HSC4.0 stars
OGC Nice3.5 stars
Olympique Lyon4.0 stars
PSG5.0 stars
SC Bastia3.0 stars
Saint-Etienne4.0 stars
Stade Brest3.5 stars
Stade Reims3.0 stars
Stade Rennais4.0 stars
Toulouse FC4.0 stars
Valenciennes FC3.5 stars

Ligue 2 (20 teams):

AC Aries2.0 stars
AJ Auxerre3.0 stars
AS Monaco3.0 stars
Angers SCO2.0 stars
CS Sedan2.0 stars
Cham. Niortais1.5 stars
Clermont Foot2.5 stars
Dijon FCO2.5 stars
EA Guingamp2.0 stars
FC Istres2.0 stars
FC Nantes3.0 stars
Gazelec Ajaccio1.0 stars
LB Chateauroux2.0 stars
Le Harve AC2.0 stars
Le Mans FC2.0 stars
Nimes Olympique1.5 stars
RC Lens2.0 stars
SM Caen2.5 stars
Stade Lavallois2.0 stars
Tours FC1.5 stars


Bundesliga (18 teams):

1.FC Nuremberg3.5 stars
1. FSV Mainz 053.5 stars
1899 Hoffenheim4.0 stars
Bayer 044.5 stars
Bor. Dortmund4.5 stars
Bor. M'gladbach4.0 stars
Eint. Frankfurt3.5 stars
F. Dusseldorf3.0 stars
FC Augsburg3.5 stars
FC Bayern5.0 stars
FC Schalke 044.5 stars
Greuther Furth3.5 stars
Hamburger SV4.0 stars
Hannover 964.0 stars
SC Freiburg3.5 stars
VfB Stuttgart4.0 stars
VfL Wolfsburg4.0 stars
Werder Bremen4.0 stars

Bundesliga 2 (18 teams):

1.FC K'lautern3.5 stars
1.FC Koln3.5 stars
1860 Munich3.0 stars
Braunschweig3.0 stars
Dynamo Dresden3.0 stars
Energie Cottbus3.0 stars
Erzgebirge Aue2.5 stars
FC Ingolstadt3.0 stars
FC St. Pauli3.0 stars
FSV Frankfurt2.5 stars
Hertha BSC3.5 stars
MSV Duisberg3.0 stars
SC Paderborn2.5 stars
SSV Jahn1.5 stars
SV Sandhausen2.0 stars
Union Berlin3.0 stars
VfL Bochum3.0 stars
VfR Aalen2.0 stars


International (46 teams):

Argentina5.0 stars
Australia3.5 stars
Austria4.0 stars
Belgium4.5 stars
Bolivia3.0 stars
Brazil5.0 stars
Bulgaria3.0 stars
Cameroon4.5 stars
Chile4.0 stars
Columbia4.5 stars
Cote d'Ivoire4.5 stars
Czech Republic4.0 stars
Denmark4.0 stars
Ecuador3.5 stars
Egypt3.0 stars
England5.0 stars
Finland3.5 stars
France5.0 stars
Germany5.0 stars
Greece4.0 stars
Hungary3.5 stars
India1.0 stars
Ireland4.0 stars
Italy5.0 stars
Korea Republic3.5 stars
Mexico4.0 stars
Netherlands4.5 stars
New Zealand2.5 stars
Northern Ireland3.5 stars
Norway3.5 stars
Paraguay4.0 stars
Peru3.5 stars
Poland4.0 stars
Portugal4.5 stars
Romania3.5 stars
Russia4.5 stars
Scotland4.0 stars
Slovenia3.5 stars
South Africa3.5 stars
Spain5.0 stars
Sweden4.0 stars
Switzerland4.0 stars
Turkey4.5 stars
United States3.5 stars
Uruguay4.5 stars
Venezuela3.5 stars


Serie A (20 teams):

Atalanta4.0 stars
Bologna3.5 stars
Cagliari4.0 stars
Catania4.0 stars
Chievo Verona4.0 stars
Fiorentina4.0 stars
Genova4.0 stars
Inter5.0 stars
Juventus5.0 stars
Lazio4.5 stars
Milan4.5 stars
Napoli4.5 stars
Palermo4.0 stars
Parma4.0 stars
Pescara3.0 stars
Roma4.5 stars
Sampdoria4.0 stars
Siena3.5 stars
Torino4.0 stars
Udinese4.5 stars

Serie B (22 teams):

Ascoli2.5 stars
Bari2.5 stars
Brescia3.0 stars
C. Stabra2.5 stars
Cesena2.0 stars
Cittadella2.5 stars
Crotone2.0 stars
Empoli2.5 stars
Grosseto2.0 stars
H. Verona3.0 stars
La Spezia3.0 stars
Lanciano2.0 stars
Livorno2.5 stars
Modena3.0 stars
Novara2.5 stars
Padua2.5 stars
Reggina2.5 stars
Sassuolo2.5 stars
Terni2.0 stars
Varese2.5 stars
Vercelli2.5 stars
Vicenza2.0 stars

Korea Republic

K-League (16 teams):

Busan I'Park2.0 stars
Chunnam Dragons1.5 stars
Daegu FC2.0 stars
Daejeon Citizen1.5 stars
FC Seoul3.0 stars
Gangwon FC2.0 stars
Gwangju FC1.5 stars
Gyeongnam FC2.5 stars
Incheon United2.0 stars
Jeju United FC2.5 stars
Jeonbuk FC3.0 stars
Pohang Steelers2.5 stars
SangJu Sangmu2.0 stars
Seongnam Ilhwa2.5 stars
Suwon Bluewings3.0 stars
Ulsan Hyundai3.0 stars


Liga MX (18 teams):

America3.5 stars
Atlante2.5 stars
Atlas3.0 stars
Chiapas3.0 stars
Club Leon3.0 stars
Cruz Azul3.5 stars
Guadalajara3.0 stars
Monarcas3.0 stars
Monterrey3.5 stars
Pachuca3.0 stars
Puebla2.5 stars
Queretaro2.5 stars
San Luis2.5 stars
Santos Laguna3.5 stars
Tigres3.5 stars
Tijuana3.0 stars
Toluca3.5 stars
U.N.A.M.3.5 stars


Eredivisie (18 teams):

ADO Den Haag3.0 stars
AZ3.5 stars
Ajax4.0 stars
FC Groningen3.0 stars
FC Twente4.0 stars
FC Utrecht3.0 stars
Feyenoord3.5 stars
Heracles Almelo3.0 stars
N.E.C.3.0 stars
NAC Breda3.0 stars
PEC Zwolle2.5 stars
PSV4.0 stars
RKC Waalwijk3.0 stars
Roda JC3.0 stars
VVV-Venlo2.5 stars
Vitesse3.5 stars
Willem II2.5 stars
sc Heerenveen3.0 stars


Tippeligaen (16 teams):

Aalesunds FK2.5 stars
FK Haugesund2.0 stars
Fredrikstad FK1.0 stars
Honefoss BK0.5 stars
Lillestrom SK2.5 stars
Molde FK3.5 stars
ODD2.0 stars
Rosenborg BK3.0 stars
SK Brann3.0 stars
Sandnes Ulf1.0 stars
Sogndal1.0 stars
Stabak Fotball1.0 stars
Stromsgodset IF3.0 stars
Tromso IL3.0 stars
Viking FK2.5 stars
Valerenga3.0 stars


Polska Liga (16 teams)

Bielsko- Biala1.5 stars
G. Belchatow1.5 stars
G. Zabrze2.5 stars
Gdansk2.0 stars
Gliwice1.5 stars
J. Bialystok2.5 stars
Kielce2.5 stars
L. Poznan3.0 stars
L. Warszawa3.0 stars
Lubin2.5 stars
P. Warszawa2.5 stars
R. Chorzow2.5 stars
Szczecin1.5 stars
W. Krakow3.0 stars
W. Lodz1.5 stars
Wroclaw2.5 stars


Liga Portuguesa (16 teams):

Academica3.0 stars
C. Funchal3.5 stars
CD Nacional3.0 stars
Estoril2.5 stars
FC Porto4.5 stars
Moreira Conegos2.5 stars
Pacos Ferreira3.0 stars
Rio Ave FC3.0 stars
S.C. Olhanense2.5 stars
SC Beira Mar3.0 stars
SC Braga4.0 stars
SL Benfica4.0 stars
Sporting CP4.0 stars
V. Barcelos3.0 stars
Vit. Guimaraes3.0 stars
Vitoria FC3.0 stars

Republic of Ireland

Airtricity League (11 teams):

Bohemians FC0.5 stars
Bray Wanderers0.5 stars
Cork City0.5 stars
Derry City0.5 stars
Drogheda Utd0.5 stars
Dundalk0.5 stars
Shamrock Rovers1.5 stars
Shelbourne0.5 stars
Sligo Rovers1.0 stars
St. Pats1.0 stars
UCD AFC0.5 stars

Rest of World

Rest of World (15 teams):

AEK Athens (Hellas Liga, Greece)3.0 stars
Boca Juniors (Primera Liga, Argentina)3.5 stars
Galatasaray SK (TurkLig)4.5 stars
Kaizer Chiefs (South African FL)3.0 stars
MLS All-Stars (you can purchase this team in the EAS FC Catalogue for 750 FCC if you are at level 14 or above)3.5 stars
Olympiacos CFP (Hellas Liga, Greece)4.0 stars
Orlando Pirates (South African FL)3.0 stars
Panathinkaikos (Hellas Liga, Greece)3.5 stars
PAOK (Hellas Liga, Greece)3.5 stars
Racing Club (Primera Liga, Argentina)3.5 stars
Rangers (Scottish League)1.5 stars
River Plate (Primera Liga, Argentina)3.5 stars
Classic XI (can't be used in online matches)5.0 stars
Adidas All Star Team (can't be used in online matches, available via a code if you pre-ordered FIFA 13 from selected retailers - or you can look online for codes)5.0 stars
World XI (can't be used in online matches)5.0 stars


Russian League (16 teams):

A. Makhachkala4.0 stars
A. Vladikavkaz3.0 stars
Amkar Perm3.0 stars
CSKA Moskva4.5 stars
Dinamo Moskva3.5 stars
FC Krasnodar3.0 stars
FC Rostov3.0 stars
Krylya Sovelov3.0 stars
Kuban Krasnodar3.5 stars
Lokomotiv4.0 stars
Mordov. Saransk2.5 stars
Rubin Kazan4.0 stars
Spartak Moskva4.0 stars
Terek Grozny3.0 stars
Volga2.5 stars
Zenit4.5 stars

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Pro League (14 teams):

Al-Ahil3.0 stars
Al-Ettifaq2.5 stars
Al-Faisaly1.0 stars
Al-Fateh2.5 stars
Al-Hilal3.0 stars
Al-Ittihad3.0 stars
Al-Nassr3.0 stars
Al-Raed1.5 stars
Al-Shabab3.0 stars
Al-Taawoun1.0 stars
Al Wehdah0.5 stars
Alshoulla1.0 stars
Hajer1.0 stars
Narjan1.0 stars


SPL (12 teams):

Aberdeen2.0 stars
Celtic 3.5 stars
Dundee FC1.5 stars
Dundee United2.5 stars
Heart of Midlothian2.5 stars
Hibernian2.5 stars
Inverness CT2.0 stars
Kilmarnock2.5 stars
Motherwell3.0 stars
Ross County2.0 stars
St. Johnstone2.0 stars
St. Mirren2.0 stars


Liga BBVA (18 teams):

Athletic Bilbao4.0 stars
Atletico Madrid4.5 stars
CA Osasuna3.5 stars
Celta Vigo3.5 stars
FC Barcelona5.0 stars
Getafe CF4.0 stars
Granada CF3.5 stars
Levante UD4.0 stars
Malaga CF4.5 stars
Rayo Vallecano3.5 stars
RC Deportivo3.5 stars
RCD Espanyol4.0 stars
RCD Mallorca3.5 stars
Real Betis4.0 stars
Real Madrid5.0 stars
Real Sociedad4.0 stars
Real Valladolid3.5 stars
Real Zaragoza3.5 stars
Sevilla FC4.0 stars
Valencia CF4.5 stars

Liga Adelante (22 teams):

AD Alcorcon3.0 stars
CD Guadalajara2.0 stars
CD Lugo2.5 stars
CD Mirandees2.0 stars
CD Numancia2.5 stars
Cordoba CF3.0 stars
Elche CF3.5 stars
FC Barcelona B3.0 stars
Girona CF3.0 stars
Hercules CF2.5 stars
Racing Santander2.5 stars
RC Recreativo3.0 stars
Real Murcia CF2.5 stars
RM Castilla3.0 stars
Sabadell FC2.5 stars
SD Huesca2.5 stars
SD Ponferradina3.0 stars
Sporting Gijon3.0 stars
UD Almeria3.0 stars
UD Las Palmas3.0 stars
Villarreal CF3.5 stars
Xerez CD2.0 stars


Allsvenskan (16 teams):

AIK Fotboll3.0 stars
Atvidabergs FF2.0 stars
BK Hacken2.5 stars
Djurgardens IF2.0 stars
GAIS1.0 stars
Gefle IF1.5 stars
GIF Sunsvall1.0 stars
Helsingborgs IF3.0 stars
IF Elfsborg3.0 stars
IFK Goteborg2.5 stars
IFK Norrkoping2.0 stars
Kalmar FF2.0 stars
Malmo FF3.0 stars
Mjallby AIF1.5 stars
Orebro SK1.5 stars
Syrianska1.5 stars


Raiffeisen SL (10 teams):

BSC Young Boys3.0 stars
FC Basel3.5 stars
FC Lausanne2.0 stars
FC Luzern2.5 stars
FC Sion3.0 stars
FC St. Gallen1.5 stars
FC Thun2.0 stars
FC Zurich2.5 stars
Grasshopper2.5 stars
Servette FC1.5 stars

United States

Major League Soccer (19 teams):

Chicago fire3.0 stars
Chivas USA2.5 stars
Colorado Rapids2.5 stars
Columbus Crew2.5 stars
D.C. United2.5 stars
FC Dallas3.0 stars
Houston Dynamo2.5 stars
L.A. Galaxy3.0 stars
Montreal Impact3.0 stars
New England2.5 stars
NY Red Bulls3.0 stars
Philadelphia2.5 stars
Portland3.0 stars
Real Salt Lake3.0 stars
SJ Earthquakes2.5 stars
Sounders FC3.0 stars
Sporting KC3.0 stars
Toronto FC3.0 stars
Whitecaps FC3.0 stars

Main Menu

There are ten selectable options across the bottom of the screen when you go past the loading screens into the game. You can scroll left or right to cycle through them, and you can select them by pressing A. The options are:

Click on them for more info.

There may also be an 11th item on the menu called Sign in to EA which is only available if you are offline or the EA servers are down. Without accessing the EA Servers you will not be able to play some game modes.

EAS FC Match Day

From the manual:

EA Sports Football Club Match Day

EA SPORTS Football Club Match Day introduces regular updates with real world data, stats, and stories to bring your single player game experience to life!

Players' form in game reflects their real life form and teams have to cope without injured, suspended players, and those away on international duty. The league table positions, facts, and figures drive the commentary that you hear. So when your club has that vital top of the table clash or relegation battle, it is reflected in game.

Live Fixtures

The details of each team's next four real opponents are stored in-game. Use this option to short cut to an upcoming match and play out your anticipation for the big game.

Games of the Week

Each week, a small number of Live Fixtures become Games of the Week. Check out these massive encounters in this dedicated section.

Turning EA SPORTS FC Match Day On/Off

By default, the live data is used for your game as long as you are connected to EA Servers. If you wish to use your local customized database instead, then toggle EA SPORTS FC Match Day feature by pressing Y on the Select Teams screen.

EAS FC Match Day gives the following options:

  • Kick Off
  • Live Fixtures
  • Games of the Week
  • View Form

Kick off takes you into a normal kick off match. You can either turn match day on or off here by pressing Y. It only makes a difference to the commentary. For example the commentators will talk about the teams relative positions in their real-life tables.

Live Fixtures allows you to play one or more of a team's next four real-life fixtures.

Games of the Week will allow you to play the biggest, most important games of the real-life week. Typically there will be five to choose from and these will be based around games with a lot at stake in real-life such as relegation battles, fights for European places, big derby matches, etc.

To cycle through the matches press LT/RT. You can also see the teams' stats as you do, including their form over the last five games, their top 5 scorers, the players that are unavailable because they are injured or suspended, and the players that unavailable because they are on international duty, by clicking LB/RB.

View Form is where you get to see which players/teams have had their stats increased/decreased based on current real-life form in the last week or so. These amended player rankings will be applied to Match Day matches.

Use LT/RT to cycle between viewing players and teams. Use LB/RB to cycle between viewing just those that are in form, just those who are out of form, or both.

Typically the only players and teams in this section will be the big players and big teams from the big leagues, because EA would have a really tough job to cover all the little leagues too, and most people only play with the top teams anyway so it would not be of great benefit to the masses anyway.

Ultimate Team

From the manual:

FIFA Ultimate Team

Join the millions of fans who have built their club in FIFA Ultimate team. FIFA Ultimate Team is a massive online community of football fans from around the globe, building their own dream squads and competing in Tournaments, Seasons, and in our global Auction Market for players.

Getting started

When you first start FIFA Ultimate Team (FUT) you are given a starter pack of players. This pack contains everything you need to start playing in Tournaments and earning coins. You'll receive 22 players from various leagues around the world, a manager, and some player contracts.

Building Chemistry

Having a team of star players is great, but having a team with excellent chemistry is what you're after. A squad with good team chemistry can play above their ratings, while great players with poor chemistry won't be at their best. To build chemistry, look at the links between players on the pitch.

Building Chemistry Links

Players gain chemistry when playing in the correct formation, playing in a position that they prefer, and linking to other players who come from the same country, league, or club.

Formation bonuses are added when a player is in a formation they like. For example, a striker with a 4-4-2 preference gets the best bonus for playing in a 4-4-2, but if you put them in any formation with two strikers, such as a 5-3-2, they'll receive a partial bonus.

A position bonus is earned by playing a player in the correct position on the pitch. Playing a center midfielder in a CM spot in a formation grants a full position bonus to a player. However, putting a center midfielder into a CDM (center defensive midfielder) or CAM (center attacking midfielder) spot yields a partial bonus. You even get a small bonus by playing them in LM (left midfielder) and RM (right midfielder) spots.

Linking to other players is the way to get your team chemistry to maximum. Links between players are made by connecting players with the same nationality, players who play in the same league, and players who play at the same club. For example, if you put an Italian striker from the Serie A next to a Spanish striker from the same club, you would get a strong link for having two players who play in the same league and club side by side.

There are many ways to reach high team chemistry, so experiment with different combinations of players and have fun creating unique squads. TIP: When building your squad, include Bronze players with good chemistry early on. This helps you earn more coins in the early completions and eventually get better players.

Managing your Squads

The Squad screen is where you manage your players, give players contracts, improve their fitness and morale, and optimize your teams' chemistry.


In FIFA Ultimate Team, your players need contracts to play a match. Each player has seven contracts when they're found in a pack. Every time you play a match the contracts remaining for a player is reduced by one. A player loses one contract by coming on the pitch; if the player is in your subs but does not play they keep their contract for the match.

A player contract can be Bronze, Silver, or Gold. Applying a contract to a player with the same quality rating is always the best value. So, when a Bronze player runs out of contracts picking up a Bronze pack or a Bronze contract on the trade market is your best bet. To apply a contract item to a player bring up the Actions menu and select Apply Consumable.


To get the most out of your players in matches, make sure your squad is match fit and ready to play. Check your players for fitness and morale in the Squads screen by moving the RS and changing to the Status view.

Ideally, fitness for players should be as high as possible (maximum 99) to ensure they can run for the full match. Fitness can be recovered two ways-resting the player for a match or playing a fitness recovery item. Try to keep your players above 75 fitness to get a full 90 minutes from them. To apply fitness items to a player bring up the Actions menu and select APPLY CONSUMABLE. Fitness items can be found in packs or on the Auction market.


Morale for a player starts out neutral and goes up or down based on their performance in matches. A player with high morale gains benefits during gameplay, while a player with low morale has a small decrease to their performance during the match.

Aim to keep your player morale at neutral or above when starting a match. A player's morale trends toward neutral naturally. If you find a player is not in good spirits, you can rest him in matches or play a morale training item on that player. To apply a morale item to a player, bring up the Actions menu and select Apply CONSUMABLE. Morale items can be found in packs or on the Auction market.

TIP: To swap players, highlight one player, press A, and then highlight another player and press A again. To look at the players in your club, press X to open the Player Actions menu, and then select the Swap with Club option

The first time you enter Ultimate Team you are played a tutorial video which explains the basics, which are also covered above in the blurb taken from the manual. Then you have the opportunity to play a tutorial match, before you are given your starter pack of cards so that you can build your own ultimate team.

Once you are set up when you click into Ultimate Team you will see there are five tabs under which are the various Ultimate Team (or FUT, where F stands for FIFA) options:

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