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Best racer and mod in World Tour?

I'm struggling with some of the events in World Tour, especially on expert difficulty. Who is the best character to use for each event and which is the best mod to use?

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baraatje123 answered:

Race, Boost race, Versus---------- Any character you like, but with the right mod
Characters don't matter, except Chilly castle and Burnings depths due to the hard to make turns. On the other tracks, Make sure Acceleration is low
1.Ocean View-------Balanced mod
2.Samba Studios---Boost mod
3. Carrier zone------Boost- Console( with 6 boost) mod
4.Dragon Canyon--Handling- Boost mod
1.Temple Trouble-----Speed, boost mod
2. Galactic Parade----Handling mod
3. Seasonal Shrines-- Handling- boost mod
4. Rogue's Landing--- Boost- Speed mod
1. Dream Valley-------- Boost mod
2. Chilly Castle --------- Handling, Acceleration mod Amy or Amigo
3. Graffiti City ----------- Handling, speed mod
4. Sanctuary Falls ----- Handling, Speed mod
1. Graveyard Gig------- Handling mod
2. Adder's Lair --------- Boost mod
3. Burning Depths ---- Handling- Acceleration mod, Amy or Amigo
4. Race of Ages ------- Handling mod

1. Sunshine Tour------- Boost- Handling mod
2. Shibuya Downtown- Boost mod
3. Roulette Road------- Balanced mod with at least 2 Handling
4. Egg Hangar---------- Boost mod
Carrier zone(NiGHTS Sprint)---------- A mod with 6 Boost( Gilius boost- Ages boost- Ralph console etc.)
Chilly Castle (Pudding Sprint)--------- Amy Handling mod
Seasonal Shrines (Joe Musashi Sprint)------ Boost mod
Burning Depths ( Ages Sprint)--------- Amy- Amigo Handling- Acceleration mod
Boost challenge -------Boost- handling mod, Both on at least 3, try to get 4, (Avatar Balanced)
Drift challenge ------- Handling above 4, Boost below 3.
Ring race-------- Speed above 3, Handling above 4, Boost above 3
Pursuit------- It doesn't matter
Traffic attack-----A small car(Amy, Amigo etc.) handling and acceleration mod
Battle race ------ A small car(Amy, Amigo etc.) Mod doesn't matter
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