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What determines your Favorite Character on your license?

My license shows Sonic as my favorite, even though I'm pretty sure I've used characters like Tails, Eggman, and B.D. Joe more than him and I haven't used him in quite some time. It was Tails for a while, then the recent patch (which "corrects" the favorite) made it Sonic again.

So how does the game determine your favorite?


btaylor2010 answered:

As far as I can tell, the game does not determine your favourite character. It is possible that your license shows the last 3 stickers you have unlocked, unless you have chosen 3 to display on it yourself.

If you want to choose 3 yourself, go to your sticker collection, highlight your first chosen sticker and press A. Now you choose where to put it (The left, the middle or the right) and press A again to save. Now do the same for the other 2 stickers and your license will always show your 3 chosen stickers.
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