Question from baraatje123

Asked: 1 year ago

What is a Danger boost?

Today I was playing Dream Valley (M). I was in lap 1 in the 'jungle' area. I did a lot of risk boosts and it said: "risk, risk, risk boost, danger boost". Then I had a huge boost

Additional details - 1 year ago

btaylor2010 First it said risk risk risk boost, because I did it fast so it couldn't finish the sentence. Then it said Danger boost, with a giant notification, Like level 3 drift, Triple swarm, You hit....., ....... eliminated

Accepted Answer

From: btaylor2010 1 year ago

A danger boost is the type of boost you get when you roll to avoid multiple obstacles, in quick succession, just before crashing into them.

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When you say "it said danger boost", what said it?

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