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Any new Guns?

Are there any new snipers?

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ninjaman148 answered:

There is a wide array of new weapons being introduced into the Call of Duty series. You can find more in-depth information about each individual weapon on the CoD Wiki and the IMFDB.

There are four (4) sniper rifles in the Multiplayer:

Ballista - Relatively new Belgian bolt-action sniper rifle.
SVU-AS - Russian semi-automatic, compact variant of the SVD Dragunov sniper rifle.
DSR-50 - German bullpup bolt-action sniper rifle.
XPR-50 - Fictional semi-automatic sniper rifle. Closely resembles real-life Barrett M98 prototype sniper rifle.
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Vykeria answered:

Yes there are.
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singhellotaku answered:

Technically the multiplayer weapons are almost all new since they are made up futuristic versions of existing weapons.
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