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Asked: 2 years ago

Any other zombie maps besides the Farm, Bus Station/TranZit and the Town?

Also, for the Nuketown 2025, how d you even get the code for it?

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From: crazycodyo 2 years ago

There are no extra zombie maps to unlock until the DLC comes out, there is only Tranzit, Farm, Town, and Bus Depot, I have beat the campaign on veteran and it doesn't unlock anything. The only way to get Nuketown Zombies right now is to have a hardened or prestige version of the game. You will get nuketown zombies next month in December as well if you purchase the Black Ops 2 Season Pass.

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Iv heard from a few websites that u can unlock new maps by playing transit and here is a paragraph i got from one of those sites. Each cluster of stops makes up one of Tranzits many chapters. You cant save whenever you like, but you can complete a cluster of areas to unlock the next one on the world map. Sorry thats all i know and am working on seeing if these new areas exist. Also nuketown zombies only comes with the hardened edition but if u buy the season pass for the dlc you will get that map in december.

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So far theres only the three, plus nuketown if you have the hardened edition, i'm assuming theres a way to unlock the others, but i may be wrong, so far i've not seen anyone playing on the other maps on survival

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three little letters my friends: D.L.C.

and you CAN get Nuketown Zombies if you pay the ludicous price of 4000 MS points for the season pass... or wait till its on deal of the week.

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So far there are just three core maps for Black Ops II: Zombies. However, based on the first Black Ops, there may be "hidden" or unlockable maps, such as "Five" in the original game.

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I HAVE THE CODE FOR IT!!!!! you can only get the code if you preordered the hardened or prestige edition, i preordered the hardened. NUKETOWN ZOMBIES IS AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!

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Yes nuketown but to get it you have to beat the campain.

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Yes there is, theres the first place in world at war and if you beat campain you unlock k-9 from black ops.

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Did I say k-9, I meant kino

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You CANNOT get Nuketown from playing the campaign. Don't listen to trolls!

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Besides the maps the game already gives you there is the nuketown map available for zombies

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